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Diemonde is a Scandinavian luxury brand aiming to redefine Scandinavian aesthetics and luxury globally. The brand combines global street culture with Scandinavian aesthetics, rejuvenating the country's style. Diemonde is committed to responsible fashion, crafting garments in Sweden with integrity, focusing on sustainability, community empowerment, and transparency.
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Diemonde: A Scandinavian Luxury Brand Redefining Aesthetics and Responsibility

Diemonde is a Scandinavian luxury brand on a bold mission to redefine the notion of Scandinavian aesthetics, style, and luxury on the global fashion stage. At the heart of their identity lies the name "Diemonde," a fusion of "die" and "monde," symbolizing their commitment to depart from unsustainable practices.

Embarking on his journey in the fashion industry, founder Angelo Da Silveira emerged as a pioneer for a new wave of young Scandinavian creatives with a cross-cultural heritage. He pursued his passion with a "learning by doing". Diemonde's blend of global streetwear culture and Scandinavian aesthetics has successfully revitalized the country's take on style to align better with the energy of a new generation.

Ethical Craftsmanship: Diemonde's Commitment to Responsible Fashion

Fashion should not only be beautiful but also responsible. All Diemonde garments are crafted with integrity in Sweden, embracing a supply chain that shuns overproduction, reduces carbon emissions, empowers communities, and places transparency at the forefront for their customers. Their micro factory, Unitex, was established in 2018, as a response to the outdated practices in the fast fashion industry. Their unique approach harmonizes different worlds, melding global streetwear culture references with Scandinavian aesthetics. It serves as a visual commentary on Scandinavian heritage, culture, and style, manifested in wearable garments that redefine the boundaries of fashion.

Introducing Diemonde x agood company: A Blend of Style and Sustainability

This partnership between Diemonde and agood company grants you exclusive access to a curated collection of fashion that includes statement pieces and accessories. Each item is intricately designed, staying true to Diemonde's commitment to aesthetics and responsible craftsmanship. Whether your preference leans towards classic, minimalist designs or contemporary twists, our collaboration caters to the discerning taste of every fashionista.

Our shared mission is to strike a harmonious balance between style and sustainability. We empower individuals to express themselves through their wardrobe choices while actively contributing to a greener, more responsible future, in line with agood company's dedication to sustainability.

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