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Eco-friendly phone cases

From agoodcompany is the perfect solution for anyone caring about the environment. They are made with a proprietary bioplastic and by using eco-friendly production processes we make sure that no chemicals or plastic waste is created during each and every step of our process. Our phone cases also look amazing thanks to the fact that they are designed and made in Sweden.

Made in Sweden

When you buy from agoodcompany you have the assurance that your phone case is made in Sweden. We use modern production facilities and top-of-the-line printing technology to create our products. Plus, all of our products are rigorously tested by our team of experts before they are released into the market.

Eco-friendly mobile phone case protection

Our eco-friendly phone cases protect your device from any kind of damage, whether it’s drops, scratches, bumps or bruises. Plus, our plant based materials are incredibly durable and can take just about whatever life throws at them. And since they have no toxic chemicals in them you don't have to worry about any negative environmental impact.

Protect your phone

About the only thing that gets upgraded more than a mobile phone is the case that you use to protect it. People also get bored with their mobile cases but even if they didn't, chances are it wouldn't work with the latest phone. What a waste. Until now.

Made from plants eco-friendly phone cases

Our mobile phone case is made from linseed plants grown by a local farmer in Sweden. We can guarantee that it’s completely plant-based because we have overseen every single step of the production. It’s 100% biodegradable but even better, instead of tossing it away you can return it to us and we’ll turn your old one into a new one.

So there you are. With some hard work, determination, and the help of some wonderful partners, just a short distance from where we live, we created one of the loveliest mobile phone cases, made entirely from a biologic and biodegradable material. Oh, and it’ll protect your phone extremely well in case you happen to drop it.