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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Clear - Transparent Phone Cases

Our clear phone cases protect against drops and scratches. They are made in Sweden from 100% recycled materials - recycled glasses from schools and candy boxes from Sweden. Crystal clear to show off your phone - feturing 2m drop protection, curved edges, integrated buttons & anti-yellowing characteristics. Stylish & durable, ideal for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Most important questions, quick acces:

1. For what phone models is CLRPRTCT case available?

Our selection of CLRPRTCT sustainable phone cases is currently available for all iPhone 14 and above models, meaning iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max, iPhone 15, 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus & iPhone 15 Pro Max. Our clear case is also available for Samsung S24 and Samsung S24 Ultra.

2. What are agood clear cases made from?

Our CLRPRTCT cases are made of old candy boxes, to be precise they are 100% upcycled from recycled glass & candy boxes in Sweden. Our cases are ideal for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint & use more circular products.

3. What is the most eco-friendly clear phone case?

Samsung cases that support a circular economy and are plastic-free are the best option. Our clear phone cases are 100% upcycled from recycled glass and candy boxes. Go for the stylish yet sustainable look.

Most phone cases today are made with plastic sadly, so the best option is to avoid any case with plastic. However, if you are looking for a new clear phone case, we have a sustainable solution made from old recycled candy boxes.

4. What makes the CLRPRTCT case different from other options?

Besides its clear view features & 100% circular origin, its design is oriented to improve the user experience. It is an anti-yellowing clear case, rest assured that this case will never get yellow. With curved edges for extra comfort & protection, it's crystal clear to show off your phone, it's made from recycled candy boxes & school glasses, MagSafe ring compatible, it is the most protective case we built, yet.

5. How can agood clear case protect your phone?

Our phone cases provide everyday protection against bumps and scratches but also have shock-absorbing qualities that can help protect your phone against everyday drops.

They are slim light, with air bumpers for drop protection & raised edges improving your screen protection.

And in case you’d like to increase the safety of your phone to another level you can combine it with our tempered glass screen protector which is strong, slim & super easy to apply.

6. How long is the delivery of agood phone case?

The delivery usually takes from 1 to 4 days, customisations add 2-3 business days. It is done in climate-compensated shipments to reduce the carbon footprint, shipped in stone paper packages. We ship our products worldwide & a free shipping option is available for most of the countries.

7. What can I do with my old phone case?

After years of loyal service and admiration from friends, it’s finally time to part ways with your old mobile case. It’s up to you to dispose of your phone case in the right way, so here are some ideas on what you could do with your old phone case.

Recycle your old phone case! If possible, then recycling is a great option as the raw materials used to make the case can be used to make something else. However this isn’t always possible, so the next option is to donate or sell your old case (if you have taken good care of it, of course). If you are able to, compost your old phone case and it can be returned back to nature safely.

And if you want to dispose of your old agood phone case the best way to do so is by sending it back to us through our agood loop™ program, where we will recycle it into a new case. Alternatively, you can dispose of it in a compost bin, where it will biodegrade naturally.

8. What is agood loop™ & how does it work?

We care a lot about the environment and the impact our products have on it. agood loop™ is our circular program where customers can send their old phone cases back to us. We then turn them into new cases using our circular production process, minimising waste and reducing our environmental impact.

This is an optimal solution for our customers and anyone who wants to join our fight as we aim together for a more sustainable future.