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Go Green with Eco-friendly iPhone 15 Cases & Accessories

21 Sep 2023

The new iPhone 15 series is out, and we could not be more happy. From the dynamic island to a USB-C port, there are a lot of changes in the new series from Apple. The changes in dimensions, features, and physical changes mean that the new series is not compatible with the previous phone cases. The iPhone 15 case compatibility does not exist, which leaves us plenty of space to choose green phone cases and other accessories.

This article will introduce you to the iPhone 15 cases and accessories that are good for our environment. With plastic phone cases, cables, MagSafe rings, and screen protectors polluting the Earth continuously, the time has come for a greener alternative.

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iPhone 15 cases and accessories

Explore agood company's innovative lineup of iPhone 15 cases and accessories designed to improve your mobile experience while prioritising sustainability. Here's what we have in store for you:

A MagSafe ring

The Magsafe technology uses magnets to connect your iPhone with the accessory for charging. The ring completely eliminates the need to use wires, which makes it excellent for eliminating clutter. With it, You never have to worry about charging your phone outside, as you are able to charge it wirelessly.

Not only this but since the magnets are super efficient, the charging takes much less time. This means you can quickly recharge your phone without standing next to the outlet while your phone is on a charger.

Our white Magsafe ring uses super-strong N52 magnets, making it immensely efficient. Since it is a high-quality product made of perfect material it has a lifetime warranty. This means that you can use it on iPhone 15, as well as on any previous or future iPhone series.

Circular MagSafe Ring for iPhone 15
iPhone 15 MagSafe Ring Specs agood company
Black MagSafe Ring for iPhone 15

The same goes for our black Magsafe ring. They are removable so they will never stand in your way in terms of convenience. The best thing about these Magsafe rings is that they are made from recycled material. Protecting our environment begins with recycling what has already been made, and not using raw materials to create something new.

A multi-charging cable

If you need to charge more devices at once, then a multi-charging cable is right for you. For example, you can charge your iPhone 15 and your tablet at the same time. The cable has three different outputs, USB-C, Lightning, and micro USB. This means that the cable is perfect for charging both new and old versions of the iPhone.

What makes our multi-charging cable unique is the fact that it contributes to a greener Earth. Every cable is made from recycled material. Not only this, but it also comes in non-plastic packaging, in a stone paper box. You will love the fact that just like with the Magsafe ring, there is a lifetime warranty for the multi-charger cable as well.

Multi Charging Cable made from Recycled Materials from agood company

It is one meter long, so you will find that it is quite efficient. It is made to bend 13000 times, so you can rest assured you won't need to buy any other cable in the near future. Investing in eco-friendly products like multi-charging cables, made from recycled materials, is an investment into a better, healthier future for all of us.

Circular clear phone case

Since the new iPhone 15 series will not be compatible with the previous series in terms of cases, it is time to get a new phone case for your iPhone. One of the best options is circular clear phone cases. These products are made in Sweden from recycled glass and candy boxes.

The crystal clear phone case will allow you to show off the beautiful curves of your new iPhone. One of the biggest disadvantages of other clear phone cases is that they get a yellow note soon after you start using it. However, a good crystal clear phone case has an anti-yellowing feature that prevents it from getting yellow. Simply use some warm water and gentle soap to remove the dirt every couple of days and your phone case will shine like it did on the very first day.

Clear iPhone 15 Case from Recycled Materials
Cleat iPhone 15 Case from agood company Specs

The phone case is tested for 2 metre drops, and will perfectly protect your phone in such instances. It is also compatible with the Magsafe ring, so you can enjoy your iPhone with eco-friendly and highly efficient accessories.

Buying this product you are entering a good loop. This means that once you finish using the crystal clear phone case, you can send it back and get a discount on future purchases. In the meantime, the product is sent straight to the recycling centre and will be used again very soon.

Tempered glass screen protector

Another eco-friendly accessory that you can use on your iPhone 15 is a tempered glass screen protector. Stronger than regular glass, with an incredible 9H hardness rating, tempered glass is a perfect solution when it comes to protecting your screen. It is made from 46% recycled glass and it has been tempered three times for better efficiency.

This screen protector can withstand impact from 1.5 metres. While the screen protector may be damaged during the fall or impact, it will protect your iPhone. So, you can rest assured that the phone itself will not suffer any damage.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 15
Specs for Tempered Glass Screen Protector iPhone 15

Unlike with plastic screen protectors, the tempered glass will never leave bubbles on your screen. It is super easy to apply it to your phone, and there is no way for air to create bubbles. You also don`t have to worry about whether it is responsive, as only a light touch with your fingers will be enough to start apps and text messages.

Tempered glass screen protectors are screen protectors of the future, as we can recycle them and use them again and again.

Plant-based iPhone 15 cases

Eco-friendly iPhone 15 cases are beautiful both in terms of design and materials used. When we made the world`s first climate-positive mobile case, we knew it would win the hearts of many. High-quality, eco-friendly mobile cases are rare, and our plant-based phone cases are unique and durable.

These plant-based phone cases are part of the agood loop program. This means that they are promoting the circular economy, plus they answer the question about what to do with your used mobile case.

Eco-friendly White iPhone 15 Case
Biodegradable Lilac iPhone 15 Case
Blackberry Purple Compostable iPhone 15 Case

The eco-friendly iPhone 15 pro cases, as well as the sustainable iPhone 15 Pro max cases come in various colours (white, red, black, tropical green, lilac and more). You can choose the colour and design that expresses your personality best. However, whichever you choose, you can rest assured that you are saving the planet just by choosing an eco-friendly phone case.

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Final word

As always, Apple has managed to amaze us with the new iPhone 15 series. While we don`t have to worry about the iPhone case compatibility, for the new series, we can opt for green products that do not pollute our air, water, and land. Beautiful accessories of high-quality, and plant-based mobile cases are waiting for you. Choose healthier versions of the items you use every day, and you will be much closer to a plastic-free world.

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