Are you a stationery addict?

Are you a stationery addict?

30 Sep 2019

But, maybe an unhealthy relationship with paper products is a symptom of a bigger problem? Maybe the unhealthy ways people buy and use products indicate a societal issue that we need to address?

Here are 10 general signs of addiction

1. Intense cravings

2. Tolerance to past dosages

3. Withdrawal symptoms

4. Physical dependence

5. Engaging in increasingly risky behaviors

6. Increased agitation or irritability

7. Financial trouble

8. Neglecting responsibilities

9. Developing unhealthy relationships with those who support the addiction

10. Isolating behaviors

We’re going to give it to you straight. We don’t want you to be addicted to our products. We want you to use them and for them to be used by you. But if you don’t need one of our stone paper notebooks then don’t feel pressured to buy one. Same thing for our diaries or pens or any of the other things we sell in our marketplace.

One of our goals at A Good Company is to transform mindless consumption into mindful consumerism. We exist to create thoughtful, sustainable and elegant everyday products. We refuse to take shortcuts, and we obsess over every step in the journey of our products – from how they are made to how they end up on your doorstep. We also feel that people should have healthy relationships with things, even products.

Have you ever looked back and examined a past relationship and with that distance and hindsight realized how toxic it was? You may come to see the stationery you were addicted to the same way. It sounds silly. But the relationship we have with products can be toxic - both to ourselves and to the planet. Unsustainable behaviors, like some of those listed above, can have terrible consequences that aren’t worth the cost.

Strive For Healthy Relationships

That was a little preachy. It’s just a notebook or a sketch pad we’re talking about here. If you are in the market for a notebook or pen we’d like you to consider purchasing one of ours. Our stationery products are climate positive: making them requires no trees, no water or chemicals, and our stone paper factory runs on 100% solar power. We also climate compensate for their transport and together with WeForest plant a tree in Zambia with each order.

Furthermore, stone paper is amazing to write on. It has a feel and texture that you won’t believe. It’s a notebook that you can keep around without having to worry about it getting damaged by rain, snow, or even the occasional spilled coffee. It’s even tear-resistant. The one thing we don’t want it to be is addictive.

We don’t want you to buy something from us because you’ve got an itch and shopping is the way you scratch. If you are a recovering stationery addict and you have a bunch of different journals or notebooks lying around doing nothing we encourage you to use what you already have instead of buying something new that you don’t need. Here are 10 ideas to help you fill those empty notebooks.

Break The Cycle

We invite you to break your addictions. It’s unhealthy to be addicted to a thing. There’s never a positive connotation to that state of being. Imagine what the world would be like if we weren’t addicted to oil? Or to the next fad? Or likes on social media?

We prefer happy and healthy customers just as much as we prefer a happy and healthy planet. We want to help you break unhealthy addictions not enable them. We’re talking about paper products here but we are also trying to improve the world, and rethinking how we buy things is one of the ways we can do that.

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Anders Ankarlid

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