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Cyber Monday Deals – Every Purchase Doubles Donations

22 Nov 2023

Let’s turn mindless shopping euphoria into a conscious decision to buy only eco-friendly products this Cyber Monday. We must say that we don’t offer Cyber Monday deals like the rest of the world, as we stand for a different approach to shopping. Instead of giving discounts for items that pollute our environment, we will double our donations for every sustainable product bought.

This article will introduce you to the concept of Cyber Monday, and present our top picks for office supplies, tech gadgets, great reusable gift ideas, and much more.

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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is another opportunity to buy many items on sale, this time through online shopping. It typically occurs on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday term originated in 2005. Trade experts noticed a peak in online shopping on the Monday after Thanksgiving. There are multiple theories about why this happens. Still, it is probably because people wanted to stay with family for the holidays instead of waiting in lines for Black Friday discounts.

Nowadays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday combine online and traditional shopping, for a better customer experience and a larger profit. It has become the most famous shopping weekend in the world.

Conscious consumerism: why it matters

You may think why is it so bad to buy things on sale? By all means, it is not bad to buy an item that you need when it is on discount. But, the truth is, we often shop for items we don’t need, or use later on. Even if we do, some of those items are serious polluters and pose a threat to the environment.

Conscious consumerism is an act of mindful shopping, where you only buy items that you truly need. After you finish using those items, you repurpose them, recycle them, or donate them. You prolong their life, making the landfills a tiny bit less crowded. This is what we stand for in agood company. Using nature-friendly products that can be used for more generations, and upcycled for others to use, again and again.

Eco-friendly gift ideas for Cyber Monday

We have a wide range of eco-friendly products that can be perfect as a gift to someone you value. Here are our close picks.

Plant-based phone cases

Our plant-based mobile phone cases are made from locally-grown flax and hemp in Sweden. They will protect your phone against everyday drops, and protect the environment at the same time. Without plastic and dangerous toxins, these phone cases are compostable and even better, a part of our agood loop system. You can send them back to us, and we will upcycle them or recycle them.

Vanilla White No Plastic iPhone 13
Charcoal Black No Plastic Phone Case iPhone 13 Pro

For every plant-based phone case bought, we will double our donations to the Malala Fund for girls’ education.

Sustainable sunglasses

Sustainable sunglasses with no plastics in sight are no longer only a wish, but a fantastic reality. Whether you want to gift them to someone else or gift them to yourself, there is no doubt that this high-quality product is climate-positive and sustainable.

The frame of these glasses is made from bio-acetate, whereas the wood has an FSC certificate. The colours are plant-based and are not harmful to the environment. Check out these Golden Framed Sunglasses, or Marbel Framed sunglasses and many other designs and colours.

For every pair of sunglasses, we will donate a fantastic 1000 litres of fresh and safe water to those in need through our charity:water.

Cyber Monday office supplies

If you had the opportunity to donate 1,000 litres to people who don’t have access to safe water for drinking, cooking, and even showering, would you do it? We can do this together, by purchasing office supplies this Cyber Monday, we will double the donation in water, from 500 litres to 1,000 litres.

Stone paper notebooks

Our stone paper notebooks are fantastic as they do not require a single tree to make your writing experience top-notch. These notebooks come in two variants: hardcover and softcover. They are made from limestone, not trees, and require no water or bleaching and chemicals to be made.

Stone paper is the future of paper, as deforestation has been a growing problem for years already. They are perfect to use in an office for professional notes, as they are durable, waterproof, smudge-resistant, flame-resistant, and tear-free.

3agood company Hardcover Black
3 Pack Stone Paper Notebook Set A5 Hardcover Grey Scale
White Softcover Stone Paper Notebook

Sustainable pens and pencils

It would be a sin to write in sustainable notebooks with anything else but natural grass pens and natural grass pencils. These climate-positive pens and pencils are made from meadow grass and BPA-free plastic. With a comfortable triangular grip and the option to refill them endlessly, grass pens and pencils are the perfect choice for your office supplies. They are also a great corporate gift, especially when combined in stone paper notebook sets.

Everyday reusable items

The key to a greener future lies in everyday items that we can reuse. Plastic-free, and made from organic materials, our products are a great addition to a toxic-free way of life.

Reusable makeup pads

Your skincare routine is one of the most important factors for keeping your face skin youthful for years to come. Wind, quality of air, humidity, and warm and cold weather both have a great impact on our skin. The reusable makeup pads are perfect for sensitive skin, and you can reuse them time and time again.

They come with a laundry bag, which means you can safely wash them in your washing machine and continue to use them afterwards. Made from wood fibre (70%) and GOTS-certified cotton (30%), these pads will gently remove makeup from your face.

We will donate not one, but two period kits to women in need for each reusable makeup pad you buy this Cyber Monday.

Reusable Makeup Pads LastRound Kit
Reusable Organic Cotton Tissues LastTissue Box

Reusable organic cotton tissues

Eco-conscious living has just gotten much easier with these amazing reusable organic cotton tissues. With 18 tissues you can reuse and wash in a machine, you can prevent endless shopping for tissues. You can use these tissues on an everyday basis for a lot of things. For example, you can clean your face with them, clean dust, or even windows as they are perfect for glass surfaces. Use them in the kitchen, living room, and dining room equally and enjoy the high quality of GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Shop kids' reusable gear for Cyber Monday

Join us on our mission to plant 10,000 trees and breathe fresh air. For every product listed below you buy, we will plant, not one, but two trees and reach our goal faster. 

Stainless steel lunchbox

If you love to organize picnics or carry your lunch to work or school, this box is a great addition to your non-toxic kitchenware. Prepare a healthy snack, or a home-cooked meal and don’t worry about flavours. The box will not impart any flavour, and it will keep your food hot for 20 hours, and cold for a staggering 48.

Snack Box Made from Stainless Steel for Kids
A Kid Eating from Eco-Friendly Lunch Box on a Plastic-Free Picnic

The recycled stainless steel lunchbox is so durable, that you will be able to use for decades to come. Investing in eco-friendly, high-quality products while helping us donate trees is the best possible decision you can make for yourself and your children.

Eco-friendly seat pad

The eco-friendly seat pad is lightweight, so you won’t have any issues bringing it to your next vacation or a picnic. It is waterproof, so don’t bother over a little rain falling on it or spilling some liquid. It is made from upcycled materials, so it is a circular product that represents all that we stand for. A conscious purchase of a product you truly need, that can be recycled and upcycled afterwards for others to use it.

Sustainable tech gadgets you can't miss

Here are some must-have sustainable tech gadgets with a purpose where a portion of the sales contributes to various charitable causes. Each product supports different initiatives aimed at making a positive impact. From empowering education for girls to environmental conservation and beyond, our products allows you to align your purchase with the cause that matters most to you.

Eco-friendly Bluetooth speaker

Each of these eco-friendly Bluetooth speakers is made of 44 recycled plastic bags and uses rechargeable e-bike batteries. You will get 32 hours of high-quality sound with the batteries, and you will also get a USB-C charger to recharge them. It has a ten-metre wireless range, and it is super convenient to use both indoors and outdoors. The stylish design will enhance the atmosphere of the room, and spare the actual atmosphere of toxic substances, as the Bluetooth is completely sustainable.

Sustainable Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker Made From Recycled Plastic

Part of the sales of these eco-friendly Bluetooth speakers go straight to the Malala Fund. Our vision is to provide 3 years of education for 10,000 girls. Education is the core of our society, and we want to enable every girl in the world to receive it.

Multi-charging cable made from recycled materials

Our sustainable multi-charging cable is super fast, works with almost any device, and won't get tangled up. Plus, it's made from recycled nylon and recycled BPA-free plastic, and comes with a lifetime warranty — no need to buy another cable ever again.

MagSafe ring

Our circular MagSafe Ring is made to last forever, so you don't have to throw it away when you change your case or get a new phone. It's super strong and won't rust, thanks to its high-quality magnets. Its cool, round design not only looks great on your iPhone 14 but also works with all our iPhone 14 cases.

Another addition to our tech lineup is a removable MagSafe ring for iPhone 15, available in black and white. The slim design fits seamlessly with our clear phone case, making your iPhone 15 look great and work like a charm. Just like the circular MagSafe ring for iPhone 14, this one's built to last, so you don't have to toss it when you switch cases or get a new phone.

For every multi-charging cable or MagSafe ring sold in November, we're donating two trees through Weforest.

Final word

When we have an army of conscious consumers around us, saving the planet becomes an achievable mission. Carefully think which items you need before you shop. Piling items that will only collect dust at your home and at the landfills is a habit of the past. Enrich your home inventory with reusable items that you can use for decades, and recycle them afterwards. Visit our website to check out eco-friendly products and double the donations we offer.

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