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We firmly believe that the most eco-friendly clothes are the ones you hold on to. But in our fast-fashion world, trends come and go quicker than you can refresh your Instagram feed. It’s unnerving, unsustainable, but seemingly unstoppable. Or is it?

We don’t see anything wrong with making or purchasing a quality product that you intend to keep. A garment with a long usable life is better than the latest “it” thing that goes from runway to store to landfill.

Our clothing collection was created to be timeless. It consists of classic designs made from eco-friendly fabrics that are sustainably sourced. The collection is also timely because clothing created from fabric made with less polluting production methods is the least harmful to the environment. To win the war on man-made climate change we even need to consider how the shirts on our collective backs affect the planet.

We invite you to explore our growing collection.