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Why bamboo toilet paper is so great!

12 Jul 2023

Toilet paper is a massive staple and is used in abundance all around the world. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional toilet paper production, which relies heavily on virgin wood pulp from trees. That's why we've decided to make eco-friendly toilet paper out of bamboo. Here's a breakdown on why bamboo toilet paper is more sustainable than regular toilet paper!

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Alarming statistics of toilet paper consumption

We did some calculating (as we always do before venturing into a new project!) and landed on the fact that your average American goes through 23.6 rolls of toilet paper per year. If we take the U.S. population as an average and then multiply that by the 30% of the part of the world's population that uses toilet paper we end up with a mind-blowing number: around 2.1 billion people, then that’s... well we’ve run out of fingers but it’s a lot of rolls.

This just goes to show how much toilet paper we're using globally, and it's a clear sign that we need more sustainable options like bamboo toilet paper.

Why bamboo toilet paper is sustainable

Our favourite plant bamboo is actually a type of grass. Its properties are similar to hardwood trees that are used to make regular wood pulp toilet paper and is a fantastic substitute.

We've listed some of the greatest things about bamboo:

Rapid growth of bamboo

Bamboo is a champion when it comes to growth speed. Unlike conventional trees that may take decades to mature, bamboo shoots can grow rapidly, sometimes even a remarkable 3 feet in just 24 hours! What makes this remarkable is that once bamboo reaches maturity, typically within three to five years, it can be harvested over and over again without having to replant. This continuous regeneration makes bamboo an exceptionally renewable resource, reducing the strain on our forests and the environment.

Bamboo water efficiency

Bamboo's efficiency in water usage is a key attribute in its sustainability. Compared to trees, bamboo is incredibly thrifty when it comes to water consumption. It requires about half the amount of water to thrive, which is a significant advantage, particularly in areas where water resources are scarce. Bamboo's ability to make the most of available water not only reduces its environmental footprint but also reinforces its status as an eco-friendly alternative.

Bamboo Used for Bamboo Toilet Paper

Increased yield

When it comes to yield, bamboo surpasses traditional trees by a significant margin. A single acre of bamboo can yield an astonishing 150 tons of raw material, while the average tree yields a mere 25 tons. This higher yield means we can produce more bamboo products using less land, helping to conserve natural habitats and reduce deforestation.

Natural antibacterial properties of bamboo

Bamboo is naturally endowed with antibacterial properties, making it resistant to pests and pathogens without the need for harmful pesticides or chemicals during cultivation. This contributes to a healthier ecosystem and also ensures that the final bamboo products, such as toilet paper, are naturally hygienic and safe to use.

Nutrient storage in root system

Bamboo has an extensive root system that stabilises soil and prevents erosion, all while acting as a nutrient storehouse. This means bamboo requires minimal fertilisers or nutrients from external sources. This reduces the environmental impact associated with fertilisation, making bamboo a low-impact agricultural choice.

Bamboo produces more oxygen than trees

Bamboo is a carbon-absorbing powerhouse. It's more effective at absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than many other plants, including trees. In fact, bamboo can absorb more than twice as much carbon dioxide while producing approximately 30% more oxygen. This dual benefit helps combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gases and contributing to cleaner air.

Soft and naturally antibacterial bamboo toilet paper

Bamboo's long, fine fibres make for incredibly soft and durable paper products. Moreover, its natural antibacterial properties extend to the final product, ensuring that bamboo toilet paper maintains high levels of hygiene. This combination of comfort and cleanliness makes bamboo toilet paper an attractive and eco-conscious choice for consumers looking to make a positive impact on the environment.

Bamboo truly is one of the most sustainable resources available to us, and we just love it.

A Cat Near a Bamboo Toilet Paper Roll
Bamboo Toilet Paper Rolls

How bamboo toilet paper is made

We make our awesome bamboo toilet paper in our factory in Chishui, China. This region is home to sustainably grown and harvested bamboo and so we thought it made perfect sense to produce the bamboo toilet paper there as well – to reduce the number of shipping miles back and forth across our planet.

The bamboo is turned into pulp and then pressed into the paper on giant-sized rolls. These are later divided into smaller rolls for smaller people like us humans.
Any wastewater is taken care of in a closed-loop system and no bleaching chemicals are used.

This is one of the massive issues with regular pulp toilet paper vs bamboo toilet paper; regular paper is bleached using climate-devastating chemicals and the process of producing it is incredibly wasteful in terms of water-usage.

The last mile of the bamboo toilet paper roll

As a final touch, we exchanged the inner roll from pulp paper to bamboo paper! This small change may seem inconspicuous, but it aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability.

Now, when it comes to shipping, we've also made mindful choices. Our bamboo toilet paper is shipped in bulk – which means it takes a slow journey on a container ship from China to Europe and our distribution centre in Estonia. From there it is sent to you with climate-compensated shipping. This means that we take responsibility for the carbon emissions produced during the transportation process by investing in projects that reduce or offset these carbon emissions.

All in all – the better alternative, don't you think?

Bamboo Toilet Paper from agood company
agood company Bamboo Toilet Paper

What bamboo toilet paper certificates exist?

The strongest guarantee that the bamboo is sourced sustainably is that it has been certified by the FSC (ours has). The FSC Bamboo mark not only ensures environmental sustainability, but it also promotes the core conventions of the International Labour Organisation, meaning that vital workers’ rights are upheld.

Top 5 facts about bamboo

Prepare to be amazed by some incredible facts about bamboo!

Where does bamboo grow?

Bamboo grows primarily in the tropical and subtropical regions on Earth, but it can grow almost anywhere. It occurs naturally on all continents, except Antarctica and Europe.

Bamboo is a kind of grass

Bamboo could easily be mistaken for wood, but it is, in fact, a kind of grass and not a tree. Its grass-like properties make it an ideal candidate for sustainable practices, as it regrows rapidly and can be harvested without causing long-term harm to the environment.

How fast does bamboo grow?

Bamboo is in the Guinness World Records for being the fastest growing plant on Earth. How fast-growing? It depends, but there are, in fact, species of bamboo that are able to grow up to 1m per day, under the right circumstances.

Pandas and bamboo

While bamboo is a primary food source for giant pandas, the species used for bamboo toilet paper (typically Moso bamboo) is different from the bamboo species consumed by pandas, so using bamboo toilet paper does not directly impact panda habitats or diets.

A Giant Panda Eating Bamboo

What can bamboo be used for?

As such a versatile material and plant, bamboo can be used for a number of things - from everyday stuff like bamboo toilet paper, bamboo cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes, and bamboo straws, to bigger things like furniture and even building materials. It's strong, long-lasting, and best of all, it's kind to the environment, which is why it's such a popular choice for eco-conscious products.

Final thoughts on why bamboo toilet paper is so great

From where it's made in China to the inner roll switcheroo, every step screams "Sustainability!" in a world that could use more of it. So, next time you grab bamboo toilet paper, remember it's not just paper; it's a tiny mindful choice. It's proof that even the smallest choices can make a big difference in saving our planet. One roll at a time, we're on the right path!

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