Shooting star on the Stockholm artist sky – Alex Hahn

Shooting star on the Stockholm artist sky – Alex Hahn

08 Sep 2021

"As an artist I could ramble on about my inspirations, but the most important thing for me is that you decide for yourself what you see or which sensation you experience."

A warm welcome to A Good Community, Alex Hahn! You are the designer behind a few of the most popular motifs in our circular mobile case collection! Could you tell us a little about the inspiration behind your design?

Thank you! It’s an honour to be a part of your community.

Every painting I create stands for someone or something I love, respect or am inspired by. My painting for the circular mobile case collection represents the vibrant cities of Sweden. The colors stand for different things that represent a city for me.

Yellow for the seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, Green for the green environment and the parks, Orange for the evening lights, Pink stands for the people of the city - our communities and the last color White represents the movements.

As an artist I could ramble on about my inspirations, but the most important thing for me is that you decide for yourself what you see or which sensation you experience.

One of the cities this represents for you would be Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Do you live there?

I do, and I was born and raised in Stockholm so it's a city I hold dear. Partly because I have my family, fiancé and friends here.

The best thing about Stockholm is without a doubt the summer evenings in the city when the sky never darkens. Those nights are hard to beat.

Have you worked with sustainable design prior to this project?

No I haven't actually, but it’s something I’d like to do more of in the future.

In which ways would you say that this project differed from previous experiences?

Painting is a big passion of mine and seeing my own design on an environmentally friendly product makes me incredibly happy. Right now, I would like to paint more on second-hand clothes and engage in remakes of clothes.

How do you think we as individuals could lead a more sustainable life in terms of consumption?

We could shift our habits to choosing more sustainable products and services. In the end however, I think the responsibility lies within the industries. Our impact as individuals is limited in comparison; the best we can do is to promote and use sustainable products and by doing that we can force corporations to do better.

What do you think is our greatest challenge right now in terms of sustainability?

We should stop blaming ourselves and pointing fingers at each other. Living a perfectly sustainable life is unreasonable for most people. However, pushing each other to make sustainable choices when possible should be our goal as a community.

Why have you chosen to be part of A Good Community?

A Good Company for me is the future of companies. Your products have the standards we should follow. Our consumption will hopefully diminish significantly in the next years, but if it doesn’t, it is important that consumers can reach out to companies that give them more sustainable choices.

I’m fascinated about what the future will bring and how we can try to fix what the industry and companies started and what we individuals have demanded of them.

A Good Community is where you help one another understand what happens in the world and together we can try to navigate how to make better choices. That’s why I choose to be apart of A Good Community. Together we can inspire and learn from each other.

Every person in A Good Community that I have read about so far has taught me something new and inspired me to do and be better without feeling that I have to, but instead that I want to.

Who or what do you think we shall feature next in our interview series or editorial features?

I would like to see a collaboration with a transportation service company; one service that’s been heavily discussed is the electrical scooter business introduced in many cities around Sweden. Their sustainability claims have been heavily debated even though they see themselves as being a part of future sustainable transportation.

We'll definitely look into that! Thank you for being part of A Good Community, any last words you’d like to add for the people around the world reading this?

I always try to tell myself that you can only try your best and it can’t always be perfect. Because right now I worry for our future, but I try to turn it around and instead focus on the glimpses of positive development and embrace a feeling of fascination and hopefulness.

To read more about Alex and to keep up with her many projects, take a look at her website, instagram and facebook!

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