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Samsung Galaxy Cases: Sizes & Compatibility Guide

29 Sep 2023

Making a decision on which phone case to get for your new Samsung Galaxy model is not easy. The case must be durable, it has to be of great design, offer impeccable protection, and fit your phone perfectly. If you already have such a case, you may wonder if you can use it on a different Samsung Galaxy model.

This article will compare the sizes of the latest Samsung Galaxy Series, and offer a solution for a perfect phone case for your phone. Let us take a look at the dimensions of the S20, S21, and S22 series.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 dimensions

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series, which was released in March 2020, includes several models - the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. These smartphones are known for their sleek designs and impressive features. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series have the following dimensions:

Model Height Width Depth
Samsung S20 151.7 mm 69.1 mm 7.9 mm
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 161.9 mm 73.7 mm 7.8 mm
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 166.9 mm 76 mm 8.8 mm


Samsung Galaxy S21 dimensions

Released in January 2021, the Samsung Galaxy S21 brought several notable improvements compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20. The main differences lie in their camera setups, weight, and pixel density, with the S21 being slightly heavier and having a lower pixel density than the S20. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series have the following dimensions:

Model Height Width Depth
Samsung S21 150.1 mm 70.1 mm 7.9 mm
Samsung S21 Plus 161.5 mm 75.6 mm 7.8 mm
Samsung S21 Ultra 165.1 mm 75.6 mm 8.9 mm
Samsung S21 FE 5G 155.7 mm 74.5 mm 7.9 mm


Samsung Galaxy S22 dimensions

The Galaxy S22 phones offer improved performance, longer battery life, and great cameras compared to the previous S21 models. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series have the following dimensions:

Model Height Width Depth
Samsung S22 146 mm 70.6 mm 7.6 mm
Samsung S22 Plus 157.4 mm 75.8 mm 7.6 mm
Samsung S22 Ultra 163.3 mm 77.9 mm 8.9 mm


As we can see, the dimensions between these models greatly differ. It is not possible to use a single case interchangeably. And the same goes for other series and other models. The dimensions and physical features of the series prevent you from using the same case on different models.

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Should you use the same Samsung case on different models?

Sometimes the difference in model size is not that great, and you can try to use the same case on different models. However, we do not suggest this as you risk damaging both your phone and the case as well. A well-designed case made specifically for your phone model will perfectly fit the edges and prevent the device from falling out or dirt getting into it. Our suggestion is to choose an eco-friendly phone case made specifically for your phone model.

Samsung Charcoal Black Compostable Phone Case
Compostable Vanilla White Samsung S20 Phone Case

Make a healthy choice today for a better future

When you purchase your favorite Samsung Galaxy model, choose the case that will protect both your phone and the environment. An eco-friendly Samsung S20 mobile case will go a long way in ensuring high safety levels for your favorite device. Eco-friendly phone cases are here to stay. With innovative technology and virtually no negative impact on the environment, the healthy choice is easy to make.

What are the best eco-friendly Samsung cases for your phone?

Samsung Galaxy series are among the best in the world when it comes to efficiency, and design. It is only natural that the case you have for your phone matches the same level of sophistication.

Biodegradable Samsung S21 cases will amaze you, as they are durable, and come in many colors. Express your personality by choosing among the charcoal black, blueberry blue, teal blush and many other colors. And even when you switch to a new model, this case will biodegrade without leaking any toxic elements into our water or air.

Charcoal Black No Plastic Samsung S21 Compostable Phone Case
Vanilla White No Plastic Samsung S21 Phone Case

Our sustainable Samsung S22 Plus case is plant-based, just like all the cases we produce. Fall in love with colors such as vanilla white, colour splash, grass green, or dusty pink. You can do so without any guilt, as the colors are natural and eco-friendly.

Samsung S22 Plus Compostable Case
Eco-Friendly Samsung S22 Plus Phone Case

Compostable Samsung S22 Ultra cases and all the other cases are made from blend of renewable sources including hemp, flax, cellulose and PLA, combined with biodegradable PBAT. This means that the production and creation of these eco-friendly cases is closely monitored and controlled for best results. Compostable Samsung phone cases protect the environment in the most beautiful colors and designs. Choose among the ultramarine green, earth brown, pomegranate red, or any other color and design and feel proud for making a healthy choice.

Blueberry Blue Compostable Samsung S22 Ultra Phone Case
Dusty Pink Eco-Friendly Samsung S22 Ultra Phone Case

Do flip and fold Samsung series have eco-friendly phone cases?

The answer is absolutely yes. While plastic was the most common choice due to its efficiency, we have created a plant-based flip and fold cases as well. For example, biodegradable Samsung Fold cases will perfectly support your phone model and protect it from any damage, scratch, or dent. On the other hand, the flip models do not fall behind, as they have amazing eco-friendly Samsung flip cases.

Samsung Flip Mint Green Made from Plants Phone Case
Made from Plants Charcoal Black Samsung Fold Case

Eco-friendly phone cases promote circular economy

Finally, purchasing an eco-friendly phone case opens a path to the agood loop™. This means that when you buy a plant-based case, and when you stop using it, you don`t have to throw it away. Instead, we will recycle it and use it again, and give you a discount on your next purchase. Saving the planet is our favorite mission and agood loop™ is one of the best ways to promote healthier purchasing options.

Final word

While the phone cases for Samsung Galaxy series are not compatible with each other, there are great options to choose from when it comes to purchasing eco-friendly cases. The best case will protect your phone, but also encourage circular economy, biodegrade, and be 100% recyclable. Sustainable phone cases are the best option for your Samsung Galaxy phone model. Perhaps new models will be compatible in size, but until that happens remember that each model should have its own case.

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