agood Mobile Case vs Pela Case

agood Mobile Case vs Pela Case

19 Feb 2021

We’re proud of Agood mobile case, a trusted companion through the thrills and spills of everyday life. But how do they match up to others in the everyday essentials category, like a Pela Case for example? We're not going to keep score, it's up for you to decide.


Both agood mobile cases and Pela cases are fossil fuel free. Agood mobile cases are made from the leftovers from organic linseed farming from one farm in Sweden and that’s it. Pela Cases are made from Flaxstic, a material made from a mix of biopolymers and flax straw farming waste. The flax comes from Canada and is shipped over to China and mixed with the biopolymer.


Linseed 100%

Supply Chain

Agood mobile cases are made in Sweden by four local businesses all located within a half marathon’s distance of each other. It’s a super-local supply chain that keeps carbon emissions to a minimum. Pela Cases are made in China and shipped from there.

Carbon footprint

We only ship with climate compensated shipping and offset all the emissions from the production of our mobile cases and other products by tree planting. Agood mobile cases are the world’s first carbon-negative phone cases. Likewise, Pela purchases carbon offsets so they are a proudly carbon neutral as a business. Remember though, it’s always better to reduce your footprint upfront through local supply chains for example.

End of life

Agood mobile cases can be traded-in as part of our circularity programme, agood loop. Simply, we reuse the material to make new cases and provide a discount on the next case — it’s pretty cool! Likewise, Pela runs a similar programme called Pela 360 which is almost the same thing (minus the discount). You can also choose to compost either case in your back garden.


We know from experience how protective our mobile cases are and the agood reviews back it up. Feedback for Pela is good too, well-done guys! Both offer great all-round protection and have raised edges to protect the screen.


Agood mobile case costs €29-35 depending on the print you choose. Pela cases start at €37.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. But we did get featured in Vogue. Just sayin’.

a good mobile case

Très chic


Pela don't use a lot of packaging for their mobile cases, which is great. What they do use comes in the form of recycled cardboard. We took this a step further and developed our own packaging made from stone paper. Leftover stone is transformed into paper in a process that uses no water and runs on clean energy. Of course, it's all climate compensated.

Giving back

4% of agood mobile case sales (and indeed sales of all our products) is donated to agood foundation where it is put towards sustainable projects in communities worldwide. Similarly, Pela donates 5% of sales to sustainable initiatives but only on certain product lines.

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