Sustainable Gifts for Her this International Women's Day

Sustainable Gifts for Her this International Women's Day

21 Feb 2024

International Women`s Day is just around the corner, and it is time to think about what to gift your wife, girlfriend, mother, or neighbour. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bouquet, we can always do better, and by better we mean more sustainable. Whenever you shop for a gift, think about whether it can be recycled, composted, or donated after use.

This article will explore different sustainable gift ideas for her this International Women`s Day. Our planet, just like all women requires care, dedication, and proper choices made by all of us.

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History of the International Women`s Day

The year 1911 marks the first year when International Women`s Day was celebrated on March, 8th. Women have been fighting for their rights, equal pay, their right to go to schools and universities and become politicians or businesswomen.

The fight is far from being over, women around the world continue with their efforts to have equal rights as men. This date should not be celebrated with a simple flower bouquet, because everyone deserves the right to work, study, be paid, and make their own life choices.

Stone paper journal 

With deforestation being a growing global issue, we suggest that you stop using paper made of tree pulp. Your significant other will adore a stone paper journal that she can use both for work and personal matters, without cutting down a single tree. This type of paper-like material does not require bleach, excess water, or toxic materials.

The journal is made from limestone, which is why the pages are waterproof and tear-resistant. Who would have thought that limestone has the potential to solve deforestation? And the softness of the faux-skin cover will amaze anyone who uses the journal.

Beige Pen Eco-Friendly
Stone Paper Journal as Perfect Gift for International Women's Day
Eco-Friendly Pen and Refill

Pair the journal with either a grass pen or a grass pencil, depending on what she prefers for an even better eco-friendly experience.

Plant-based phone case

If you want a sustainable gift that she will use daily, a plant-based phone case is exactly what you are looking for. They are available for most iPhone and Samsung mobile phones.

These eco-friendly mobile phone cases come in many different colours and designs that you can choose from. The product will even come in stone paper packaging, as sustainable products do not come covered in plastic.

They are made from locally sourced flax and hemp, and are plastic-free. You will be glad to know that they are compostable, yet perfect for everyday drop protection.

No Plastic Phone Case Vista Blue

When she wishes to buy a new phone case, she can use agood loop™ system. It works in a way that the product is returned, we make a new product to enhance the circular economy, and we give you a discount on your next purchase.


The long-awaited sustainable jewellery is finally here. Whether you want an astonishing gold pendant necklace or the finest stud earrings, there is no room for a mistake. Any piece of jewellery that you choose will be a perfect gift for her for International Women`s Day.

The Lunal James jewellery collection is stylish proof that jewellery can be sustainable and fabulous.

This jewellery collection is handmade in London and meant to be worn every day, in any occasion. The ring, necklace, or earrings will complement her look in a unique, stylish way that is in harmony with nature.

Sustaianble Jewelry by Lunar James
Lunar James Jewelry for International Women's Day

Body lotion

Buying a sustainable body lotion, that comes in eco-friendly packaging, and even has a climate-positive label sounds too good to be true, right? Luckily, this is a reality, and you can surprise her with this fantastic body lotion.

The lotion is made from fig extract, bergamot and grapefruit, and has a natural vitamin E that her skin will love. It comes in completely recyclable aluminium packaging. At the same time, the label is made from limestone, just like the journal we mentioned above.

Only a small amount is enough to make skin shine and rehydrate. This is an excellent sustainable gift idea, as we can guarantee that every woman will absolutely like it.

Fashion bags

"I have enough fashion bags", said no woman never. And while ordinary fashion bags are both useful and great-looking, sustainable fashion bags are all of this and much more.

Made from either regenerated nylon fibre or non-leather material which is called MIRUM, you can rest assured that these bags are plastic-free. Choose among the weekender bag for overnight stays, a tote bag for everyday use or a handbag that your loved one will wear in the evening.

Eco-Friendly Women's Tote Bag Willow
Woman With a Sustainable Tote Bag

These eco-friendly bags are durable and recyclable. And remember, you can always donate it or gift it to someone else after a few years of usage. The goal is to create less waste, and truly use the items that we have.


Sustainable sunglasses with 100% UV protection are kind to our eyes and to nature. If you want to gift them to your wife or girlfriend for International Women`s Day we suggest you let her choose the shape that will fit her perfectly.

The frame is made from sustainable bio-acetate, whereas the colours are plant-based and intended for wood and acetate. They are suitable for both men and women so you can get yourself a pair as well. These eco-conscious sunglasses are recyclable, and also a part of agood loop™, so there is no polluting the environment during or after wearing them.

Golden Framed Sunglass, Luna Gold
Woman With Sustainable Sunglasses


The gift that can be reused countless times, donated, gifted again, borrowed, and finally recycled is a book. Find out who is the favourite author of your wife or girlfriend, or even better gift them with a book from your favourite author to find out whether you are on the same page when it comes to books.

If you would not like to choose and make a mistake, you can always go to a bookstore and get a voucher that she can use anytime. This is also a great gift for your mother, grandmother, or a dear colleague.

Potted plant

Buying a bouquet feel is a traditional way to celebrate International Women`s Day. But, in reality, it is not quite sustainable. The cut-off flowers will wither within a few days, and the fact that they are wrapped in foil and colourful, toxic material does not help either.

That is why, buying a potted plant is a spot-on decision. All you need to do is choose a plant that does not require a lot of care and skill to flourish. With a little bit of care, the potted plant will last for years and years. And the woman you gave it to will always remember this, whereas the bouquet will soon be forgotten.

Thermal bottle 

A thermal bottle is a great gift for your colleague or someone you know who drinks plenty of water during the day from plastic cups. Celebrate this International Women`s Day by changing this nasty habit, and turning it into a sustainable one with a recycled steel thermal bottle.

White Stainless Steel Bottle Reusable
Close Up Look at agood company Bottle

The bottle will not retain any flavour, so it is safe to fill it with coffee, juice, or tea. It is dishwasher friendly, so just throw it in the dishwasher after the end of a long day, and use it again and again for decades to come.

Healthy chocolate

Chocolate is a perfect gift for any occasion, and International Women`s Day is no exception. You will not make a mistake when buying several bars of Seed and Bean chocolate, as their sustainability levels are really high.

The chocolates are made from completely organic ingredients that provide a higher nutritive value and a better taste as well. They also come in wrappers that you can compost in your compost bin. Yes, you heard that right, the wrappers are so sustainable that you can compost them at home. Of course, you can also recycle them if you don`t use a compost bin yet.

Choose any from the many flavours offered, and rest assured that she will enjoy the taste of eco-friendly chocolate.

Romantic getaway

You may wonder whether a romantic getaway can be sustainable. Perhaps not entirely yet, but there are so many things you can do to make it more sustainable. One of those ways is learning about carbon offset programs and using them to minimize the effect of the carbon emissions you create during your flight, for example. In this way, you can choose a little bit further location and travel via plane without hesitation.

Final word

The art of sustainable gifting is on the rise. With smart, eco-friendly choices of products we dictate the product marketplace, and we can make the world a greener place. Don`t buy plastic or toxic products that will go straight to trash bin, and from there into our water, air, and land. Join us in marking this special day by choosing eco-conscious products for the most special women in your life.

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