Ukraine Donation Part two

The current conflict in Ukraine still needs urgent help and emergency aid, therefore we decided to continue our support with another round. Read up on our first trip down to Ukraine here.


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How did this all start?

What do we buy?

March Update

May Update

June Update

July Update

How do we get funds and how to donate


The conflict in Ukraine is constantly changing, therefore before we copy and paste the last trip, we have conducted an analysis of what went well, the current situation and what’s the best next step. 

After reassessing the situation, we now focus on two things:

  1. Gettings essential goods into Kharkiv and Mariupol regions 
  2. Getting people, mainly elderly people, out from these areas on the way back

What do we buy?

Before we send our goods over, it is essential that you know these goods will go into the right hands. Due to their recent trip to Ukraine, Sofia and Anders have made strong relations with those working on site. This trust has allowed our next steps to work seamlessly. We are able to speak to them daily to understand the current situation and what is needed from now on. As the essential supplies constantly change, sometimes several times per week. Therefore this close contact has ensured the number of supplies we purchase is relevant when we buy them. We talk daily via Telegram and Signal. Before this second round, the team with Sergio in lead, only has two vans.

March Update

To increase their impact, we decided to buy them another one. A bigger Mercedes Sprinter that can carry 8 people plus driver back.

The Van


The Van 2

This means 33% stronger operations and also acts as a safety car if one of them breaks. This van means supplies are sent down and people are sent to safety on the way back from east Ukraine.

We deploy money weekly to buy medical supplies, food, fabric and steel (to make shields). We buy these supplies directly in Ukraine. In Kiev or Lviv.

This is beneficial for two reasons. It gives some sort of economic injection into a melted economy. And as you can imagine the turnaround time is much quicker than taking them across the border from Poland.


Sergio, our man on the ground
May Update

We want to say thank you again for everyone who has donated to our fundraiser!


In May we bought new tires and paid for a large majority the petrol for our team delivering goods in Ukraine to ensure they are able to send out essential goods, as well as returning Ukrainians to safety.

As well as this, the money has gone towards A LOT of food! This month, food was essential for those in Ukraine. As we have said previously, our donations go towards different supplies which are vital at that time. Moreover, we have moved our main focus to Eastern Ukraine, due to the conflict worsening in this area.

Lastly, the funds also went towards body armour for the protection of the heroes on the ground.

June Update

In June, the focus was on getting thermal cameras, which have been delivered to the front line in Kharkiv region. This will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the occupied territories.

We also got more food for the children and adults, diapers, candles, food and first aid kits. We also got some food for dogs and cats, as not only humans need your help.

July Update
In July, our focus was on the Donbass region to provide food and supplies via our local contact on the ground. We provided more food and other necessary supplies to locals. 

Limited drop collection- 10k

We have created a limited-edition drop collection, Bings x agood for #standwithukraine. For every product you buy from this collection, you will donate €20 to our foundation. These products are non-profit, and all money above the production and shipping costs will go directly to initiatives supporting Ukraine. All the money from this collection will go directly to initiatives like the above. 

So please join us in our goal to raise 10,000 EUR for Ukraine! 

Direct Donations

For those of you who don’t want to purchase a product but instead want to donate, you can easily do that below. For those kind donors who like our without the middle-men approach, this is the option for you. Everything counts, so please consider donating. 


Kind donators which we are forever grateful for


Do you want to contribute?

First of all, thank you for considering supporting this hands-on approach. We’ve opened a dedicated Wise accounts from which we deploy money weekly. All the funds goes directly to the cause, no middlemen in sight. 


EUR account details

  • IBAN BE47 9671 6301 9980 
  • Bank code (SWIFT/BIC) TRWIBEB1XXX 
  • Address Wise Europe SA, Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, 1050, Belgium


USD account details

  • USD account details Account number 9600000000039875 
  • Routing number 084009519 
  • Address Wise US Inc, 19 W 24th Street, NY, 10010, United States 
  • Account number 8310691040
  • Routing number (ACH or ABA) 026073150
  • Bank code (SWIFT/BIC) CMFGUS33
  • Address TransferWise, 19 W 24th Street, NY, 10010, United States


GBP Account details

  • Account number 40743500 
  • IBAN GB70 TRWI 2314 7040 7435 00 
  • UK sort code 23-14-70 
  • Address Wise Payments Limited, 56 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JJ, United Kingdom