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Why buy toothbrush heads?

This is especially important if you have problematic teeth or are prone to gum problems, so you need to find a head that fits your needs. You can also use the brush cleaning mode of your Oral B toothbrush to achieve the best effect, but if you already have a brush handle that is sensitive to the gum care or cleaning modes, be sure you select one that can do both with each brush. As you can see, the DiamondClean Sonicare DiamondClean brush head removed more plaque in our tests than the standard ProResult head (read our electric toothbrush test).

This toothbrush head takes its name from the cruciform arrangement of the brush bristles. It's a jack-of-all-trades if you want something unique for your particular problematic teeth or gum problems, but it will suit most people. A fading indicator bristle over time indicates that the Oral-B precision cleaning brush head must be replaced.

It has straight, medium-strength bristles and yellow micro-pulse bristles to clean your teeth. Crossbrush head and precision cleaning rounds enable effective use of the oscillating and rotating movement of the Oral-B electric toothbrush Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Classic rechargeable electric toothbrush from Philips Sonicare gets five brush modes, a two-minute timer and the pressure sensor from DiamondClean Smart App.

Orthodontist Heather Kunen, co-founder of Manhattan's Beam Street Dental Office, agrees that a small, round brush head allows for more thorough cleaning, but she says that the effectiveness of a toothbrush depends on the use technique - brush that are careful and move the small brush into every corner of the teeth will benefit from the Sonicare widehead.

If the head feels too soft, many dentists recommend a soft bristle head for the toothbrush. For sensitive teeth, people who are difficult to press when brushing teeth recommend the Oral B sensitive brush head due to its soft bristles. If you read the fine print on the Oral A / B Flossaction Head toothbrush head, you will find that it is also better suited for deeper, cleaner teeth than a normal hand toothbrush.

This brush head is compatible with the handle of Oral B rechargeable electric toothbrush and I recommend using it in combination with an electric toothbrush from Oral B Stage Power for Kids. The only toothbrush that Oral B does not work with is the Pulsonic toothbrush. The Oral B electric toothbrush head is the kind of thing you need to know about precision cleaning and that was exactly what the original Oral B brush head was about.

With a two-minute timer you can customize the brushing experience with different brush heads: hollow tip, veneer crown, short tip for everyday use, long tip, bristles and large distance between teeth. This brush head is not as tiny as most electric toothbrushes I know and is designed to clean one tooth at a time. ADA recommends this brush for those who like to brush with head brushes. Ian Glove (DDS) uses the Rotadent electric toothbrush at home, and it has a 360-degree rotatable head to efficiently clean and reach the gums.

The Oral B 9600 Brush Doniger Recommendation The best travel toothbrush. Oral B Sensitive Gum Care Arm Hammer Spin Brush Pro Voguish Replacement Head for Oral B The Oral B is a precise, clean, round oscillating head that covers all teeth, not just some. The reason why the Oral B replacement head has become a bestseller is that it is equipped with bristles which are not only angled to clean teeth but also remove excessive plaque.

On the other hand, Sonic brushes are more similar to traditional toothbrush heads used in products such as Philips Sonicare range. Each model has a narrow, compact head, and Sonicare models have slender stems that make it easy for small mouths to brush dripping toothpaste (the Sonicare HX9044-45 has firm bristles which are not ideal for sensitive gums ). Rotating sound brushes vibrate at high frequencies, up to 60,000 brushes per minute.

When we started testing brushes in 2019, we tested fifteen different brushes from nine different companies. We asked the professionals to recommend the best electric toothbrushes on the market at different prices, from the electric toothbrush for children to the best for travel and travel. Each toothbrush has a series of useful pauses (30 seconds to move into different areas of the mouth) and confusing needs (polishing and whitening modes).

There is no doubt that flossing makes a great cleaning, but in the tests we overlooked areas of our teeth that could have been cleaned with a brush other than the Oral-B head if used with the right technique. The brush head is small and does not like to vibrate, but the Oral-B Pro 3000 does a miraculous job of cleaning durability elements that no other toothbrush can handle. Sensitive gum care removes visible plaque, and generic Oral B-compatible brush heads are in vogue, but replacement toothbrush heads work just as well.

One section moves the bristles from side to side, while the other uses Oral-B oscillation technology, which oscillates, rotates and pulsates to ensure teeth become cleaner each time you brush. This brush head is often called the Power Tip and is designed to clean teeth for dental work such as bridges, crowns and tiny, difficult areas around teeth and implants. The precision cleaning head can remove up to 5x more plaque than manual toothbrushes and ensures that your entire mouth feels clean when brushing your teeth thanks to the arched cups around the teeth.

It is not just about using the Oral-B 3D White Brush Head (also known as ProWhite Whitening Cleaning Mode) - your brush handle should be available to get the best results and the programmed oscillation and rotation will ensure that the best possible brightening is achieved. DiamondClean Sonicare DiamondCleaner brush head can help to give teeth a whiter shine, but if you really want to lighten up, try a whitening cream - its active ingredients are likely to have more effect.