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What exactly are organic socks? Organic socks are made from fabric that comes from non-GMO plants that were grown without using synthetic agricultural chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides.

Why go to all that trouble to make a pair of organic socks? Fabric from conventionally grown sources, such as GMO cotton, damages the environment. Pesticides are used to keep pesky insects at bay but they also wipe out the beneficial bugs. Furthermore, the marine life and nearby wildlife downstream from cotton fields all suffer from pesticide exposure.

What’s so special about OUR organic socks? Glad you asked! Not only do we take into account where we source our fabric, but we also take into account who we use to fabricate our socks. We only use trusted vendors who treat their employees and the local environment with dignity and respect. We also require all our vendors to agree to a Code of Conduct stating that they agree to abide by our corporate values and environmental goals.