A Good Fashion Line

A Good Fashion Line

07 May 2020

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Do you also feel that it makes no sense that fashion is almost never circular?

We sure did, and that's why we have spent the past 12 months creating a circular fashion line for people who, like us, want to be able to transform from mindless consumption and instead take conscious decisions when it comes to the clothes we wear. After all, that is why we started A Good Company in the first place.

A brave new world

Today's fashion industry is based on an old make-use-dispose logic leading to the staggering fact that this is the second-worst polluting industry in the world.

Most of these 100 billion garments produced every year are worn only for a very short period of time and will very likely end up in a landfill, once it has served its purpose.

But this doesn't have to be the case. We can move towards a sustainable and circular fashion industry, but it's not going to be a walk in the park. Well – we rarely back away from a challenge.

A dwindling road to circular fashion – but we're almost there!

As with most of our product development, it began with an idea in a product pitch meeting. We were discussing everyday items that we really wished were more sustainable and circular. At that time, we had started talking about a circular and plant-based mobile case.

Could it even be done? Remember, this was almost a year ago.

We all took turns discussing the t-shirts and sweaters we were wearing around the table and realised that almost none of them were sustainable – let alone circular.

Well, as you know, the mobile cases turned out great, and now we're pleased to share that A Good Fashion Line is not (that) far away.

What should we wear?

The next step in product development is always trying to figure out what type of product we should focus on. After many (trust us – hours and hours) discussions on preferred items and colours, we managed to land on a range of basic items that would last you a long time.

In this phase, we also turned to our trusted group of thinkers and opinion-havers in the Friends of A Good Company Facebook Group. If you want to be part of future product development, feel free to join in the conversation!

Product development meetings should be fun!

The materials of it all

Of course, after the items have reached its full potential as your t-shirt or sock, it needs to be a part of a circular system. This means that they have to be produced in materials that are also part of a loop.


So off we went on the hunt for sustainable materials. If only there were an international index somewhere that you could turn to for verified materials, sources and modes of production!

But nope.

This sourcing is all done by our fantastic product development and sourcing team and let us tell you – it's not done overnight. We have been in touch with well over 150 factories.

Right now we're looking at samples and trying them out to make sure they are perfect for all of you (and us!).

Checking out our samples made from recycled cotton.

A Good Loop

For the fashion line to be circular, we are looking at a few different things; the origin of the material, to what extent it's composed by recycled components and how it fits into the loop once you're done using the item for this particular purpose.

As with the plant-based mobile case, A Good Fashion Line will also be part of agood loop:

1. You get new items home friction-free with our state of the art supply chain

2. Your old items will be brought back to us and then onwards in bulk to our factory and with a tiny bit of processing can we reuse it as a raw material

3. We only work with our own material since we can then keep the material-stream clean and controlled. That means great quality!



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