agood company Launches Kickstarter campaign supporting new circular mobile cases


3 April, 2020

Sustainable & social impact startup A Good Company has launched its first Kickstarter campaign to widen the selection of circular mobile cases made out of 100% biodegradable waste linseed plants.

Since the launch of A Good Mobile case, there has been high demand for the the 100% biodegradable hardcover cases made from waste linseed plants and grown by an ecologically certified farmer in Sweden.

A Good Company now launches a Kickstarter campaign to ask the community to help raise the funds for an expansion of the current models, to include sustainable phone brands and brands that have been requested by a multitude of conscious consumers.

“The first cases were made for a range of the most popular iPhone models but after listening carefully to our community of sustainably-minded customers and partners, we now want to expand the range with phones from other brands such as Huawei, Oneplus, Fairphone and Samsung.”, says Anders Ankarlid, Founder and CEO of A Good Company.

The campaign aims to raise roughly €27.000 and will run up until 2 May 2020. Just like the successful cases launched earlier this year, these new cases will be fully circular, void of any harmful plastics. All packaging for the circular mobile case is made out of stone paper.

As part of a circularity system called A Good Loop, customers are also able to return their old case once it has served its purpose and swap it for a new case. Because of the natural properties of the case, they are easily turned into pellets and moulded into new cases.

These Vegan Society Certified cases come in a multitude of different water-based colours and prints and are shipped to customers using climate-positive packaging made from recycled stone.

“We take great care to ensure that our mobile cases are climate-positive every step of the way. From the ecologically certified local Swedish farmer to the plastic-free shipping in bulk from our warehouses. All the way to your doorstep and then back to us within the frames of our circular loop system, this product is climate-positive.”, says Anders Ankarlid.

For press enquiries please contact A Good Company’s Press Officer and Head of Communications Emilia Cullborg via email: [email protected] or phone +45 31 20 37 40.

About A Good Company
A Good Company is a carbon-negative, B-Corp Certified Swedish Sustainable & Social Impact Startup that creates sustainable everyday products without compromising on elegance and design. Our vision is to help people transform from mindless consumption into taking more conscious decisions. We donate 4% of our net sales to A Good Foundation, our social impact platform. For more information visit