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Mobile Cases:

The era of plastic must come to an end. Likewise the era of single-use. We tackle both these issues with one mobile case. Made in Sweden from a blend of bio materials including hemp, flax, cellulose and PLA, combined with biodegradable PBAT, agood mobile cases are 100% biodegradable.

Fashion Line:

We’ve been working on this truly circular fashion line for more than two years, scrutinising suppliers (we looked at over 800 different potential partners) and making sure that the production was in line with what we stand for as a sustainable and social impact brand.


These water bottles are constructed from premium quality recycled steel that’s lightweight and durable and finished with a dishwasher-friendly powder coating. The streamline design of these water bottles holds enough liquid for an hour-long workout, your coffee for a long train ride, or hot chocolate for two on an adventurous hike.

Notebooks and Journals:

Meet the world’s first climate-positive notebooks and journals made from recycled stone. No deforestation, no wasted water, no harmful chemicals. Grainless pages mean an unmatched, silky-smooth writing experience. It is also waterproof, tear-resistant and wrinkle-free.


Our Natural Grass Pen is made from a blend of meadow grass and a small amount of recycled BPA-free plastic, it’s durable, refillable and will become your faithful companion for years. The ergonomic triangular grip and premium quality nib make it so you’ll actually look forward to using it for long periods. A refreshing take on what an inexpensive pen should be, join the 50,000+ refill warriors.

Toilet Paper and Kitchen Roll:

Instead of trees, our toilet and kitchen paper is made with sustainably sourced bamboo. When you properly harvest bamboo the plant isn't killed. It sprouts back within a few months and can be harvested again in just a couple of years. A stand of trees can take almost a quarter-century to mature from seedling to commercially harvestable trees. 

Dental Products:

A naturally beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic brushes that will look great in any bathroom. Needless to say, it’s a pleasure to use. The round, the smooth handle rotates effortlessly in your hand whilst your brush.


Our bamboo cutlery and straws are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement about their eco-consciousness. Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available, as it grows quickly and does not require any hazardous chemicals or processes.