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The Benefits of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

17 Aug 2023

Did you know that 91.04% of people in the world have a phone? Now, imagine over 6 billion people using plastic phone cases and plastic phone protectors for their devices. Our environment does not need more plastics. There are other powerful materials, that are more sustainable, and better for our phones and our planet. This article will introduce you to the benefits of tempered glass screen protectors. There are plenty of benefits and tempered glass is our first choice when it comes to protecting the phone screens.

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What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a toughened version of annealed glass. The glass is heated in high temperatures, up to 620 degrees Celsius. After this, the glass is cooled down almost immediately to stop the heating process.

The result is tempered glass that is much more resistant to cracks and dents. For example, even if you hit it with a hammer it will not break as it is made from REPRTCT™ material. Its popular uses are shower doors and balcony doors. Another great use of tempered glass is screen protection.

iPhone Screen Protector from agood company
Double Tempered Screen Protector Specs

Tempered glass screen protector is easy to install

One of the greatest benefits of using tempered glass screen protectors is easy installation. With the installation of plastic screen protectors, one wrong step can lead to bubble creation. Then you would most likely need a new screen protector if the bubbles are preventing watching the screen. 

With tempered glass, this is not the case. The glass is extremely easy to apply and does not cause bubbles. So, you can apply it on your own, without taking it to a store, for example. 

Tempered glass screen protectors are recyclable

Another fantastic benefit of using these screen protectors is that they are great for the environment. The glass is recycled, and once you finish using it, you can recycle it again in our recycled glass factory. Recyclers collect glass in matching colours, often clear, brown, and green. The glass is cleaned of impurities and melted together for the tempering process.

Tempered glass is harder than annealed glass, and the glass used for agood screen protectors is three times tempered before the final product is made. This means that such a product should be your first choice when it comes to screen protection.

agood company Screen Protector

Pairing the eco-friendly screen protector with eco-friendly mobile cases is a fantastic thing to do for the environment. Choose among plenty of plant-based iPhone14 phone cases, iPhone 13 phone cases and others, and sleep better at night.

It is shatterproof

It may sound counterproductive to protect your screen with glass. When it breaks, glass shatters and leaves you with sharp debris that you need to clean up and avoid at all costs. But this is not the case with tempered glass. Due to the heating process, it goes through, even if this material breaks it will break in granular chunks.

This means that there will be no sharp pieces flying around. It is virtually impossible to get a cut from this type of debris. It is yet another reason why tempered glass screen protectors are a popular choice for your phones.

It is extremely hard to damage it

As we already mentioned, even if you hit the glass with a hammer it probably won`t break. Similarly, if you scratch it with a knife it will not leave any mark on it. The reason for this is that tempered glass is a hard material that is almost impossible to dent, damage, or break.

Plastic protectors are usually 0.1 mm thick. This is thin, and they are more prone to damage to the protector and your phone as well. The tempered glass protectors are between 0.3 and 0.5 mm thick. This makes them your perfect companion in protecting the screen of your phone.

Tempered glass is super responsive

If you are worried about whether responsiveness is affected by these protectors, there is no need to be. The tempered glass screen protectors are super responsive. It will be easy for you to touch any option on your phone, dial, message, take photos, and write emails.

Your fingers will run smoothly over the surface allowing you to swiftly operate and manage your phone. We know how important it is to use your phone for business as well as for pleasure. Our primary goal is to make it easier for you to use it.

Fit perfectly with our plant-based phone cases

That is why we created this bundle of products offering full protection to your device. The phone case and screen protection bundle will keep your device completely safe. When you purchase these items together, you'll also receive a bonus multi-charging cable. This way, you can give your device the protection it needs while ensuring it stays charged up easily.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Thin and Durable
Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatibility

The light transmission is great

Switching to a new type of screen protector arises many questions, and this is normal. If you are wondering whether the image you are seeing on the phone will be distorted, the answer is no. The light transmission is 98%, which means you will be able to see all the original colours. You will not have to give up on anything when changing the material for your screen protection. Quite the contrary, you will gain much by including this fantastic material in your daily life.

Full-screen coverage

Unlike plastic screen protectors, these protectors offer full-screen coverage. This minimizes the possible damage to your phone. Wouldn`t it be great to stop overthinking about dents and scratches to your phone, and just relax? If there is no full-screen coverage, the exposed part of the screen is prone to damage. It is enough to accidentally drop your phone, or spill water over it to risk your screen quality. Having full-screen coverage saves you money, as the entire screen is covered, and damage minimized.

Cleaning is easier

Cleaning your phone is an everyday activity, just like brushing your teeth. After a long day of work, school, or even pool, we need to clean the phone from bacteria. Cleaning tempered glass is endlessly easier than cleaning plastic. The feeling is different, as the surface is smoother and more grateful for cleaning. You can use anti-bacterial wipes, or alcohol to wipe the surface clean, and you will be able to enjoy your phone again within seconds. The glass material will prevent the fingertip marks from creating on the screen, leaving you with a clean surface.

Cleaning Tempered Glass Screen Protector is Easy

You can use it on your new phone as well

Nowadays, changing the phone almost always includes changing the screen protector. This is why it is important to get familiar with iPhone case compatibility before buying a new phone screen protector. While you will perhaps need to change your iPhone 12 phone cases or iPhone 13 phone cases, you won`t need to change the screen protector. The tempered glass is made to fit most phone brands, so if you switch from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13, you can still use the same screen protector.

Tempered glass screen protectors are durable

The combined features such as easy installation, thickness, hard surface, and high-quality material make this type of phone protector extremely durable. Even when you stop using the screen protector you can recycle it. Another option is to sell it or gift it to someone because it can serve someone a lifetime if it does not break in the meantime.

Final word

There are numerous benefits to using tempered glass screen protectors. However, it is worth pointing out that you should always be careful when using your phone. Avoid drinking over it, and carrying it in your pocket so that it can easily get wet or fall to the floor.

Did you know that by buying agood plant-based phone cases you are also helping protect women`s education? Buying a phone case from us helps us fund three years of education for 10,000 women. Protecting the environment with eco-friendly products and making this world a better place for everyone is our mission.

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