Green New Year Resolutions

10 Sustainable New Year Resolutions for 2024

27 Dec 2023

The year 2024 starts on a Monday morning, and this simply calls for some fantastic green New Year`s resolutions. Each year, millions of people firmly claim that they will eat healthier, start exercising, and find a new job. And each year, millions of people forget about these by the end of the second week of January. Let`s make this year different together!

We have prepared a list of 10 sustainable resolutions, that will help preserve our environment, and aid with climate-change issues. It is important that we change our mindsets and make better choices every day.

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Switch to green transportation options

Cars emit plenty of toxic gases that pollute our environment. If you haven`t already, this year you should switch to healthier alternatives when it comes to your daily commute. Choose a bike or electric scooter, or even buy an electric car if your finances allow it. Public transportation is another way to cut gas emissions, as the fewer cars on the road, the better air quality will be. In 2024, walk, cycle, or choose any other eco-friendly type of transport to work, gym, or school.


Prevent food waste

Did you know that in the UK alone over 9.5 million tonnes of food go to waste each year? While food will biodegrade faster than plastics, for example, this is an issue as the food releases methane and contributes significantly to a rising global warming issue.

One way to prevent food waste in 2024 is to create a habit of meal planning each week. Plan meals for the entire upcoming week, and only buy the items you actually need to prepare those meals. Combine the new food items with the ones you already have in your fridge and pantry, so you have balanced, nutritious meals each day. You can also use food waste reduction apps like "NoWaste" or "Too Good To Go" to help you reduce food waste in 2024.

Go paper-free in 2024

A few years ago, this would be ridiculous to even imagine, but now it would take just a bit of effort for success. For example, you can choose the option to receive your bills and statements online. Also, subscribe to your favourite magazines and newspapers online, and read them from your tablet, phone or PC. Book lovers, invest in a Kindle device once and enjoy thousands of books and hundreds of hours of battery.

If you love writing on paper, though, choose stone paper notebooks, and stone paper journals. This paper-like material is made from limestone and is completely green. Not only is the material kind to nature, but it is also tear-free, flame-resistant, and durable. Your notes have never been safer. Did we mention that not a single tree has to be cut to create these wonderful notebooks and journals?

The First Climate-Positive Notebook

Ditch single-use plastics for good 

This is one of the best green New Year resolutions you can make. Forget about single-use coffee cups, water bottles, cutlery, and plastic bags. Everything has a healthier alternative now. For example, change plastic water bottles to a reusable water bottle that can last you for decades. Or, switch from plastic cutlery that breaks within minutes, to bamboo cutlery that you can use again and again for a takeaway lunch. Makeup pads are part of every woman`s daily routine essentials, and thankfully, there are reusable makeup pads that you can use again after simply washing them in warm water.

Choose reusable alternatives to single-use plastics for a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Start gardening

Numerous studies have shown that gardening has a positive effect on our mental health. At the same time it nurtures our bodies as fruits and vegetables that you grown on your own are completely organic. If you want to be in harmony with nature and make only one green New Year resolution, start gardening. You can grow your plants even on your terrace, the focus is on quality, not quantity. Fruits and vegetables without heavy toxins will enrich your life, and help preserve our environment.


Start composting

Along with the gardening resolution, you can start composting as well. The composting bins don`t have to be expensive, and the process requires little effort. The results, however, are amazing, as you get your own black gold, as farmers call it. You can compost food waste, and plant waste from your garden. You will get compost that will provide enough nutrients for your garden in the future. Get your compost bin today, and start composting in 2024 as part of your New Year green resolution.

Save energy

There are plenty of ways to lower your energy consumption, and lower your electricity bill. Switch from traditional bulbs to LED bulbs, and enjoy better quality light at a lower price. Make it a habit to turn off light switches when you are not in the room.

Get a smart thermostat for your home, and you will not regret it. The thermostat can adjust temperature depending on whether you are home or not, and based on the outside weather conditions. Your heating or air conditioning temperatures will differ based on your preferences so that the least amount of electricity is used.

Smart Thermostat

With lower electricity consumption levels, the amount of fossil fuel emissions will decrease as well. We have the power to fight climate change, and help our planet thrive, and not wither.

Shop less

Perhaps the hardest green resolution you can make this year, is by refraining yourself from shopping. We, as a society, have developed a tendency to buy too many items we don`t need. And this should not come as a surprise as we are bombarded with commercials and ads, and an infinite number of shops around us.

But the truth is, once you make a decision to stop buying items you will not use, everything becomes much easier. Start following the 24 hour rule. If you want to buy a certain item, wait for 24 hours, and that time passes you still want to shop for that item, go ahead.

By shopping less, you are directly reducing the amount of waste in landfills. This is where the vast majority of our items ends up, polluting air, water, and land we live on.

Buy Less Choose Well

Shop from eco-friendly brands

The environmental impact and role of B-corps is getting more and more recognized each day. B-corps are companies that have sustainable practices and value their employees, customers, and the environment. When you shop, try to avoid plastic products, and shop for certified, organic items that can last you for years to come. Everything becomes easier when we have the same mission. Making green resolutions is a step in the right direction, and we at agood company want to support you in this by offering sustainable, recyclable, reusable, and climate-positive products.

Recycle or donate

One of the most common New Year`s resolutions is to clear the clutter in your home, and get rid of all the items you don`t use or need anymore. You can make this resolution greener by deciding to donate and recycle those items. Think about family and friends who would love the clothes you no longer wear, and wrap the clothes as a gift. You can do this with books, toys, outgrown clothes, appliances, etc. Take the recyclable items to a recyclable centre near you. This way, you are not only cleaning your home, you are cleaning the  planet from clutter as well.

Recycling Plastic at Home

Check whether your eco-friendly products can be a part of our agood loop™ system, and we will take care of them. When you buy such a product from us, when you no longer need it, simply return it and we will make it into something new and give you a discount for your next purchase.

Spend more time outside

Try to spend at least an hour every day in nature, surrounded by trees, river, and wildlife. This where you will find inspiration for many more green resolutions that you can implement in 2024. When you are in nature, you realize that we all need to do our part in preserving it. You don`t have to go far, a walk in a nearby park can do wonders for any stress or anxiety you may have. And if you do have to go far to find some fresh air, and green surfaces, that you know that it is urgent we make better choices for our environment.

If you see a plastic container out of the bin, collect it and throw it in the garbage. Make sure you have your recycled steel snackbox with you that does not pollute nature.

Spending Time in Nature

Final word

New beginnings are not always easy, but there is always beauty in them. You don`t have to implement all these ten green resolutions, but start with one and see where this will take you. At the end of the day, it is not about resolutions, it is about preserving our environment. Ask yourself what can you do everyday that does not pollute or harm your life. And by doing something good for the nature, you are doing something even greater for yourself. Happy New Year!

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