Phone case trends 2020

Phone case trends 2020

13 May 2020

What are the trends for phone cases in 2020?

As phone cases continue to evolve with the needs of humanity, increasingly environmental considerations need to be factored into purchasing decisions.


The question about what happens to your phone case when you no longer need it. Can the components be easily reused and made into something new? That is the ideal scenario.

Reduce plastic

To make plastic, non-sustainable fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas are first extracted from underground and then refined in a process called cracking. It's an energy-intensive and polluting process. Plastic also takes hundreds of years to decompose and ends up literally everywhere, even inside you! It’s just yucky, so trying to minimize plastic in everyday products such as phone cases is a necessity.

Reduce distance of travel

Often raw materials have to be shipped thousands of miles to the factory (as is the case with a lot of cases manufactured in China) and then shipped thousands of miles back to customers, doubling the environmental cost. Therefore buying and producing locally is a growing trend.

How they’re shipped

Even if distances are minimised, delivery incurs an environmental cost. As such low impact, climate compensated shipping solutions are becoming the norm.

How they’re packaged

Often products are packaged in excessive amounts of material that can do as much if not more damage to the environment than the product itself. We’ve all seen the harrowing pictures of sea animals trapped in ring pulls. So, environmentally friendly packaging solutions are important too.


When choosing a new case for your phone, we recommend taking into consideration all of the above in addition to the normal considerations such as protective capabilities and features.

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