2-in-1 Hybrid Bottle

Introducing agood 2-in-1 hybrid bottle - bottle or tumbler, your choice!

30 May 2024

Imagine a world without plastic coffee cups and plastic water bottles. With less waste and less pollution from hazardous chemicals, the world would surely be a better place. But, you may wonder with what to replace the coffee cups and water bottles, when you need them every single day.

Programs like the "Borrow and Return Cup" have shown that we can reduce single-use plastics by using reusable cups and building a community spirit. These efforts prove that change is possible. We have an even better solution and it is called a 2-in-1 hybrid bottle, which can either be a bottle or a tumbler.

This article will present you with the reasons why you should switch to this bottle, the benefits of using it, and its main characteristics.

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Why should you switch to a reusable hybrid bottle?

Protect the planet

Single-use coffee cups and plastic cups for water present a serious threat to marine life. Apart from endangering the lives of animals living in the seas and oceans, they also amount to the ever-rising pile of waste in landfills. It takes decades for the plastic cups to decompose, and in the meantime, each cup will leak hazardous chemicals into the land, air, and water. Then multiply that cup with a few billion people. Disturbing, isn't it?

Plastic Coffee Cup Plastic Waste Beach

A reusable water bottle and a reusable tumbler can truly make a difference and reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world. Now that you can adjust your bottle to your needs, there is no need to use plastic cups anymore.

Save money 

Switching to a reusable hybrid bottle can also save you money in the long run. Instead of buying coffee that comes in dispensable cups, or plastic water bottles, you will save money by always carrying your hybrid bottle with you.

You can always refill coffee and water at work, or home. Homemade coffee from a recycled steel tumbler is incredibly tasty, and most importantly it will remain hot for hours to come. 

Become a role model when it comes to reducing waste and saving the environment

This is one of the most important reasons why you should switch to a reusable hybrid bottle. Your actions will inspire others to create less waste and purchase eco-friendly products. We all have the same goal and it is keeping our planet green and clean so that we can remain healthy for as long as we can. And we can only do this if we are united in our green actions.

Hybrid bottle - How does it work? 

The best thing about this hybrid bottle is how simple it is to use it on an everyday basis. It consists of a recycled steel body and it comes with two lids that you can change depending on which beverage you choose. The silicone base ring provides protection and has an anti-slip function. You can easily change the lids, which are designed for maximum comfort for drinking coffee, tea, water, or juice.

The hybrid bottle is designed for simplicity and versatility, combining the functions of a thermal bottle and a coffee tumbler. Its modular design, similar to LEGO, allows you to customise it based on your needs. The hybrid bottle is made with three main parts: a top part, a middle extension, and a base part. The base part serves as a cup or coffee tumbler, while the middle part extends the base to create a larger thermal bottle. Depending on the configuration, you can easily switch between a tumbler and a bottle by changing the lids.

Black Thermal Bottle agood company
Hybrid Bottle Parts
Thermal Tumbler Black agood company

When you purchase the hybrid bottle, you receive:

  • Base part (cup): Holds 380 ml, perfect for using as a coffee tumbler.
  • Special tumbler lid: Fits the base part to convert it into a tumbler.
  • Middle extension part: Adds capacity to the base part.
  • Thermal bottle lid: Fits on the middle part when the middle extension is used, transforming it into a thermal bottle with a 500 ml capacity.

To use the Hybrid Bottle as a tumbler, simply attach the special tumbler lid to the base part. For a thermal bottle, assemble the base part with the middle extension and attach the thermal bottle lid. This flexibility allows you to disassemble and mix the parts as needed, ensuring you always have the perfect container for your beverage.

By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly enjoy the convenience and functionality of the hybrid bottle, whether you need a compact tumbler or a larger thermal bottle.

Benefits of using the hybrid bottle

There are numerous benefits to using our hybrid bottle, and we present you with the most important ones.

Perfect gift for your employees

The bottle has a large printing area, which means you can place your company's logo on it, or a photograph of your team. This makes for a perfect corporation gift that you can give to your employees for holiday celebrations, or when celebrating a milestone in your company.

Great gifts can boost motivation and make your employees feel valued at work. This hybrid bottle is an innovation when it comes to staying hydrated every day, and your employees will love to receive it as a gift. Check out more great ideas for corporate gifting.

Thermal Bottle Lid Black
Thermal Bottle Black

Lightweight and easy to hold

This hybrid bottle is designed for you to fall in love with it with the first sip of coffee/water. It is lightweight so you can always carry it in your bag or hand. The diameter of the bottle is just the right size so you can easily hold it and enjoy your beverage.

Easy to clean

One of the most important aspects of this bottle is that it is so easy to clean it. The bottle needs to remain clean and hygienic as we want you to use it as much as possible. The bottle has only four parts that easily assemble and disassemble. Use warm water before and after use to get optimum results. In the morning, start afresh with either water, tea or coffee.


This bottle is made from recycled steel which means you can use it for years, even decades to come. Recycled steel is one of the most eco-friendly, durable materials there are.

We want to preserve our environment, and this can only be done with climate-positive materials and by reducing waste as much as possible. Imagine not using plastic water bottles and single-use coffee cups for years. This is the right path to a healthy planet.

Coffee Tumbler Lid
Coffee Tumbler White Thermal Travel Mug


Last, but not the least, the practicality of this bottle is what sets it apart from other bottles. Let's say that during the day you want to drink water from your bottle, but in the morning you prefer coffee. So, instead of getting a tumbler and a water bottle separately, you can now enjoy your beverage from a single bottle. Drink your coffee, rinse the bottle, and continue drinking water throughout the day. This is just one possible situation, we encourage you to create your own favourite hydration routine.

agood hybrid bottle - flexible purchasing options

At our store, we offer the hybrid bottle in various configurations to meet your specific needs. You can purchase the complete set, which includes the thermal bottle and the tumbler, giving you the full versatility of both options. However, if you only need a thermal bottle, you can opt for the bottle-only package, which excludes the tumbler lid. Alternatively, if you prefer just the tumbler, you can purchase the base cup part with the special tumbler lid.

Here are the purchasing options available:

  • Complete set: Includes the base part (cup), special tumbler lid, middle extension part, and thermal bottle lid. This provides both a 380 ml tumbler and a 500 ml thermal bottle.
  • Thermal bottle: 500 ml capacity. Contains the base part, middle extension part, and thermal bottle lid, excluding the tumbler lid.
  • Tumbler: Contains the base cup part and the special tumbler lid, perfect for a 380 ml coffee tumbler.
White Thermal Bottle Hybrid Bottle or Tumbler

Should you change your mind in the future, our store offers the flexibility to upgrade your setup. If you initially purchased the thermal bottle, you can later buy the tumbler lid separately to complete the set. Similarly, if you started with just the tumbler, you can purchase the middle and top parts later to transform it into a full Hybrid Bottle set. This way, you always have the option to adapt your Hybrid Bottle to your changing needs.

When can you use your 2-in-1 hybrid bottle?

If you are wondering when can you use your 2-in-1 hybrid bottle, we have some great news for you. You can use it anywhere, anytime that you want. Use it at work, or the gym and during jogging. Bring it along during a walk with your dear, old friend. Make it a part of your plastic-free picnic, where you will enjoy nature without polluting it.

Black Tumbler Travel Mug

Final word

This 2-in-1 hybrid bottle will help you ditch plastic water and coffee cups for good. Adjust the bottle to your needs, and make it your must-have item when you head outside. If you take care of the environment, your body will respond by remaining healthy. What's more, for every hybrid bottle sold, we will donate up to 500 liters of safe, fresh water through charity: water, helping communities in need. So, your purchase makes a difference. Join us in the good fight.

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