dental faq

What are some everyday products that stop plastic pollution?

Eco-friendly products are not hard to find today, they are really an easy switch that makes a difference. The easiest step to start is finding products that contain plastic (this will be the majority of your products), products like toothbrushes, hair bands or toilet paper with plastic packaging. By making this switch to plastic-free products, you reduce the amount of single use plastics that you consume!

What are the benefits of no plastic?

The amount of pollution will be reduced due to the reduction of raw materials used, as well as the amount of waste created and then sent to landfill. Microplastic pollution will decrease, sadly you can now find microplastics all the way from the deepest parts of the oceans to the summit of Mount Everest. Lastly, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere will reduce, as the majority if plastic is produced using non-renewable fossil fuels. Switching to products like our phone cases will reduce the amount of petroleum-based plastics.

How can I make my bathroom more sustainable?

Making small changes to your daily habits can really make a difference, so why not focus on one room at a time. The first tip is to reduce your shower time, reducing your water and energy consumption. Whilst you are waiting for your bath or shower to warm up, you can collect the cold water and use it for something else, like cleaning your dishes or watering your plants.

Switch to bamboo products like our sustainable electric toothbrush head or our normal bamboo toothbrush. You can pick your colour and choose to engrave your initials on your toothbrush, adding a personal touch to your bathroom. To add to your dental care, you can opt for our plastic-free dental floss, made from 100% corn. Reduce your water consumption by switching to our bamboo toilet paper! Worldwide we flush away 30,000 trees a day as toilet paper, think about the trees and choose sustainably harvested bamboo. Easy steps like this can really make a difference, as well as making your bathroom stylish!

Do you use plastic in your packaging?

Nope! For our toothbrushes, we individually pack them with bamboo paper using naturally occurring colours. For our outer packaging we use a stone paper envelope. So no need to produce or waste anymore plastic on your dental hygiene or kitchen spills.

Are bamboo toothbrushes better than plastic?

The toothbrush designs haven't changed since the 1930’s, when plastic toothbrushes were created. Until now! Bamboo toothbrushes, the sustainable alternative. Plastic toothbrushes are almost impossible to recycle due to the use of composite plastics most, making it very hard to break apart efficiently. Every year, 3.5 billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away, don’t add to that waste, switch to bamboo!

Our bamboo toothbrushes are plastic-free apart from the bristles. The premium quality Dupont Tynex bristles are recyclable (unlike most plastic toothbrushes). Making this switch addresses both these climate issues: Deforestation & Plastic dependency.

Is using bamboo sustainable?

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth and once used it doesn't need to be replanted like trees, it self-regenerates. Bamboo can grow to its full size in just 3-4 months compared with trees which take around 30 years. Growing bamboo also doesn't use any nasty pesticides or chemicals.

How to recycle your bamboo toothbrush?

It’s pretty simple and easy to do! The bamboo handle is 100% compostable or biodegrade in nature. Our bristles can be recycled through a Waste-to-energy scheme or plastic recycling.

How to apply your bamboo electric toothbrush head?

Thanks to the fact that this beauty you ordered is made from natural materials, each individual toothbrush head may differ a teeny tiny bit. The easy solution is that the very first time you use the toothbrush head, go ahead and use some force to expand the material and make sure the head fits perfectly on the electronic toothbrush. If you are struggling, click here for an instructions video.