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Humans Are Vain are a Swedish brand, pioneers sustainable fashion. They blend cutting-edge design with vegan, eco-friendly materials such as apple leather and upcycled plastics. Commitment to a circular economy, they also collaborate with ethical factories, and their innovative partnership with Stockholm University explores 3D printing from discarded textiles, revolutionizing sustainable fashion. Their mission: create eco-conscious, affordable fashion that cares for the planet.
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Humans Are Vain: Premium Sustainable Fashion Brand Focused on the Planet

Humans Are Vain is a distinguished Swedish premium brand that blends cutting-edge design with the latest innovations in vegan sustainable materials. Their primary focus revolves around sustainability, which is evident in their use of recycled and eco-friendly materials. All of their product lineup features creations crafted from exceptional sources like apple leather and upcycled plastic ocean waste. Circular economy is a concept that lies in the heart of their philosophy, all materials and products are designed to adhere to this principle, ensuring that everything they offer is fully recyclable. Humans Are Vain was born out of a rebellion against the norms of fast fashion.

Ethical Manufacturing and Innovations

Their manufacturing processes occur in ethical factories located in Portugal and Sweden. They have received recognition from PETA, displaying their Vegan Approved logo on our products guaranteeing 100% vegan content through rigorous checks and certifications. Humans are Vain partnered up with Stockholm University, to embark on groundbreaking research aimed at harnessing the potential of discarded garments and textile waste for 3D printing footwear and accessories.

Their mission is simple yet profound: In their mission, Humans Are Vain creates vegan, sustainable products that prioritize the planet and reduce plastic waste in our oceans. They design contemporary, timeless pieces using innovative, eco-friendly materials and support organizations dedicated to environmental and animal welfare. Operating within a circular economy, they minimize their carbon footprint and offer fair pricing. With a commitment to ethical manufacturing, they engineer high-quality, comfortable products, always maintaining transparency and honesty, providing a responsible alternative to fast fashion.

Introducing Humans Are Vain ◣ agood company: A Fusion of Style and Sustainability

Our collaboration grants you exclusive access to a handpicked selection of sustainable footwear items created with a great attention to detail. Whether you prefer classic, minimalist designs or contemporary twists, our collection caters to the discerning taste of every eco-conscious fashion enthusiast.

The partnership between Humans Are Vain and agood company combines signature style and craftsmanship coming from HAV with agood company's dedication to sustainability and convenience. Together, we strive to strike a harmonious balance between style and sustainability, empowering individuals to express themselves through sustainable fashion while actively contributing to a greener future.

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