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Free shipping on most orders above 30!

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Free shipping on most orders above 30!
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14280 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Climate neutral shipping
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Low Waste Art Supplies

Our paints are produced at a family-run factory where the paint is made runs on solar power, purifies its wastewater and has installed heat recovery systems on many of its machines. Their focus has been to keep innovating to make their products safer for the environment and also safer for children. This paint is made from 99% natural ingredients and the bottle is made from sugarcane, which is 100% recyclable (recycle like plastic). 

The paper industry is notoriously dirty and as you know sketchbooks are a part of that industry. Not only does it contribute to deforestation, but the process of converting wood to paper is energy-intensive, wastes a lot of water and pollutes the environment with harmful chemicals. Our sketchbooks are made from stone paper. This process uses leftover stone from local industries that is transformed into paper in a process that uses no water or chemicals and runs on solar energy. It’s one of the cleanest processes we know, meaning there’ll be more nature left for you to draw.

Art which is good for you and the planet

Art is all about innovation. We wanted to contribute to the scene by developing an environmentally friendly paint that can be used on almost any surface, will last a long time, and is non-toxic. Whether it’s the classic ‘handprints on paper’, Sistine Chapel or jazzing up a t-shirt, we’ve got you covered. No more having to switch paint for different materials, just get creative. If you want to learn to draw sustainably, check out our DIY art class

Artists play a large role in environmentalism due to that the natural world has always been a strong influence on artists. There are a lot of concerned artists worldwide are incorporating messages into their work that warn against nature's destruction and attempt to help people understand it. Often these works are interacted with by millions of people around the globe. Therefore this collection is for those artists out there who want to create beautiful pieces which help the planet at the same time. 


People also ask...

How creative art helps the world?

Creative art helps the world in many ways. It can express emotions and communicate messages that words cannot. It can offer a new perspective on the world, and it can make people think and feel things in new ways. Creative art can also be used to preserve culture and tradition.

It can inspire people to care for the environment, and it can raise awareness of social issues. Ultimately, creative art helps make the world a more beautiful and interesting place. Especially if it's made sustainably.

How can I make my art eco-friendly?

To make a conscious effort to use less harmful materials would be an excellent way for you, as well as everyone else who cares about this planet's future. Invest in Environmentally Friendly Art Supplies.

In addition to health considerations, an eco-friendly artist considers all the processes involved in the production of art materials. Energy consumption, by-products, packaging, transportation, and proper disposal of the product all impact our environment.

Are art supplies eco-friendly?

We all know that traditional art practices and materials can be toxic to our health, but did you also realize how they're harming the planet? Luckily there's a rise in sustainable options. A Good Company offers you a environmental way of making art, our eco-friendly materials includes; Stone Paper, Bamboo, Plants, Soy ink, Recycled Materials, and many more!

What sustainable art supplies do Agood have?

At A Good Company, we have a variety of eco-friendly products such as Sketchbook made from stone paper, paint made from plants, glue made with eco-friendly production processes, and crayon made with liquid paraffin wax. With all of these, you can create majestic art at the same time, preserving nature and its beauty. Take a look aquí at what we believe are the top 9 art supplies artists should have. 

Are art materials toxic?

There are many types of paints, glues, and solvents used in creating art projects that can be inhalant abuse. This includes people with visual or hearing problems as well physical disabilities to name just some of those at high risk for exposure who should definitely avoid these items altogether if possible!

But at A Good Company, our art supplies are made with 100% natural ingredients, non-toxic, free of allergens, and recyclable. A Good Company maintains eco-friendly production processes at every step of the way and they are as passionate about conserving energy and using sustainable materials as they are about making sustainable art supplies of the highest quality.