BATABASTA X AGOOD - One love, one world.

BATABASTA X AGOOD - One love, one world.

27 Oct 2021

BATABASTA X AGOOD - One love, one world.

Why we love Batabasta and their founders Clara & Leticia.

Batabasta’s journey started in Shanghai in 2002, with the two Spanish female designers, Clara & Leticia. They created Batatbasta as a platform to expand their creativity, which we are thankful for as their designs are both unique and playful. This collection is called ‘one love, one world’ which we believe is a beautiful message and could not be more true. Explore their distinctive designs on your mobile case and posters and use it as inspiration to delve into your creative side.

Hi Leticia,

Thank you for joining #agoodcommunity! We are super excited to have a chat with you and, on top of that, also launch this design collection together!

We love that your childhood dream came true, you created a brand together! Was this always the vision for you guys?

We created a brand together but this was not something we planned, at all! I guess it was the logical evolution after working for other brands. We started Batabasta just for fun and this was almost 10 years ago.


"True love doesn’t understand gender or race. Unity, tolerance and respect should be the real human evolution."


We know your story is quite unique, can you please share with us how it all started?

Clara and I met in Madrid while working for the same fashion designer and moved to Shanghai to work on a new project for another fashion designer. China was experiencing a business and design boom at that time and it was very easy to start a project, so we decided to give it a try creating a unisex funky shirt brand . We used to go around the fabric markets of the city on our scooters and it was a hit! After a couple of months we started creating our own prints and that got us into decorations a few years later back in Spain. We moved back to Europe 5 years ago and have been developing our wallpaper collections ever since. We also work creating special prints for F&B projects all around the world.

What advice would you give to other people who have the same dream as you two?

To give it a try, work hard and be resilient when hard times come your way, as there is always a lesson to be learned in order to grow.

It's really hard to stand out from the crowd, yet you both seem to create designs which are very original, where do you guys get your inspiration from?

Curiosity and sense of humor. Creativity needs its own timing, the muses come and go that is why we do not create designs following a calendar and we keep most of our prints in our catalogue throughout the year.

Although not everyone is lucky enough to have the talent that you guys have, do you still think it is important for people to take time to express their creativity?

Clara and I have very different skills, she is the designer and I take care of the marketing side of our brand. We work together as a team giving each other ideas which is our way to express our creativity in all areas. So yes, there is always a time to exercise your creativity no matter the subject.

Despite your breakthrough at the DAFF Art Fashion Fair. What has been your biggest achievement?

Our biggest achievement is to have kept our brand alive and our business healthy for almost 10 years, working and living in a way that makes us happy.

How big a role does sustainability play when it comes to choosing your materials?

We do as much research as possible and apply a “sustainability” guide to all that we do, from the way to work, how we live and who we choose to work with for our projects and partners.

We LOVE all your designs! They always make you happy. Do you have a personal favourite print that is a little bit special for you?

One Love is definitely one of our most special designs, from the beginning it has been a favourite amongst our clients. The message behind it is powerful yet presented in a playful way. It has become a flag of ours praising the unity and solidarity of all mankind.

What made you want to join forces and create phone cases and posters with us?

We are always looking for cool brands online, and we got to your instagram account and did a little research. We love the philosophy behind it, we wish to collaborate with businesses like yours, using sustainable materials and giving back to the community.

What is the best tip you can give to our community regarding becoming more sustainable?

To be informed, to choose well and to try to reduce on a daily basis residues as much as possible. These are things that we can all do on our daily basis. Every effort as little as it may look is important.


Thank you so much Leticia, we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us, we welcome you back to #agoodcommunity anytime!

To see more of Batabasta, follow their on Instagram or have a look at their website!

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