Sustainable Mobile Case agood company Vs iDeal of Sweden for iPhone 14

03 Oct 2023

When it comes to finding the sustainable mobile case for iphone 14 the competition is fierce between two leading brands: agood company vs iDeal of Sweden.These brands are renowned for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, but which one offers the ultimate protection and style for your device? In this head-to-head comparison, we will delve into the features, durability, and overall appeal of agood company and iDeal of Sweden phone cases, helping you make an informed decision and ensure your iphone 14 stays safe and stylish. So, let's dive in and explore the battle of the sustainable mobile case in this epic showdown.

agood company is a Swedish company founded in 2018 and is known for its high-quality sustainable products and exceptional customer service. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, agood company offers a wide range of reliable and stylish mobile cases to enhance everyday life.

iDeal of Sweden was founded in 2013 is a brand based in Sweden that offer stylish and functional accessories for smartphones.

General comparision

agood company iDeal of Sweden
Type of phone case Linseed Phone case. Plastic.
Design and Aesthetics agood company's phone cases are slick, grip friendly and protects the phone from drops and scratches. Made from 100% polycarbonite and silicone, compatible with only iDeal wireless charger, microfibre lining.
Impact Resistance Linseed cases are not only eco friendly but is also known for their durability and strength, offering reliable protection against drops and impacts. Additionally, the production process of these cases require fewer chemicals and resources which further enhances their eco-friendly qualities. Laboratory drop tested from 5 feet, anti dust, finger print protection.
Production Country Sweden, The Mobile Case Factory China
Country Head Office Sweden Sweden
Price (in Swedish Kronors) 350 249

Design and Aesthetics

agood company's plant based phone cases excel in several key aspects. Firstly, they boast a sleek design that adds a touch of elegance to your device, while also being visually appealing. Secondly, they are crafted with a grip-friendly texture, allowing for a secure and comfortable hold. Lastly, these cases provide robust protection, effectively safeguarding your phone from accidental drops and scratches. With their combination of style, functionality, and durability, these phone cases offer the ultimate peace of mind for your valuable device.

iDeal of Sweden's phone cases are made from 100% polycarbonate and silicone. Their limited compatibility with only iDeal wireless charger offers convenient charging options for users with the specific charger. The soft microfiber lining inside the cases provides an additional layer of protection for the device. Customers may appreciate the brand's protective features of mobile case, but it's essential to consider the potential trade-offs in terms of overall asthetics and charging options.

Impact Resistance

agood company phone case's are made from locally sourced flax seeds are likely to have good impact resistance. Linseed cases are known for their durability and strength, offering reliable protection against drops and impacts. Additionally, the sustainable production process with fewer chemicals and resources further enhances their eco-friendly qualities.

iDeal of Sweden phone cases are laboratory drop tested from 5 feet, anti dust properties, finger print protection. Microfiber lining to protect against scratches and raised edges to protect camera and screen.

Eco-friendlyness comparison table

agood company iDeal of Sweden
Eco-Friendliness Made from locally sourced flax seeds. The production process of linseed cases generally involves fewer to no chemicals and resources compared to traditional leather or plastic cases, making them a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious individuals. Polycarbonate mobile cases are not typically considered eco-friendly due to their manufacturing process and limited recyclability. Polycarbonate is derived from fossil fuels and requires energy-intensive production methods. Additionally, its durability and resistance to degradation can make it challenging to recycle effectively.
Raw materials Flax and hemp Galvanized iron 26.8%, 3M adhesive 14.4%, Metal logo 4.6%, Polycarbonate 49.2%, Polyester 0.4%, Water transfer printing film 1.1%, UV print 3.4%.
In Bound Logistics 6.31g Air
Electricity CO2 8.10g Unknown
Heating CO2 0g Unknown
End of Life CO2 9.32g Unknown
End of Life in Practice Fully Circular through agood loop or recyclable. Switch to renewable energy resources
Total CO2/kg Emission for 1 Piece 0.109CO2/KG Unknown
Certificates B Corp NIL
Source Climate Partner iDeal of Sweden


agood company emerges as the clear winner when comparing mobile cases for iphone 14. With its sleek design, wide range of styles, and exceptional protection, agood company offers the best choice for users. The brand's durable materials, precise fit, and access to all features ensure optimal functionality. Additionally, agood company's versatility, commitment to sustainability and outstanding customer service further solidify its position as the top contender. Choose agood company for a stylish, reliable, and satisfying mobile case experience with your iphone 14.

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