Kickstarter Campaign for New Circular Mobile Cases

Kickstarter Campaign for New Circular Mobile Cases

03 Apr 2020

There is no question that the first completely climate-positive mobile cases in the world, launched earlier this year, have been hugely popular. Created initially for iPhone models, the cases are made from 100% plant material using no plastic whatsoever. We're now launching a Kickstarter campaign to support the development of cases for 6 new phones, following a resounding request from our community.

Developing a product is tricky and takes loads of time. We sure know, as we spent eight months designing, testing and producing the agood company mobile case, launched in February this year.

We got it right

For our phone cases, we were certain that we wanted to avoid harmful plastics so we went on the search for an organic replacement. Given that a biological compound has vastly different properties than plastics, for example how it reacts to heat, it took many attempts before we got it right. But we’re immensely proud of the result.

The the 100% biodegradable hardcover case is made from waste linseed plants, grown by an ecologically certified farmer in Sweden, close to our base camp in Stockholm. Linseed, also known as flax, is a food and fiber crop cultivated in the cooler regions of the world. The factory itself runs its entire operation on solar and hydropower alone.

Our stylish case is famous

In addition to creating a sustainable product in great quality we also wanted to bring the style, so we worked with local artists to produce an array of eye-catching prints to suit all tastes. You shouldn't have to compromise on design just because the case is the first climate-positive case in the world!

Received with excitement by the sustainably-minded members of our community, the cases are now famous, recommended by magazines like GQ.

Still a startup

Now to the exiting part. We're still a startup. Every time we develop (or re-develop) a new product, we have to carefully go over the projected demand.

Following the launch, we received some great feedback and tons of enquiries asking when we were planning on extending our range of cases to include more models, sustainable phones such as FairPhone and other popular brands such as Huawei, Samsung and OnePlus.

The short answer is: we'd love to develop that for you. Ideally we'd love for all phone cases everywhere to be 100% back yard compostable like ours is. But we're not quite there yet.

From plate to case

Every model needs its own plate, into which we can then mould the pellets made from linseed waste. The most costly part is developing that new plate. That is why we are now inviting members of our community to take part in a Kickstarter campaign to help develop these cases.

Find the campaign here.

Wait, what models did you want to develop?

Good question. The models included in the Kickstarter campaign are:

Huawei P30

Huawei P30 Pro

FairPhone 3

OnePlus 7T

Samsung S20

Samsung S20 Plus

So, how does it work?

The campaign funding is very transparent and is based on the costs we already know of, from when we developed the first cases. As you probably know by know, we're all about transparency. The campaign aims to raise about €27.000 and will run up until 2 May 2020.

You can support the project by pre-ordering a case for one of these models, or, if you feel like sharing these awesome cases with your friends, you can pre-order one of each case.

Finally, you can back the project because you believe in the project and A Good Company, donating a small but ever so significant amount (like €1).

Don't forget the closed loop

The cases are super easy to recycle. Down to the natural components, each case can be reused indefinitely.

As part of our circularity system called agood loop, customers are also able to return their old case once it has served its purpose and swap it for a new case. Because of the natural properties of the case, they are easily turned into pellets and moulded into new cases.

Staying sustainable

Of course, our high environmental standards will be upheld with the creation of the new products. The new cases will be fully circular, void of any harmful plastics, and packaged in our cradle to cradle certified stone paper.

Our mission is to continue to create sustainable everyday products that are cherished by our customers, and inspire a movement away from mindless consumerism.

If you’re a fan of these brands, or know anyone who is, then please share and check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

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