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Everybody deserves at least one good notebook. We all have unforgettable stories that for posterity’s sake should be written down. The process of using a notebook is also helpful when you’re trying to come up with ideas or need a place to put a little distance between you and your thoughts to help organize them. Sometimes you just hear something catchy or inspirational and need a place where you can quickly jot that thing down.

Everybody also deserves at least one good pen. It’s nice to write or draw with a tool you like to use. A pen (or pencil) that smoothly glides over the surface of the paper you are writing on is generally preferred to one that gets stuck, has spotty ink flow, and is in general a sub-par writing utensil. And if you’re left-handed it would be really nice to be able to write with something that doesn’t smear or stain.

Our collection of notebooks and pens will meet all of your needs and quite possibly exceed all of your expectations. Available in multiple colors and sizes, they’re also eco-friendly and made from non-toxic materials.