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Can iPhone 14 Case Fit the New iPhone 15 - iPhone Case Size Compare

01 Sep 2023

The new iPhone 15 series has been revealed. We are glad to discuss the iPhone 15 case compatibility with the iPhone 14 series. A great case protects your phone and also allows you to express your personality with a beautiful design. An even greater case is the one that provides all of this and takes care of the environment as well. This is precisely what our plant-based phone cases offer.

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In this article, we will closely compare the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 series, and discuss case compatibility. We will also point out the environmental impacts of plant-based phone cases.

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Will an iPhone 14 case fit on the new iPhone 15?

The exact dimensions of the new iPhone 15 series have finally been officially released to the public. Up until now, thanks to the Mac Otakara company, we had a realistic 3D print of the models. We could have only guessed the exact dimensions and possible changes. While the iPhone 15 series dummies were quite accurate, there are a few surprises for us down the road.

iPhone 15 dimensions and sizes

Let us take a look at the dimensions and iPhone 15 screen sizes of each model to determine whether they are a perfect match.

iPhone 15 Dimensions and Sizes

iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 14 dimensions

The dimensions for iPhone 15 are 147.60 mm (height), 71.6 mm (width), and 7.80 mm (depth). Whereas the dimensions for iPhone 14 are 146.7 mm (height), 71.5 mm (width), and 7.80 mm (depth). The dimensions are not the same, therefore the new iPhone 15 will not be compatible with the iPhone 14 model. As far as the other characteristics such as position of buttons, and camera, the models will be almost identical.

Model Height Width Depth
iPhone 15 147.6 mm | 5.81 in 71.6 mm | 2.82 in 7.8 mm | 0.31 in
iPhone 14 146.7 mm | 5.78 in 71.5 mm | 2.82 in 7.8 mm | 0.31 in


iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro

The dimensions for the iPhone 15 Pro are 146.6 mm (height), 70.6 mm (width), and 8.25 mm (depth). IPhone 14 Pro`s dimensions are 147.5 mm (height), 71.5 mm (width), and 7.85 (depth). We can see that the iPhone 15 Pro is of smaller dimensions this time, hence the iPhone 15 Pro cases will not be compatible with iPhone 14 Pro cases.

Model Height Width Depth
iPhone 15 Pro 146.6 mm | 5.77 in 70.6 mm | 2.78 in 8.25 mm | 0.32 in
iPhone 14 Pro 147.5 mm | 5.81 in 71.5 mm | 2.81 in 7.85 mm | 0.31 in


iPhone 15 Pro Max vs iPhone 14 Pro Max

The dimensions for the iPhone 15 Pro Max are 159.90 mm (height), 76.70 mm (width), and 8.25 mm (depth). The iPhone 14 Pro Max dimensions are 160.71 mm (height), 77.58 mm (width), and 7.84 mm (depth). A slight variation in dimensions makes the compatibility of these two models impossible. iPhone 15 Pro Max cases will not be compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max cases.

Model Height Width Depth
iPhone 15 Pro Max 159.9 mm | 6.29 in 76.7 mm | 3.02 in 8.25 mm | 0.32 in
iPhone 14 Pro Max 160.7 mm | 6.33 in 77.6 mm | 3.05 in 7.85 mm | 0.31 in


But, one thing that will always be compatible no matter what model of iPhone you own, is a circular magsafe ring. Your selfies will look much better when you use an eco-friendly MagSafe ring to make them. You can use them on iPhone 14 series cases, as well as on any future and former models as well.

iPhone 15 Plus vs iPhone 14 Plus

Before the official release of iPhone 15 Plus, there was a belief that the case of iPhone 14 Plus will fit the new series. However, the iPhone 15 Plus dummy has slightly deviated from the original.

The dimensions for the iPhone 15 Plus are 160.9 mm (height), 77.80 mm (width), and 7.80 mm (depth). The dimensions for the iPhone 14 Plus are 160.80 mm (height), 78.1 (width), and 7.80 mm (depth). This means that due to the difference in height and width, the cases will not be compatible. All of the iPhone 15 Plus cases will have to be brand new.

Model Height Width Depth
iPhone 15 Plus 160.9 mm | 6.33 in 77.8 mm | 3.06 in 7.80 mm | 0.31 in
iPhone 14 Plus 160.8 mm | 6.33 in 78.1 mm | 3.07 in 7.80 mm | 0.31 in


While you can try and use the iPhone 14 Plus case on an iPhone 15 Plus phone, you will risk scratching the new model. 

The difference in the notch

While earlier versions of the iPhone series have a notch, the iPhone 15 series will have a dynamic island instead. The iPhone 14 Pro model was the only one to have a dynamic island, and this trend will continue this year. 

There has always been an ongoing debate about which is better, the notch or the dynamic island. While the notch takes up less space, it looks dated, and it does not have any functionality except for the cutout for the front camera. 

The dynamic island, on the other hand, takes up less space, and it is visually more appealing, as it makes the whole screen look bigger. It is an active element of the phone since it can expand, and it can change for Face ID unlocking, as well as charging. The dynamic island will also show the active task when the phone is not locked.

The dynamic island change is one of the reasons that you need to take into consideration when thinking about iPhone case compatibility

USB-C Port is a novelty 

The new models of iPhone have a USB-C port instead of a lightning port. According to European rules, all mobile phones that are sold in Europe must have a USB-C port by the end of 2024.

This means that the port for charging iPhones will be just like for any other phone. Forget about bringing multiple charging wherever you go. From now on, you will only need one. Plus, you will be able to charge your Apple Watch, and AirPods as well.

Two iPhones Charging

This is another reason why the iPhone cases of older models will not be compatible with eco-friendly iPhone 15 phone cases. That means you should check out our advice on what to do with your used mobile case.

The bezel is shrinking

The new iPhone series will have an unprecedented shrinkage of the bezel. Namely, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a bazel of 1.5 mm. The bezel will shrink by around 30%. This will leave more screen space and is aesthetically more appealing.

What is the best phone case for your iPhone 15?

Here's a tip: for the friendliest option, go for phone cases that steer clear of non-biodegradable plastics! Our plant-based phone cases are made from a blend of renewable sources including hemp, PLA, cellulose and flax, combined with biodegradable PBAT, and do not pollute the Earth in any way. These phone cases are biodegradable, which means it won`t take centuries to degrade. If you are not familiar, check out the benefits of composting that you can enjoy.

Avoid fossil fuel-derived plastic phone cases for your iPhone

Plastic pollution is an ongoing problem that affects our health, and our environment. So much so that the plastic issues are one of the biggest environmental problems of 2023. This means that we should stop using plastic products whenever we can. There are so many reasons to ditch plastic phone cases, made from non-biodegradable plastics, but the most important one is our health and the health of our children.

If you're still grappling with the complexities of plastics, take a look at our blog 'Our Take On Plastics' for straightforward insights.

Popular eco-friendly iPhone cases

Choose an eco-friendly screen protector for your iPhone 15

When buying a new model of the iPhone 15 series, you will need to buy a new case, but also a new screen protector. And if you already made a perfect choice to buy a plant-based phone case, you can make another green decision, and that is to use an eco-friendly screen protector. The tempered glass screen protector saves the environment and provides an ultimate level of protection to your iPhone.

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agood loop™

Have you ever heard about the agood loop™? When you you buy a product such as mobile case from agood company, you enter agood loop™. Then, when you finish using a product, you can send it back for recycling. The company will recycle the product and make it reusable, thus promoting a circular economy. You will receive a discount on your next purchase, and continue to save the world.

Final word

As we have seen, none of the iPhone 14 phone cases will be compatible with the iPhone 15 cases. When buying a new model, wisely decide what to do with your old phone cases, and make eco-friendly decisions that will protect our environment. Making an eco-friendly purchase is the least we can do for our planet and for humankind.

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