Stone Paper Supplier

Stone Paper Supplier

30 Jan 2023


Our mission is to encourage people to move away from mindless consumerism and empower them to take a more conscientious approach to consumption. We focus on developing quality everyday items that last. All of our products are produced, packaged and delivered in the most sustainable and transparent way possible.

When we decided we wanted to produce our range of pocketbooks, journals, notepads and sketchbooks, we ran some figures and it was obvious that stone paper is a more sustainable alternative to the regular pulp-based paper.

What is Stone Paper

Actually a 2000-year-old concept, our modernised version is made from 100% recycled materials- the offcuts from limestone and marble quarries combined with a small amount of recycled plastic.

In short, the stone is first ground into a fine powder, then combined with a small amount of recycled HDPE and made into paper. No trees are chopped down, no water is used, and no pollutants such as acid or bleach are needed. It’s as clean a manufacturing process as anyone could ask for and therefore Cradle 2 Cradle certified. Added bonus- stone paper is also beautiful to write on, waterproof and tearproof.

Our Stone Paper Supplier

As part of our process, we undertake a thorough evaluation of every supplier we partner with. We work against a set of criteria, both quantitative and qualitative, that includes environmental practices and treatment of workers. Following extensive research, our sourcing team located a factory in the historical city of Tainan, Taiwan that shares the same values as us.

The factory is the brainchild of a Taiwanese entrepreneur, engineer and inventor. His skills, passion and hard work over two decades led to him developing the special manufacturing method described above, including the machinery, and the facility runs completely on solar power. They produce our specially developed packaging too, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Also, in case you were wondering, we climate compensate all the shipping and transportation-related emissions.

Printing on stone paper

Stone paper cannot be printed on with regular inkjet ink, so we had to find another solution. Enter soy ink. Produced as a byproduct of soybean farming, soy ink is popular in Asia and increasingly in the West as a more sustainable alternative to petroleum-based inks. No extra crops need to be grown and nothing needs to be extracted from the ground. Other benefits include increased clarity, greater economy and easier recycling. For us, it was an easy choice.

We can customize your order by printing a name or logo in vibrant soy ink, check out the customization options for corporate gifting here.

Custom Design Stone Paper Stationery

Our choice of supplier allows for any number of customizations. For larger orders of 500 units or more we can be flexible on colouring, as well as the amount of pages, perforation and embossing/debossing to make your choice unique to you.

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Anders Ankarlid

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