Waterproof Journal

Waterproof Journal

30 Jan 2023

Benefits of waterproof paper

Our waterproof stone paper is super popular in Atlantis. Whether you’re a mile deep in the Atlantic or just caught in a rain shower you don’t need to be Aquaman to appreciate its versatility and strength. Normal land-dwelling people will get just as much use out of our stone paper notebooks and journals because normal land-dwelling people with jobs or who partake in activities that involve getting wet will come to see just how amazing stone paper is for all their writing needs.

Applications for waterproof paper

Stone paper has several unique qualities that make it superior to the traditional wood-based paper you’re used to. What are some of those qualities? We’re glad you asked! Stone paper is super durable, tear-resistant, waterproof, and hardly affected by grease or dirt.

Public Safety:
People in law enforcement or emergency services (Fire/EMS) work in challenging environments. They need notebooks and paper that are up to that challenge. On motorcycle patrol and you get caught in the rain? Your notes are completely fine.

Construction Industry:
Things don’t just get built when it’s nice outside. Work on a job site, especially during the early phases of a project, is messy. When it’s dry it’s dusty. When there’s precipitation it gets muddy. Equipment can be greasy. Cold and wet or hot and humid, stuff still needs to get written down. Good thing our notebooks and journals are made of tough stuff too. Water rolls off. Grease and grime wash off. Your notes? They stay put.

Out in the field or just plain out in the middle of a river or lake our stone paper notebooks will not let you down. If you are outdoors and need to write down field notes our stone paper products are up to the task.

Our pocket diaries are perfect to use as trail journals. Maybe you like geocaching? They fit in a pocket - shirt or pants - just fine. Perfect for keeping notes on routes and geocaches you discover.

Hunting/Wildlife Photography:
Nature is something to get out in and enjoy. If you’re a photographer outside writing down camera settings for a manual lens or a hunter trying to recall subtensions for a reticle, it’s important to have a notebook that you can rely on to not be affected by humidity, sweat, or occasional rain.

Chef, line cook, or saucier - you’ve probably got a notebook in which to write down recipes or prep tasks. Most notebooks break down. Ours can stand up to anything. There’s a reason for that; they developed in collaboration with outdoor experts and chefs.

If you’re fishing, work at the harbor, or on a rig our notebooks will be right there with you. Unless of course, it goes for an accidental dip in the drink. But don’t worry, when you’re reunited your notes will be just fine.

Our Notebooks

We have colorful pocket diaries, larger journals, and even a sketch pad. Our stone paper products will quickly enter permanent rotation in your EDC packs, vehicle, jackets, outdoor gear, bug out bags, and more.

A6 Pocket Diary (4.1 x 5.5 in) - $37 (Pack of 3)

Small enough to fit in your jacket pocket. Tough enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Waterproof enough to shrug off being thrown in the washing machine. Our Pocket Diary is carefully crafted by a small family-owned factory, applying bookmaking techniques - they’re stitched together, not glued - that are second to none.

The result is beautiful, functional, sophisticated and hella strong.

A5 Notebooks and Journals (5.8 x 8.3 in) - $29 - $58 USD

Our collection of A5 sized notebooks and journals make great everyday writing companions that are up to be used on any sort of day. Our A5 Journal was developed in collaboration with outdoor experts and chefs and is made to last. Thread bound instead of glue - it opens effortlessly and lays completely flat.

Want to add a bit of sophistication? Check our vegan-certified leather-bound journals. Buttery soft cruelty-free leather that’s just as durable as the stone paper inside.

A4 Sketchbook (8.3 x 11.7 in) - $23 USD

Have you ever sketched on stone paper? It feels slightly different but sort of familiar and has several advantages. For one thing, if you’re outside sketching a landscape study and it starts raining, the paper (and your work) will be fine. Stone paper is waterproof!

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