Notebook Sizes

Notebook Sizes

30 Jan 2023

We hate to be the ones to break it to you . . . but size matters. No matter what anyone says to the contrary, size is an important thing, even for notebooks. However, size isn’t anything to be ashamed of or braggadocious about. It’s just that things that are sized for the task at hand make doing that task all the more enjoyable and a heck of a lot easier.

Just so we’re clear, we’re talking about notebook sizes here. If you’re thinking of something else, get your mind out of the gutter (or open another tab and go down whatever rabbit hole you want).

The cut of our jib

Our notebooks, pocket diaries, and sketchbooks use European sizing. So for those of you in the Western Hemisphere or the Philippines using a different system, our products may feel a bit more snug around the waist. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of space to write.

In this sizing system, the smaller sizes and the larger sizes are all related. Those unfamiliar can probably guess by looking at the diagram how this works; fold A3 in half and it becomes A4, fold it again and it’s A5. Clever right?

This is especially convenient if you need to scale from one size to another since you don’t have to change the aspect ratio of the content.

An A4 size piece of paper is equivalent to Letter sized documents. A US Letter is about an inch shorter and half an inch wider than an A4 letter. Both are good sizes.

A4 Sketchbook

With that out of the way, let us introduce our A4 sketchbook. Have you ever sketched on stone paper? The texture is similar to a very fine eggshell and the color is incredibly bright white - without using all the bleaches and chemical brighteners that wood pulp paper requires. Did we mention that our paper is actually made from stone instead of trees? We use the tailings from marble quarries and grind them into a fine powder to make our paper. A lot of chemicals and energy are used to make normal paper products. Ours are made in a solar-powered factory.

But getting back to using our sketchpad. Writing or drawing in it simply improves upon the experience you probably already enjoy. For one thing, if you’re outside sketching a landscape study and it starts raining, the paper (and your work) will be absolutely fine. Stone paper is waterproof!

It’s also quite durable and tear-resistant. Not only will your work survive a flood, but even after a biblical event like a plague of insects and you’ll find your sketches and drawings just how you left them. When’s the last time you saw a bug munching on stone?

We’d rather not use apocalypse survivability as a selling point though. That’s why all our stationery products are climate positive, climate compensated, and in partnership with WeForest a tree is planted in Zambia with each order. A great companion to have for all your artistic explorations - that also helps the Earth.

A5 Notebooks

Half the size of our sketchbook, our A5 notebooks are handsome looking journals that come in a variety of colors with pages made from stone paper as well. Once you've held one, you’ll inevitably conclude that it's a perfect size for keeping a journal or taking notes out in the field.

Do you an experiment in the lab or the kitchen? We noted that stone paper is waterproof but we didn't mention that it is also not bothered by grease. Nor does it smolder like pulp paper. An errant spark might leave a mark or two but fire shouldn't spread. Just wash dirty pages with soap and water and the notes you've taken or the recipe that you're working on should be A-OK.

A6 Pocket Diaries

Our smallest notebook can fit comfortably in your pocket, hence the name. We gave them an extra thick yet flexible cover that fantastically durable - so that even if it’s in a pocket you happen to be sitting on it will be quite alright.

We kind of have a thing for these cute little guys. They’re really convenient to have around - one of the reasons we sell them in packages of three. Put one on your bedside table to record middle of the night ideas. Put one in the door pocket of your car when you need to make note of your tag number and where you parked - the diary itself even has a small back pocket so you can keep the parking slip there too. Or, just put it in your pocket and use it however you would like. It’s a really great size for all those things and more.

Size definitely matters

Sometimes the best tool for the job is the smaller one. If you need to jot something fast - like when you're on the phone and the person on the other line gives you a number to write down - a pocket diary is a great sized thing to have. If you want to use a pocket diary to write a novel, might we suggest something larger?

What to write in your notebook is up to you and what size you prefer is as well, but with the right notebook and mindset, you can use them to help you do anything.

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Pocket Diary 3-Packs
Six colors, perforated pages, incredibly handy.

Standard A5 Notebook
Six colors, 144 pages, great everyday companion.

Leather Bound A5 Journal
Cruelty-free Vegan Leather, 2-color choices, both beautiful and durable.

Bullet Point A5 Journal
Approach your life with mindfulness with this purposefully design journal.

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