Özlem Thompson


Coming from Istanbul, Özlem Sorlu Thompson now paints in the flat where Piet Mondrian made his art studio in Belsize Park, and her influences also include the great expressionist artist Kandinsky and abstract surrealist Joan Miró.

Özlem’s works have already made their way into the homes of renowned celebrities such as actress Anita Dobson and her husband Brian May, musical theatre star Maria Friedman, actor Andy Nyman, and several private collectors.

With degrees in biology and botany, an in depth knowledge of exotic plants and keen interest in physics, Özlem strives in her work to create synaesthesia in the experience, the process and the result, with a visionary energy that generates an extemporaneous flow of strong colours and shapes.

Painting without preparation or planning, she merges intellectual concepts with visual ideas, mixing real and imagined organic structures with one another, while dream-like worlds and creatures all converge to create a vivid explosion of the real and fantastic. As a result positivity and joy invariably manifest strongly in the viewer.

Case #1 - iPhone 7 Plus & 8 Plus

Ozlem Thompson Case 1

Özlem's work combines real and imagined organic structures

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Case #2 - iPhone XS Max

Ozlem Thompson Case 2

Tropical! 🦜

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Case #3 - iPhone X & XS

Ozlem Thompson Case 3


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"I believe and hope that the climate crisis might shape the way we work, and remove the simplistic goal of economic growth at all costs, so that art can be more important in people’s lives as creators and consumers." - Özlem Thompson

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