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Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Livraison climatiquement neutre
14245 avis
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Livraison climatiquement neutre

A Good Community is our carefully curated inspirational platform where we endeavour to motivate and encourage the members of our community, sharing stories of individual climate action – in both large and small scale. 

Have you ever felt that all of the small every-day measures that you might be doing to fight the climate crisis just won't be enough? 

We all have! But the system change we desperately need will only come about with individual action. 

That's why we created a platform to inspire all of you to take that individual action. Every little thing matters, we can't all afford to drive electric vehicles and keep our houses powered by solar energy. If you have made concessions in your everyday life to make a difference, then that can surely inspire others to join in the fight. 

Also; if you have quit your day-job to kick off an organic farm powered by renewable energy, then that definitely deserves our recognition – for the simple reason (besides you being awesome) that it can inspire others.

This is what we're all about. Creating A Good Community – together. 


Our favourite staycation gems from around the globe

Spring is officially sprung and summer is upon us! Time to get out of the house and enjoy some sun and nature. As many travel restrictions linger, we decided to share our top hidden gems for your next STAY-cation.

Tapping into our global team's vast knowledge of not working – we share our favourite spots with you. Enjoy!

Our Favourite Museums From Around The Globe

In celebration of a return to shared spaces, and our new sustainable poster range, we’ve put together a list of our 11 favourite museums that get our creative juices flowing and provided inspiration for our new posters!

World's Greenest Countries: Denmark at #1

Denmark tops the Yale ranking when measuring the world's greenest countries. We take a windy dip into WHY this is and how they got there from being a country famously dependent on fossil fuels. Join us in learning pointers from what is also one of the world's happiest people!

The tight bond between space exploration and climate change

We take a look up at the stars and examine the relationship between space exploration and the future of this planet. It seems we had to leave this earth to really get a grasp of how frail it is.

How Taxing Carbon can support both citizens and planet

A tax we can get excited about? Hear us out! We break down taxing carbon and explore how it has already shown to reduce carbon emissions and reward people for being more sustainable.

Turning an eco-headache into eco-mindfulness

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the size of the challenge of fighting the climate crisis. We know we sometimes do, so we thought we'd share some useful advice from experts for how to stay upbeat and motivated in stressful times.

The Beautiful Environmentalism of Studio Ghibli

An excursion into the beautiful environmentalism of legendary Japanese animation house, Studio Ghibli. If you don't know them, get to know. If you do, relive some good times!

Greta Thunberg - A Force of Nature

We take a look at Greta Thunberg's remarkable journey from outsider to figurehead of a global climate activist movement and onto Swedish postage stamps. Greta, we love you!

Green Resolutions

2020 was a year like no other. It’s important to be gentle on yourself after such a testing time. Looking ahead to 2021, we wanted to share some New Year’s resolution ideas, contributed by us and our community members, for being kinder to yourself and the planet.

Rewilding, a Not So Wild Idea

Biodiverse wildernesses are crucial for supporting life on our planet. Rewilding is a relatively new concept that promotes letting nature take care of itself, however it's not without its controversies.

Your Favourite News of 2020

We did an analysis of our communities favourite news stories from over the last year and put them into one big editorial for you to peruse at your leisure. Turns out baby animals are a win!

2020: A Review

The sun is setting on 2020 so we present to you an overview of what's happened regarding climate, biodiversity, conservation and politics. There's a lot to be pleased about!

Brands That Take Stands

2020 has been a tough year. The world has been ignited, both literally, with fires raging in Australia and California, and figuratively with the Black Lives Matter Movement. We're at a crucial juncture in history and it's time for everyone, including brands, to take a stand.

The Politics of Climate Change

In light of the recent US election, we explore the crucial role that elected officials at levels have to play in combatting the climate crisis with some feel-good examples.

An Introduction to Mindfulness with Oneika Mays

Looking after our mental health is important, particularly now. We talked to mindfulness teacher and all round super-lady, Oneika Mays, to discuss how we can use mindfulness in our daily lives to manage stress and improve focus.

Review: Attenborough's 'A Life On Our Planet'

At 94 David Attenborough is showing no sign of slowing down. His latest programme, 'A Life On Our Planet', is his call to arms for everyone to help save what's left of the planet for future generations. It's important filmmaking and a hard watch at times. We break it down including the key facts and takeaways.

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The results are in! We present some latest research into the most effective ways we as individuals can reduce our carbon footprints; covering transport, energy, housing and consumption.

How Will We Move Around in a Zero-emissions World?

Greening how we (and goods) travel is essential to tackling climate change as transportation accounts for 16% of our total emissions. Running a car, for example, is one of the most environmentally damaging things we can do. So what does the future likely hold for transport? 

Will Technology Save Us?

Technology has made the world a smaller, faster and, for many, a more prosperous place. But as civilisation has advanced, our greenhouse gas emissions have increased dramatically and we're facing catastrophe. Will technology bail us out?

The Rise of Renewables

We were so excited by recent developments and milestones in renewable energy that we decided to write an editorial about it. There's still a lot left to do, but it feels like we've reached a real tipping point. We explore how it's happened, who are the 'leading lights' and what's left to do.

The Role of Art in Environmentalism

Van Gogh's Sunflowers, Monet's Water Lillies, Finding Nemo. Artists have long been inspired by the natural world. In this editorial, we explore the role of art in society and its contribution to the environmental movement.

The Uncertain Future of Water

Water is high up on the list of fundamental resources we need to live. Unfortunately, due to climate change and other human activities, this precious commodity—that many of us take for granted—is becoming increasingly scarce. 

The B Corp Movement

We’re seeing B Corps pop up all over the world now, and we went through it not too long ago, so we thought we’d give you a quick walkthrough.

In a world divided between organisations who genuinely want to strive toward sustainability, those who pay it lip service, and those who bizarrely don’t think it’s important, B Corp Certification is a way of ensuring a level of commitment to sustainable practices that benefit businesses, their employees, customers and, of course, the planet.

Join us to find more about why B Corps are flourishing around the world!

The Healing Powers of Nature

Did you know that nature can cure? This week we look at the numerous health benefits of nature and how different cultures around the world use nature as a healer.

There are good reasons behind why we get this urge to connect with nature. Nature is wonderful for our physical and mental wellbeing, and it’s free! The more we preserve, the better it will be for us. Hopefully this article will kindle your desire to get out there and explore it some more!

Why We Need Green Deals

Green deals are getting a lot of media attention currently and they’re sprouting up like mushrooms: New Green Deal in the US, European Green Deal, Green New Deal UK, and we’re super excited about the potential here.

These deals have the potential to rapidly accelerate our fight against climate change and address social inequality as well. Game-changing reforms are just a few pen strokes away.

Join us as we unpack what green deals are and take a look at some of the ideas being put forward. 

The Power of our Oceans

Our oceans play a vital role in supporting life on Earth and are powerful allies in the fight against climate change, yet they remain mostly unexplored. 

Whilst rainforests such as the Amazon are often in focus as being keystone ecosystems, removing carbon and pumping out oxygen, between 50-80% of the Earth’s oxygen is produced by marine plants and bacteria. Without them, we’re in trouble. 

Join us as we deep-dive into learning more about The Great Unknown. 

Why Inclusivity & Sustainability Go Hand In Hand

In light of events happening in the world right now—Black Lives Matter, Pride Month—we wanted to further explore what social sustainability is in relation to inclusivity, and why both are important in our fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

Amazing Animals We Need to Save From Extinction

Our Earth is home to a fantastic array of wildlife. The destruction of nature and loss of biodiversity is not only tragic but also threatens the continued survival of our own species. It’s estimated that since 1970 60% of wild animal populations have been wiped out as a result of our actions. However, it’s not too late to make changes and help prevent the extinction of our animal friends!

Embracing minimalism

A mid-20th Century artistic movement has inspired design and architecture and is also a lifestyle choice adopted by many. The concept of minimalism can be traced right back through to Catholic nuns and Buddhist monks, taking on a variety of forms across different periods and cultures.

Wear Orange to fight for a future free from gun-violence

The Wear Orange Campaign was launched in 2015 in the US following the shooting of Hadiya Pendleton. Hadiya was just 15 when she was shot on the street whilst chatting with friends. Her grieving friends and family wore orange to raise awareness about gun violence and honour those whose lives have been taken. Today, the Wear Orange Campaign supports communities working locally at the intersection of racial justice and gun-violence prevention. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals: How Business Can Serve Society

In 2015, the United Nations developed a shared blueprint for creating peace and prosperity for both people and the planet. This took the form of 17 interconnected sustainable development goals, to be implemented over the following 15 years. The overall aim is to build a better world for people whilst still caring for the environment.

Eating Our Way to a Greener Future

Let’s face it, food is awesome. We all have our favourites and we have likely accumulated some of them over a long period of time. As we learn more about sustainable practices and ways to reduce carbon footprint, we thought we'd delve into the world of sustainable eating and send you on your way with some useful tips.

The new age of digital activism

Activism is all about highlighting important messages, engaging as may people as possible and getting results by conveying to the people in charge that enough is enough. So how do we do that from our couch? The new age of activism is here to stay and it's not a second too late. 

Carbon Neutrality 101

We all dream of a world where humanity lives harmoniously with nature. Our air and oceans are clean, our forests lush and full of life, and fruit trifle will be calorie free. If we’re going to achieve this paradise, we’re going to have to make the switch and become carbon neutral. In this piece we shed some much needed light on what it means and ways of achieving it.

Fortune 500 severely understate the urgency of climate change

We shed some much needed light on one of the most important topics of our time. We found that only 6.07% of all strategic goals among Fortune 500 companies are connected to the climate or the environment.

A Good Fondation

Au début de l'année, nous avons décidé de lancer notre nouvelle plateforme pour contribuer aux efforts de durabilité dans les communautés du monde entier : A Good Fondation. Dans ses premiÚres phases encore, nous partageons notre premier projet - Le livre circulaire pour enfants - et l'histoire de cette nouvelle entreprise passionnante.

L'importance du recyclage

L'essence et l'importance du recyclage peuvent parfois se perdre dans la traduction. Avec tant de systĂšmes rĂ©gionaux diffĂ©rents, nous vous rappelons la raison d'ĂȘtre du recyclage et certains des principes directeurs essentiels pour choisir ce qui va oĂč.

Matériaux durables - Planifier pour l'avenir

Dans le cadre de notre rubrique Développement durable et conception urbaine, nous explorons maintenant la possibilité de construire avec des matériaux durables. La route vers un monde circulaire et durable exige beaucoup d'innovation en cours de route. Il est essentiel de trouver des matériaux alternatifs pour produire la gamme d'outils et articles nous utilisons tous les jours. Nous devons non seulement permettre, mais aussi promouvoir activement les innovations de pointe qui peuvent avoir un réel impact.

Construire des villes pour l'avenir

Rendre les villes plus durables est une victoire à plusieurs niveaux. Les avantages sont nombreux, et il est exaltant de voir comment l'amélioration dans un domaine peut avoir un impact positif sur d'autres domaines également. Joignez-vous à nous pour une excursion dans les villes les plus durables du monde et ce qui les fait vibrer !

Le pouvoir de l'activisme

Qu'il s'agisse de l'éradication de l'esclavage, des droits des travailleurs, du mouvement des droits civils ou du droit de vote des femmes, l'activisme a joué un rÎle puissant dans l'apport de changements systémiques qui sont fondamentaux dans notre société actuelle.

La Saint-Valentin - quand l'amour se mesure en consommation aveugle

Ce qui a commencĂ© comme une fĂȘte aux racines romaines et chrĂ©tiennes s'est transformĂ© en une raison de plus pour une consommation de masse inconsidĂ©rĂ©e. Au fil des siĂšcles, nous sommes passĂ©s de la cĂ©lĂ©bration de l'amour par l'Ă©change de poĂšmes ou de notes exprimant notre affection pour un ĂȘtre cher Ă  une industrie de plusieurs milliards de dollars qui s'attaque Ă  la culpabilitĂ© des consommateurs.

Économie circulaire : A Good Loop

Presque aussi à la mode que la durabilité il y a quelques années, l'économie circulaire ou circularité, devient une expression courante dans de nombreux pays lorsqu'il s'agit de lutter contre la crise climatique. Nous parlons de notre propre systÚme de recyclage en circuit fermé appelé "A Good Loop" et de ce que les individus et les entreprises peuvent faire pour contribuer à la transition vers une économie circulaire.

Nouvelle décennie - nouveaux objectifs

L'une des principales idées derriÚre #agoodcommunity c'est d'inspirer les gens à faire plus dans leur vie quotidienne. Nous savons que tout le monde ne peut pas s'offrir ses propres panneaux solaires ou ses voitures électriques, mais nous pouvons tous faire quelque chose pour contribuer à un mode de vie plus écologique.

Pour lancer une nouvelle dĂ©cennie oĂč nous devons accĂ©lĂ©rer l'action individuelle en faveur du climat, nous avons dressĂ© une liste de dix choses concrĂštes que vous pouvez faire pour contribuer Ă  ce changement de systĂšme si nĂ©cessaire.

Que pensent vraiment les employés des cadeaux de Noël de l'entreprise ?

En décembre, les entreprises du monde entier aspergent leurs employés du traditionnel cadeau de Noël. Ayant reçu BEAUCOUP de cadeaux en plastique peu utiles au fil des ans, l'équipe de A Good Company a décidé de se pencher sur la question.

Rejoignez-nous pour le novembre vert !

A Good Company ne participe pas au Vendredi noir. Au lieu de cela, nous célébrons le novembre vert.

C'est ainsi que nous allons gérer le Vendredi noir. Pas besoin de se lever tÎt. Pas besoin de prendre une décision rapide que vous pourriez regretter plus tard.

Nous devons arrĂȘter la critique de l'Ă©cologie.

Anders Ankarlid parlent des critiques envers les Ă©cologistes.