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Plastic pens are the fast food of the writing world - they're cheap, easily accessible, and not particularly good for you. Just like a greasy burger, plastic pens are made from non-renewable resources that are quickly running out. And much like a mountain of fast food wrappers, these plastic pens are piling up in landfills and taking centuries to decompose. It's time to ditch the plastic pen and opt for a more sustainable option - your planet (and your writing) will thank you!

So when we started agood company, we knew from the onset that we wanted to make an environmentally friendly pen to put an end to this throw-away culture and opt for more sustainable options. We had a clear goal in mind - to create a pen that doesn't leave a carbon footprint as deep as the Grand Canyon.

How we found it

When it comes to pens, we're not just talking about a writing instrument, we're talking about a symbol of our disposable culture. Most pens on the market today are made from the cheapest, lowest-quality plastics available, with production methods that have yet to be subjected to proper regulation. It's a grim reality that's hard to ignore.

That's why, when we started agood company, we made it our mission to find a better alternative. Our sourcing team travelled to Hong Kong and Taiwan, scouring trade fairs for any leads. And it was on one of those visits to Taiwan that we discovered The Natural Pen Factory, nestled in a quiet corner of a bustling fair.

The Natural Pen Factory is a tiny operation, located in the outskirts of Taipei, that produces pens using only natural meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastics and for refills we use soy ink. Their pens are not only environmentally friendly, but also a testament to the ingenuity of the human spirit. It was a match made in heaven.

We knew we had to collaborate with The Natural Pen Factory to bring their pens to a wider audience. So we partnered with them to create our own line of sustainable pens - the agood pen. Made with the same natural meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastics, our pens are not only good for the planet but also a pleasure to write with.

We believe that every small step towards sustainability counts, and our pens are just one way we're contributing to a better future. It's time to say goodbye to the disposable culture and embrace a more sustainable way of life.

The process and way of working

The Natural Pen Factory is a testament to the power of innovation and resourcefulness. Their manufacturing process is not only eco-conscious, but also incredibly efficient. The factory operates on a closed-loop system, which means that no waste products or wastewater are produced during the production process. This ensures that the environmental impact of their operations is minimal.

  • The materials used in the production of their pens are sourced from either recycling or renewable raw materials that are locally available in the Taiwan region. This includes meadow grass that grows just adjacent to the factory. By using these materials, The Natural Pen Factory is reducing their reliance on non-renewable resources, and ensuring that their production process is sustainable in the long run.
  • Water is a precious resource, and The Natural Pen Factory recognizes this. The water used in the production process is sourced from the water naturally occurring in the meadow grass, which means that they don't have to use additional water from the public water supply. This helps to conserve water resources, which is especially important in regions that are prone to droughts.
  • But The Natural Pen Factory doesn't stop there. They also utilize biogas and waste heat from the production process for heating water, drying, and generating electricity. This is an excellent example of how waste can be turned into a valuable resource, and how sustainable practices can be integrated into every aspect of a business.

Overall, The Natural Pen Factory is setting a high standard for sustainable manufacturing practices. Their commitment to using renewable resources, conserving water, and utilizing waste as a resource is an inspiration to us all. It's a reminder that we can all take steps, big or small, towards building a more sustainable future.

About the owner

The founder of the Natural Pen Factory is a man with a unique and inspiring background. He began his life as a philosopher monk, spending much of his time pondering the complex relationship between human society and the natural world. Later on, he shifted his focus to farming and design, seeking to apply his philosophical ideals in practical and tangible ways.

In creating the Natural Pen Factory, he set out to build a self-sufficient system that would have minimal impact on the environment. His deep appreciation for nature and his desire to create something truly sustainable led him to adopt a closed-loop manufacturing process that produces no waste products or wastewater.

His approach is grounded in the principles of simplicity, mindfulness, and self-sufficiency. By utilizing locally sourced materials like meadow grass and recycled plastics, and by conserving water resources and utilizing waste as a resource, the Natural Pen Factory represents a unique and holistic approach to sustainable manufacturing.

This approach has earned the Natural Pen Factory a reputation as a truly "zen" factory, reflecting the founder's philosophical background and the peaceful, mindful spirit that permeates every aspect of the business. The factory is a testament to the idea that sustainability and environmental stewardship are not just about doing less harm, but about actively creating something beautiful and positive for the world.



In conclusion, agood company in collaboration with the Natural Pen Factory and proves that philosophy and pen-making can indeed go hand in hand. By creating a sustainable and stylish agood pen, we have shown that sometimes the best solutions to our problems are the simplest ones. So next time you need to start journaling or even write something down, remember that you don't have to bleed in the paper and sacrifice style or function for sustainability - just reach for a zen pen from agood company.

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Anders Ankarlid

Anders Ankarlid

Co-founder & Product Development Lead

Co-founder of agood company and product development lead. A serial e-commerce entrepreneur, and a father of three. Have worked in e-commerce for more than a decade. Mindless consumption activist.

"I want to be able to look into my kids’ eyes and honestly say: "I did everything I could to hinder climate-change”

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