Best Eco-friendly Toilet Paper

Best Eco-friendly Toilet Paper

27 Mar 2023

Eco-friendly toilet paper is also known as green and sustainable toilet paper. But what does it actually mean? Eco-friendly toilet paper is made from various environmentally sustainable materials during a sustainable manufacturing process. You might ask, "What is wrong with conventional toilet paper"? The problem here is that traditional toilet paper is usually made from virgin wood pulp leading to deforestation and, therefore, a high carbon footprint. On the other hand, as we mentioned earlier, eco-friendly toilet paper is made out of sustainable materials, and their usage doesn't threaten our environment.

Furthermore, eco-friendly toilet paper production manufacturing processes use minimal water and energy while avoiding harmful chemicals. So, now that we know what the term "eco-friendly toilet paper" stands for, it will be easier for us to dive into the subject of Best Eco-friendly Toilet Paper.

Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Alternatives


The best way to explain why choosing an eco-friendly paper is important for our environment is by showing you the exact numbers. After all, numbers can explain what words cannot.

According to TheWorldCounts, our society uses 22 billion kilometers of toilet paper per year all around the globe. If you are wondering whether this number is terrible, keep in mind that 22 billion kilometers equal 50000 times the distance around our planet.

As for the actual usage, more than 42 million tons of toilet paper is used every single year. To translate that into rolls or those 22 billion kilometers we mentioned earlier, humans use 184 billion rolls every year.

Excessive usage of conventional toilet paper has an immense impact on the environment. How?

The production of 42 million tons of toilet paper production absolutely requires the following:

  • more than 1.165 million tons of water
  • more than 700 million trees
  • more than 70 million tons of oil

By taking a careful look at this number, you can easily see why switching to an eco-friendlier option might be a good idea. In fact, if you care about our planet, one of the best ways to minimize damage is to switch to better alternatives. However, what are the best alternatives in terms of eco-friendly toilet paper?

Eco-friendly toilet paper types

Recycled toilet paper

As the name says, recycled toilet paper does not require trees to be cut down, meaning it's made out of post-consumer waste like, for example, textbooks, newspapers, and similar materials. The first benefit is quite obvious in terms of using already used products as source material. When talking about the environment and direct benefits, it's important to mention the manufacturing process itself. Production of recycled toilet paper saves 28%-70% of energy and about 25% of water compared to conventional toilet paper production.

Toilet Paper Recycled

Sugar cane toilet paper

Now, this one might sound like a surprise since not many people know about this eco-friendly toilet paper alternative. Talking about sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, we’ll gladly introduce you to sugar cane toilet paper. Yes, you heard that right, toilet paper made out of sugar cane fiber. Besides being a better option when compared to conventional toilet paper, it's also more eco-friendly than recycled toilet paper. Instead of using virgin wood fiber, companies that make sugarcane toilet paper create tissue by using bagasse, a byproduct of juicing sugar cane.

As for the benefits, the most important one is sustainability since sugar cane toilet paper is plant-based and renewable while being completely safe for our environment. Furthermore, sugar cane toilet paper has a very, very soft texture in comparison with recycled toilet paper and even conventional toilet paper. Your skin won't feel irritated, which is pretty important for people with sensitive skin. And lastly, reduced carbon emission is definitely worth mentioning since we're already talking about eco-friendly toilet paper alternatives.

Sugar Cane Sustainable

However, sugar cane toilet paper is not a widespread option, meaning that it’s not available globally. You’ll most likely have to pay for shipping fees, and overall the cost of ordering sugar cane toilet paper can add up.

Bamboo toilet paper

Next in line is bamboo toilet paper, our personal favorite. Bamboo toilet paper is becoming increasingly popular since it's one of the best eco-friendly alternatives. Often referred to as a revolutionary product, bamboo toilet paper has a very simple production process. Bamboo paper products, including bamboo toilet paper, use only industrial bamboo grown specifically for this purpose.

So, animals are not harmed in any way regarding the production process.
The first step in production is breaking bamboo into fibers and then adding that fiber into a mixture. This mixture turns bamboo into bamboo pulp that later soaks. After soakage, manufacturers use presses and later on form it into paper.
Next, manufacturers dry out very long sheets of paper until reaching an adequate moisture level. After drying, it's time to roll the produced bamboo paper into logs and cut them into smaller rolls. So, that's how we create toilet paper out of bamboo.

Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Paper Agood Company

Of course, not all bamboo toilet paper manufacturing methods are exactly the same, especially in terms of the bamboo used which is why it’s very important to buy your batch from a certified producer. In addition, even if the market in your country didn’t introduce this beauty yet, there are ways to obtain it. You can buy bamboo toilet paper online as long as you are completely sure you’re buying a quality product. We’re not saying there aren’t plenty of options to choose from. However, we recommend double-checking the company you plan on ordering toilet paper from.

Also, make sure to check out user reviews, as these are the best way to get to know the company’s work ethic. Keep in mind that no company is perfect, meaning that companies with a 5.0 score usually paid for at least a part of those reviews.

How eco-friendly is bamboo toilet paper?

Bamboo toilet paper is among the best options when talking about sustainability, as the material breaks down quickly and fully. In addition, bamboo toilet paper will not clog your toilet or your pipes as it effortlessly breaks down in the water.

According to ReelPaper, plumbers consider bamboo toilet paper the best option from their point of view. We agree, and not only because of its pipe-friendliness.
Furthermore, bamboo is highly-renewable and does not take too long to break down. To be completely clear, all material will break down eventually.

Certified Bamboo Toilet Paper

However, bamboo toilet paper starts to dissolve at the moment of being flushed.
When talking about your skin, bamboo toilet paper is unique as it's very soft but strong at the same time and has a soothing effect on all skin types. If you're interested in understanding the environmental impact of your toilet paper choices, be sure to visit our blog Bamboo vs Recycled Toilet Paper. We delve into the nuances of these two eco-friendly options, helping you make an informed decision for a greener bathroom routine.

Hemp toilet paper

Finally, have you heard about hemp toilet paper? The manufacturing process of making hemp paper is less dependent on toxic chemicals than conventional paper. In fact, the first toilet paper roll made in the US was made out of hemp. How so? Hemp has naturally finer fiber than trees.

In addition, one of the main reasons you should consider buying hemp paper is the lower environmental impact of its production. Hemp has three times more cellulose than wood and grows much faster than trees.

However, even though hemp has naturally finer fibers, it's harsher on the skin as these fibers are way stronger than tree fibers. Additional benefits of using hemp toilet paper include a lower impact on various animal habitats, sustainable cultivation, and less chemical use. As we see it, hemp toilet paper is a decent alternative to recycled toilet paper and conventional toilet paper.


When you decide on which option soothes your needs (and your wallet) best, it’s time to choose the producer. Remember that not all toilet paper labeled “certified and organic” is legit. The best way to be sure you’re buying “eco-friendly” toilet paper is to look at certification. Buy “eco-friendly” toilet paper with the following certifications:

  • The Vegan Society
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Alternatives

Final thoughts

In conclusion, today, there are plenty of options to choose from if you are invested in preserving the environment, and this applies to all industries. However, people often neglect the impact of smaller things on our planet, like toothbrushes, bottles, and for instance, toilet paper. Making simple swaps to eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo toothbrushes and reusable water bottles can collectively make a significant difference in reducing your carbon footprint.

The first thought of an eco-friendly toilet paper alternative is often recycled toilet better, and although definitely better than conventional options, this type still has its downsides. Furthermore, sugar cane toilet paper is an even better alternative as long as you buy the product from trusted suppliers. However, sugar cane toilet paper is often overpriced and not available globally. Moving on to hemp toilet paper which is a fairly good option if you're fine with a harsher touch.
Bamboo is our favorite pick since it blends comfort and texture and promotes sustainability. In any case, we hope our article helped and stay tuned for more interesting and educational subjects.

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