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Agood Recommends: The Best Second Hand and Rental Marketplaces

16 Nov 2023

Sometimes it’s necessary to buy something new but, as so much stuff already exists in the world (fun fact: it’s predicted that man-made mass now outweighs all life), it’s often more economical, and certainly better for the environment, to buy second hand or rent something instead. Alternatively, you might want to sell or rent something out to make some coin.

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List of secondhand and rental marketplaces for sustainable shopping

Either way, here are our favourite used/pre-loved/vintage and rental apps.


One for fashion lovers, Vinted began in 2008 when the founder was moving house and wanted to offload some clothes. She must have had a lot because she created a website to do so. Things snowballed from there and Vinted now operates in eleven countries, where you can pick up anything from coats to wedding dresses.

What we like: wide and varied selection.


Secondhand Clothes


Another one for fashionistas, Depop (app only) started in London and has since expanded to the US and Australia. It began life as a social network where readers could buy clothes featured in a youth culture magazine. As you’ll see, it’s focused around streetwear: think Balenciaga, North Face and the like (the majority of users are under 26). You can also purchase accessories like phone cases too.

What we like: the opportunity to pick up some ‘on fleek’ style bargains.



Freecycle is a non-profit platform where it’s possible to pick up furniture, baby clothes, craft supplies, books and much more. The way it works is you join up to five local groups and trade in accordance with their processes.

What we like: some free gems available, non-profit.



Craiglist began life as a site promoting local events before expanding out into other categories such as jobs and dating. It’s possible to buy, sell and ‘barter’ or trade things on there as well. A famous example of the latter is the man who started with a red paperclip and, after 14 trades, ended up with a house.

What we like: could swap a paperclip for a house.


Fat Llama

An interesting name certainly! Fat Llama is a slick app that allows you to rent, or rent-out, anything from cameras to sewing machines to furniture. They cover all items up to £25,000 via a guarantee, so there’s only the inconvenience if something is lost, broken or stolen.

What we like: the saviour of many a photoshoot.



Shpock, meaning “shop in your pocket”, is a nice looking online marketplace that’s popular in Europe and the UK, particularly Germany. There’s good variation, catering for everything from power tools to property to catering services.

What we like: easy to get going.



The choice can be a bit overwhelming, and then there’s keeping track of your bids, but it’s still the king of secondhand marketplaces with a much-improved interface and UX compared to back in the day.

What we like: trustworthy seller ratings.


eBay Marketplace


Gumtree goes beyond material goods and can be used to find jobs, spare rooms and even shop rentals. Go on for a microwave, end up opening cafe and joining a football team.

What we like: Great variety.



One for the music heads. Discogs is frequented by music lovers to buy and sell music, particularly rare vinyl. Some of the prices will shock you, but you’ll still be tempted.

What we like: the chance to pick up some rare cuts.


Why choose secondhand shops?

In a world where consumption often leads to excessive waste and environmental strain, opting for secondhand shops can bring about numerous benefits. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider buying from these sustainable marketplaces.

Environmental consciousness

Choosing secondhand items is a great way to help the environment. Buying them contributes to a circular economy by extending the lifespan of products and reducing the need for new production. This helps lower the overall carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and transportation.

Fast Fashion Concept

Economic savings

Secondhand shops are like treasure troves where you can find amazing deals, offering items at a fraction of the cost you'd pay for brand-new things. This not only means you get quality goods without breaking the bank but also leaves more money in your pocket for other important things in life. So, why spend more when you can enjoy both affordability and value through the budget-friendly wonders of secondhand shopping?

Unique finds and vintage treasures

Secondhand shops often boast a diverse and unique inventory. Whether it's vintage clothing, rare vinyl records, or antique furniture, these shops provide an opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind items that stand out from mass-produced alternatives. The joy of stumbling upon unexpected gems adds an element of adventure to the shopping process.

Conscious consumerism

Shopping secondhand encourages a shift towards mindful and conscious consumerism. It means thinking carefully about what you buy, understanding its real value and whether you really need it. This way, you avoid buying things on a whim and keep from collecting stuff you don't really use. It's all about shopping in a way that really matters.

Less landfill waste

By choosing second hand, you actively participate in reducing landfill waste. Each time you buy a secondhand item, you're doing your part to make sure less stuff goes into big garbage piles. It's a nice way to fight against the idea of using things once and throwing them away. So, when you go secondhand, you're basically saying, "Hey, I care about a greener, better future for all of us!"

Landfill Waste

Final thoughts

There you go, that pretty much covers everything! Buying secondhand can take a little longer but it’s possible to pick up some real bargains. Also, to keep stuff to a minimum, why not rent instead?

Besides, buying from secondhand shops aligns with eco-friendly practices, offers economic advantages, and adds a touch of individuality to your purchases. So, the next time you're in need of something new, consider the rich and sustainable options available in the vibrant world of secondhand shopping.

Do you have any favourites you’d like to share? Hit us up at [email protected].

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