Be part of A Good Humanium Metal Pen Campaign

Thanks for coming this far, we really appreciate your support. To be part in the campaign please do the following:


1. Look at these 2 very short videos:


2. Record your own 10 second video in landscape (with your phone tilted, like Anders' video) or portrait (holding your phone upright like Mikaelas' video). If you're on a roll why not record in both modes? 😊

3. Look into the camera and say "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword" in English and if that is not your first language, please say it in your mother tongue as well after (did you hear Anders and Mikaela speaking in Swedish at the end?).

3. Please send the video to Emilia, Campaign Captain

4. Sit back and enjoy having contributed to halting gun-violence while being in the running for A Good Humanium Metal Pen of your very own.

Thanks so much, we'll be in touch!