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The Story

After having spent what can only be described as a pretty lengthy period of time developing our agood bamboo toothbrushes and perfecting the grip and bristles, we set out to challenge ourselves yet again. What about all the people who have electric toothbrushes? We have to make a more sustainable alternative for them than your average plastic toothbrush head which you discard after a while and replace with a new plastic one.

To help the avid electric toothbrush-users shop more consciously we began searching for a partner who could work with us to develop the perfect agood electric toothbrush head made from one of our favourite materials; the fast-growing and sustainable grass – bamboo.

How we found it

As we mentioned above, bamboo is actually a type of grass and not a tree as many would think. It's actually in the Guinness World Records for being the fastest growing plant on Earth.

Bamboo grows primarily in the tropical and subtropical regions on Earth, but it can grow almost anywhere. It occurs naturally on all continents, except Antarctica and Europe and is used abundantaly in making many products. We at agood company use it to make socks, bamboo toothbrush, cutlery and bamboo toilet paper.

Almost all the bamboo grown for commercial use comes from China where it grows naturally.This is why we directed our search for the perfect electric toothbrush head partner to China, where we had found several potential factories with experience of working with sustainably harvested bamboo.

After more than 7 months of searching, we landed on the perfect partner in the toothbrush capital of the world – Yangzhou Hangji, China.

The process and way of working

The process of developing a non-plastic complement to an electric toothbrush was not without its challenges. Our team was acutely aware that in order to compete with plastic toothbrush heads, the product had to function seamlessly with electric toothbrushes. Any issues with performance could easily drive customers back to plastic toothbrush heads.

As is customary with our product development approach, we took a meticulous and thorough approach to ensure that the final product met our high standards of quality and sustainability. We recognized that developing a non-plastic alternative would take longer than initially anticipated, and we were committed to dedicating the necessary time and resources to make it a success.

We started the process with an enthusiastic brainstorming meeting, during which we outlined our goals and identified the challenges we would face in achieving them. From there, we began testing and re-testing different designs and materials, seeking out the most environmentally responsible options that would not compromise on performance.

The testing phase was a critical aspect of the process, as it allowed us to identify any issues and refine the product accordingly. We wanted to ensure that the final product not only functioned seamlessly with electric toothbrushes, but also delivered the same high-quality cleaning experience as plastic toothbrush heads.

Our commitment to sustainability and quality required us to take the necessary time to ensure that every aspect of the product was thoroughly tested and refined before it was released to the market. We are proud of the work that we put into developing this non-plastic complement to electric toothbrushes and are confident that it will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

About the owners

We were thrilled when we found this expert family-owned business in what is described as the toothbrush capital of the world; Yangzhou Hangji, China.

The owners have been making toothbrushes for 20 years and after deciding to make the shift towards working with sustainable materials as a replacement for plastic, they have cultivated their expertise within bamboo product manufacturing.

What we love the most with this team is their sense of innovation (jumping onboard a project to create electric bamboo toothbrush heads for one...) and their absolute devotion to quality.


In conclusion, by choosing to make the switch to an agood bamboo electric toothbrush head, you can take the first step towards a more sustainable future. We understand that every choice we make as consumers has an impact on our environment, and we believe that our products can make a meaningful difference.

Our partnership with Yangzhou Hangji in China ensures that not only are our electric toothbrush heads environmentally friendly, but they are also produced using ethical practices. By working with our partner, we can guarantee that our products meet our high standards of sustainability and ethics.

We invite you to join us in our mission to create a healthier and more sustainable world. Making small changes to our daily routines can have a significant impact on our environment, and we believe that switching to an agood bamboo electric toothbrush head is one such change.

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