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Recycle Week 2023: 15 Items You Didn`t Know You Could Recycle

11 Oct 2023

As the recycle week this year is approaching it is important to get familiar with all the different items we can recycle. Most of the time we are not aware of the immense recycling potential there is all around us. There is a growing number of recycling programs for all kinds of items. As technology is advancing we are walking towards a future in which most of the items will be recycled.

This article will present you with the items you didn`t know you could recycle and also with some better purchasing options. We, now, have the option to choose between eco-friendly products and plastic products which harm the environment. The choice is ours.

Recycling at Home

Running Shoes

Have your favourite running shoes run their last mile? If you do not feel comfortable running in them, or any piece of them has torn apart, the time has come for a new pair. However, the old ones can still serve a purpose, as there is a rising number of recycling campaigns for running shoes. 

Nike`s Reuse-A-Shoe, or Recycle My Run campaign from the Runners Need, allows you to recycle your running shoes at any drop-off location safely.

Plastic bags

It seems like every household has a bunch of plastic bags at all times. Luckily, we can recycle them and make this world a healthier place to live in. Take all of your plastic bags, bread bags, frozen food bags, and dry cleaning bags and head straight to any major supermarket, such as Sainsbury`s. You will find a collection point to ditch the excess plastic from your home. Recycling and reusing plastic items at our home is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. There are so many reasons to prevent and reduce plastic pollution in the world.

Don't Forget to Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles

Mobile phones

Changing a mobile phone to a newer model is an excellent recycling opportunity. Don`t let your old phone end up forgotten in some drawer of your home. Envirofone company will take your old, broken, or damaged phone and pay you for it.

If you own an iPhone, you should know that Apple will happily accept your old phone, and all of the Apple accessories you have and recycle them. Your reward is knowing that you have made the right decision for the greener planet, but also in the form of an Apple Store Gift Card. It is a win-win situation, so gather all of your old phones and take them to be recycled.


Are you planning to move houses anytime soon, or simply want to buy a new carpet? Donating, or selling the carpet is certainly an option. But if it is old and not that good-looking, recycling is the best option. Check out the Carpet Recycling UK website for more information. While is it a rather complex process to recycle a carpet as it has different materials, it is certainly not impossible. They shouldn`t end up in landfills as they can be recycled and reused over and over again.


Did you know that over 100 million crayons get thrown away each year, in the UK alone? If you or your kids love painting with them, remember not to throw them away. Send them to Moray Melts and they will do everything to prolong the life of crayons, thus protecting the environment. When toxic materials are left in the landfills they eventually end up in our water and air. Luckily, we can delay, postpone, and prevent this by recycling products we use daily.

Wax Crayons Can Be Recycled


If you are not using bikes for recreation or as a way to get to and from work, we highly suggest you do it. Riding a bike is an eco-friendly way to avoid cars and public transport, and is extremely beneficial for your health.

Shampoo and detergent bottles

With a home recycling bin, you can do wonders for our environment. From the comfort of your own home, you can recycle items such as shampoo and detergent bottles. Don`t stop there, but recycle empty aerosol cans, plastic bottle tops, and coat hangers if you have any. The benefits of recycling are plentiful and each recycled item counts as it makes the environment a little bit less polluted. Whenever you buy a new shampoo bottle, remember to recycle the old one. It is the small steps that count, and that pile up to something greater than ourselves.

Phone cases 

Usually, phone cases are made of several different materials such as plastic and silicone, but there are plant-based mobile cases that can be recycled easily. The plant-based phone cases are made from locally grown flax and hemp, and we can recycle them up to 7 times. Use the agood loop program to gain discounts and save the planet.

No Plastic Black Phone Case
Made from Plants Eco-Friendly Phone Case

Whenever you decide to buy a new Android or iPhone model, chances are you will need a new case for it. Learn what to do with your old mobile case, and start with eco-friendly purchases that don`t harm the environment.

Bamboo toilet paper

Unbleached toilet paper that contains no scent or dyes is perfect for paper recycling. Bamboo is the material of the present and future. It is sustainably grown and the paper made of it is antibacterial. Choosing healthier and more eco-friendly materials is the beginning of a green era. It makes recycling and upcycling much easier, and therefore the environment a better place to live in.


You never have to throw away any toothbrush again, thanks to great recycling programs. We have been taught to change our toothbrushes every two or three months, which can add up to 6 toothbrushes a year per person. These toothbrushes should not end up in landfills.

We recommend using bamboo toothbrushes that are easily reused, recycled and repurposed. With wiser choices comes a greater responsibility to take care of ourselves, and our planet.

Disposable coffee cups

Did you know that less than 1 % of disposable coffee cups are recycled in the UK? This number is devastating, knowing the fact that we use around seven million of these cups every single day. This is one of those products you might think are recyclable but they aren`t. While they cannot completely recycle, you can take them to Costa Coffee, or McDonald's and they will recycle it. Creating a small, yet effective habit of recycling will take out the burden from the landfills. Every single step towards a greener future counts. This is why you may decide to buy a reusable coffee cup.

Disposable Coffee Cups Can Be Recycled

CD`s and DVD`s

These items have long been a thing of the past. However, it is more than likely that we have dozens of them stored somewhere in our house collecting dust. Luckily, we can recycle them easily by sending them to Retro Plastic Ltd. If you are not using them, keep one CD or DVD just as a souvenir. And send The rest of them to the recycling centre where they will properly recycle them without harming the environment. We need to recycle more to become one of the countries that recycle most, as currently we are not among them.


Isn`t it great that you can safely recycle the lipstick you never truly loved, the expired powder, or the overused brush? It is possible to recycle makeup thanks to the rising consciousness of different makeup brands such as MAC and The Body Shop. Find the drop-off location throughout the country that is near you and get rid of the makeup you no longer want or need.

Cigarette butts

If you are smoking in the streets of the UK, make sure to place the cigarette butts in the specialized bins for them. Recycling of these items has never been easier as there are also specialized programs such as the Cigarette Waste Recycling Scheme. More and more items are becoming recyclable with each new day, and we should embrace this. Only a change in our lifestyle will bring us the desired results and that is a healthier environment.


There is nothing better than recycling or doing upcycling projects with clothing you used to wear. If you buy a piece of clothing from agood company, you will always be able to send it back so that we can recycle them. Don`t forget about giving the clothes to someone if they are in good condition. Also, when buying clothes, buy high-quality pieces made of natural materials so that can last longer and recycle better.

Grey T-Shirt Recycled Cotton agood company
agood company circular fashion GIF
Recycled Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt agood company
Recycle your phone case or clothing through agood loop


Final word

More and more items can be recycled and there will be even more of this in the future. Reusing, repurposing, and recycling are the three things we should start doing on a daily basis with all the items we possess. Learn how to reuse plastic at home in a few easy steps. Make it a habit to recycle items that are no longer functioning. Make the world a better place with less garbage and wise shopping habits.

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