Fountain Pen Paper

Fountain Pen Paper

30 Jan 2023
One way to enhance the experience of your fountain pen paper is to go for a stone paper. Stone paper is exactly what the name says - a paper made from stone. It has all the features that you would require from a great fountain pen paper, so it is well worth a try. There are different varieties, so it does not matter whether you are looking for a thin fountain pen paper or a thick fountain pen paper, you will be able to find a safe paper made from stone.

Why Do Fountain Pens Bleed Through?

Mechanically, the reason for bleeding through is that too much ink is released at the same spot, meaning that the paper will have to absorb more than it can handle, resulting in bleed-through, where the text will be blurry and you can see the ink on the back of the paper. The cause of the bleed-through is a combination of the nib, the ink and the paper that is less than ideal. To avoid bleeding through, try a stone paper as your next fountain pen paper, and note the difference to your previous paper, not only in the bleeding through but also in the overall feeling when using it.

Fountain Pen Paper Notebook

Choosing a notebook can be troublesome when you require a fountain pen paper notebook. Fortunately, the paper business is about to see a revolution, as the usage of stone paper is picking up speed. When you buy your next notebook, do opt for a stone paper notebook, and get an improved experience.

Advantages With Fountain Pens

Using a fountain pen carries many advantages, one of which is the luxurious feeling of the pen gliding on the paper. It also helps with the ergonomy of writing, as the ink will only be released when the pen is held in the correct angle, causing the hand and the arm to be in the optimal working position.

Why Do Fountain Pens Leak?

Fountain pens do not leak, unless they are broken in some way. Should your fountain pen leak, first check the nib so it has not splayed. Then check that the cartridge is correctly placed. If neither of these two checks provides any reason for the leakage, contact a fountain pen reseller.

Best Fountain Pens

Here we list five possible favorites for you.
  • Noodler's Ahab Flex fountain pen -flexible nib at a reasonable price.
  • Platinum Preppy fountain pen - a perfect fountain pen to start with, to find out if you like using fountain pens.
  • Monteverde Invincia fountain pen - get an invincible experience with this midweight, perfectly balanced pen and stylish black nib.
  • Conklin Nozac Piston fountain pen - combining a beautiful vintage look with modern writing technology in a most efficient manner.
  • Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen - a pocket-sized pen transforming into a full-size pen when posted.
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