Best Phone Case Brands

Best Phone Case Brands

02 Mar 2023

Apart from our hands, most mobile phones nowadays are also ’attached’ to their protective cases. According to some statistics, almost 7 billion people in the world own a smartphone and around 80% of them use a phone case. Depending on your preferences, personality, and lifestyle, there are many different kinds of cases you can choose from for each phone model. Whether you need a military grade protection case, or a waterproof one, you are environmentally conscious or fashion conscious, phone case manufacturers have got you covered. Now, while that is great news for us, it is definitely not great news for our mother Earth.

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Over a billion phone cases are sold every year and some of them are made from materials which can be harmful to the environment such as non biodegradable plastic, silicone or carbon fibers. The shortest answer to the question why they are harmful to the environment is that the production process of these materials causes air, water and soil pollution, which subsequently affects wildlife, plants and people. Also, the fact that they are not biodegradable means that they will sit in landfills for ages, thus adding to the already burning issue of their overflow.

Since our company is truly committed to being as environmentally responsible and sustainable as possible, we have created a list of best phone cases which are made from eco-friendly materials and produced by brands that give back to our planet in various ways.

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1. agood company

Our cases are not only designed to protect your phone, but to protect our planet as well. They are made in Sweden, from a blend of renewable materials including hemp, flax, cellulose, and PLA, plus bio PBAT. Our shipping is climate neutral and our product comes in sustainable packaging, free of BPA-plastic and other harmful materials. agood cases are biodegradable, which means they break down via industrial composting and return to nature, without leaving any harmful residue.

When it has served its purpose, you can also join our agood loop system by sending the case back to us. We will then recycle it and make a new one, and hopefully repeat this process again and again. Our eco-friendly phone cases are not only sustainable, they are stylish as well. There is a wide range of different patterns, colors and artist collections you can choose from to best match your style and personality.

Through agood Foundation, we support different charities and initiatives around the world, depending on the product you buy. For example, when you purchase agood case, a share of the net price will be donated to Malala Fund that advocates for girls’ education around the world. Our goal is to help provide education for 10,000 girls.

2. Casetify

This brand offers some fun and bold designs, with a variety of colors and prints, some of which are made by artists and influencers. There are also customizable cases to which you can add your own text or print and make them more personal. While not all their cases are eco-friendly, they do produce sustainable ones made with ecotify ™, which is a blend of plant-based biopolymers, starch, and bamboo. These cases are 100% compostable, but they are not home compostable, which means they need to be sent either to a composting facility or back to them.

Another thing you can send them is any old phone case you have from any brand, which will then be recycled and used to make Re/CASETiFY cases. They contain 65% recycled and plant-based materials from recycled plastic phone cases. Although the rest is virgin plastic, they plan to use 100% recycled plastic by 2026. This company also donates to different charities and plants a tree for each case purchase.

3. Urban Armor Gear

Whether you are a skateboarder, construction worker or just a butterfingers, your phone should be safe with UAG, as their products are certified to Military Standards and offer great drop and shock protection. They test each series through their ’Drop Everything’ campaign, and they have done some cool additional tests as well, such as sending a phone into space or throwing it from a fast moving vehicle (in their phone case, of course, and having it survive). With their Biodegradable Outback Series, these tough phone cases have joined the good fight, since they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

They are made from plant based plastics which is a blend of PLA (derived from renewable, organic sources), PBAT (a fully biodegradable polymer) and a percentage of bamboo fiber, and they still provide the same level of protection as their regular ones. After they have served their purpose, these cases can be composted both in your backyard or at an industrial composting facility and all their products are now sent in 100% recyclable packaging.


If you are a coffee lover, you will probably also love the fact that MMORE has created a case made from organic coffee beans. And yes- it smells like coffee too. For nature lovers, their organic collection offers other scented cases as well, such as lavender field, rose garden or forest moss. All their ingredients come from nature too. Their 100% biodegradable and compostable cases are made from flax and PLA bioplastic (which is compostable in an industrial facility).

Although they might seem printed, the flowers, leaves and moss on their phone cases are actually real, so you will literally have the touch of nature at your fingerprints. They are handpicked, preserved and then pressed onto the back of the flax case and then coated with a sugar-based resin for protection. This brand also offers wooden phone cases which are handmade from sustainably sourced wood (FSC certified), and each has a unique pattern.

They plant a tree for every purchase made, and send their products in zero waste, 100% recyclable cardboard boxes. They also have a recycling program and make sure your used old phone cases are properly recycled once they are sent back to them.

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5. EcoBlvd

This brand produces their 100% compostable cases using InnoMaize™ and CornBo™ (their proprietary blends of cornstarch, sugar, bamboo bark and bamboo fiber). They offer various eye-catching designs and patterns, as well as customizable options. If you appreciate art, you should check out their Contemporary Collection cases which feature designs and paintings inspired by different art movements- expressionism, impressionism, avant-garde etc.

The idea behind their Contemporary Collection is to use art as a tool to address environmental issues, raise awareness and inspire consumers to contribute to a more sustainable world. Their products come in 100% recyclable, biodegradable and plastic-free packages, with a prepaid shipping label. This enables you to send them your old case free of charge and join their recycling program. This company is a member of 1% for the Planet, and they donate 2% of their profits to National Forest Foundation, Ocean Conservancy and other organizations.

6. Skate4create

If you are a fan of upcycling and giving old products a new life, you will probably be a fan of this small company as well. Their unique colorful cases are made from upcycled old skateboards. The colorful, striped pattern comes from 8 to 9 different colors of recycled skateboards glued together. They mainly source their materials from local skate communities, shops and parks, preventing them from ending up in landfills (and it is estimated that every year, around 2 million broken skateboard decks go to landfills).

Their cases are handcrafted and all aspects of production and business are done in-house. Their product is compostable, but it does come with a black polycarbonate bumper which needs to be removed before composting.

7. Reboxed

Their unicolor phone cases come in 13 different colors. They do not offer cases with designs or patterns, but their colors are vibrant and really amazing. The cases are sturdy and provide good protection for your phone. They are 100% compostable, since they are made from plant-based polymers and reclaimed wheat fibers, free of lead and BPA. For each case purchased they plant a tree and they also donate 1% of every purchase to different environmental organizations.

Electronic waste is a huge environmental issue, and Reboxed fights to reduce it by refurbishing old phones and rehoming them. You can send them your old device and in exchange get some amount of cash, store credit, or a donation to a charity they make for you. The phone is then refurbished and rehomed, or recycled properly if it is beyond repair. Their mission is to rehome 100 million devices by the end of 2030 and keep them away from landfills.

8. Pela

Pela offers a variety of classic, clear, and wallet phone cases, which are made from their proprietary material called Flaxstic™. It is a bland of flax straw waste, plant-based biopolymers and recycled materials. They provide good protection as flax fiber has natural shock absorbing qualities. Their cases are compostable, both at home and in an industrial facility (if you would like to speed up the process, you can check out their electric kitchen composter, Lomi), they are free of BPA, lead and cadmium, and will not leave any harmful residue behind.

You can also return your old, used phone case through the Pela 360 program to be remade into a new one or properly recycled or composted. Their products are shipped in minimal, plastic-free packaging, they are a climate neutral company and they completely offset their carbon footprint. Pela is also a member of 1% for the Planet and donates at least 1% of their sales to various initiatives, such as Oceana and Save the Waves.

9. Najture

Najture phone cases are completely biodegradable and compostable. In their production, they only use natural materials- starches from sustainably harvested plants, such as wheat straw and bamboo. What’s interesting about these phone cases is that they also may contain soil, carrots, onions and other vegetables in some percentage (no, they are not edible).

They also contain anti-bacterial ingredients that are claimed to kill 99% of bacteria. You can either choose a phone case with the brand’s logo, a picture of a city, or personalize it with your signature, favorite quote or picture. The company has a ‘Renatjure program’ through which you can send them your old phone case and they will recycle it for you and give you a 15% discount on your next purchase. They plant a tree for each phone case they sell.

As you can see, there are plenty of different materials and designs you can choose from, and good missions to join, and we believe we have made quite a strong case for why you should choose an eco-friendly phone case.

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