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Humanium is a new material made of recycled metal from gun destruction programs. Armed violence is a global epidemic. With hundreds of millions of illegal firearms floating around, killing thousands, programmes like Humanium can make a real difference.

But if we knew how complicated it was making a pen, maybe (or maybe not) we would have picked another product.

This is our most complicated innovation yet to date.

How we found it

We came across Humanium Metal even before they launched back in 2010 when one of our founders Jesper, lived in Hong Kong with his family, and it was just like in the movies - love at first sight.

The metal came from seized firearms, in the control of relevant public authorities and cleared for destruction by competent legal representatives. It generates local income generation, contributing to long-term positive effects on economic realities and prosperity for affected societies.

All Humanium products create new sources of funding for victims and projects aiming to rebuild conflict-torn communities. Agood company Humanium Pen not only delivers vital financial support to affected individuals and countries, but it also carries a strong ethical message.

What’s not to like?

The process and way of working

Consumers who buy A Good Humanium Pen is part of the solution to one of the world’s greatest problems.

That was clear.

But making it was a different ball game. First of all, creating a pen is itself a fairly complex process. It contains loads of technical functions in minimal space.

Creating a pen with Humanium Metal as the base material, a metal with shallow quality and therefore instability, with our wish of moulding it one piece - mega complicated.

We visited numerous factories, and all failed or declined to make it. They just thought we were stupid. Until we in budding Taipei, Taiwan, found a factory.

The Humanium Pen Factory loved the concept and put effort into the innovation. We designed and invested in a mould and tested different variants, melting points and designs. It took months, but we were finally in progress.

In parallel with the metallic mould making, two other projects started. One was making an ink refill and tip and the second one was a pen box serving both as a gift pack, a pen placer at a desk and something just stunningly beautiful protecting the one thing mightier than the sword.

The final design of the Humanium Pen box is mixed recycled aluminium together with one of the most sustainable materials around cork, from Portugal.

And finally, did we add a unique number engraving to every Humanium Pen.

About the owner

The Humanium Pen Factory was founded in 1985. It has 30 employees working under living wage conditions. It is a family business, operated by the third generation Lins and we last met in August 2019.

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Anders Ankarlid

Anders Ankarlid

Co-founder & Product Development Lead

Co-founder of agood company and product development lead. A serial e-commerce entrepreneur, and a father of three. Have worked in e-commerce for more than a decade. Mindless consumption activist.

"I want to be able to look into my kids’ eyes and honestly say: "I did everything I could to hinder climate-change”

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