Toilet paper in stock

Toilet paper in stock

13 May 2020

Bamboo toilet paper

Bamboo toilet paper is toilet paper made from, you guessed it, bamboo. Conventional toilet paper is made from a mix of hard and softwoods, which means cutting down trees (boo!). Bamboo is a highly sustainable material that can be harvested again and again once it reaches maturity.

Actually a type of grass, it grows so fast some people say you can actually watch it grow!

Toilet paper price comparison

Our Bamboo Toilet Paper is €1.125 a roll and each roll has 350 sheets, so each sheet costs €0.003. Its 3-ply softness and natural antibacterial properties make it premium quality. The cost per sheet is lower than any toilet paper in the supermarket and will last a family of four around two-and-a-half months.

Home delivery toilet paper

Our Bamboo Toilet Paper is delivered to your door and all shipments are climate compensated and packaged in our Cradle-to-Cradle certified Stone Paper Packaging.

How do we make our bamboo toilet paper?

First of all, we needed to find a bamboo supplier that farms sustainably on land that hasn’t been deforested for the purpose. Once the bamboo has been grown and harvested, the process of making it into toilet paper is straightforward and clean. Bamboo plants are first turned into pulp and then pressed into paper in giant-size rolls. These are later divided into small rolls for smaller creatures like us. This process requires no bleach or chemical agents, and wastewater is taken care of in a closed-loop system.

Eco-friendly toilet paper

Bamboo toilet paper is much more eco-friendly than wood-based alternatives. First off, growing and harvesting bamboo is much gentler on the environment. Bamboo grows quickly, can be re-harvested year on year, requires less land and water than trees, and no pesticides or added nutrients are needed. It also absorbs twice the amount of carbon as trees and produces 30% more oxygen.

The process of turning the bamboo plant into toilet paper is also much cleaner. Producing regular wood-pulp toilet paper requires large amounts of water, and polluting chemicals such as chlorine are used as a whitener and to make the paper softer. In contrast, our Bamboo Toilet Paper uses minimal water in a closed-loop system with no chemicals or bleaching agents.

Is Bamboo toilet paper compostable?

Yes, our bamboo toilet paper is 100% compostable.
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