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June 2019

As the manufacturer is located in Germany, they have to live up to German and European standards.


Reducing plastics

Our case for the LastSwab used more plastic than what was necessary to have the strength it needed, and therefore we decided to reduce the overall thickness of the walls in the case and by doing that we reduced the total weight with approximately 20%.


Previously there were problems with rod for the swabs, they would bend and the TPE tips didn’t always stick to the rod itself. These are all things that are in the past after we started to manufacture in Germany.



At the core of LastObject's steadfast dedication to combatting plastic pollution resides a transformative mission: to create reusable alternatives to single-use plastic. These items seamlessly integrate into your daily routine while championing a sustainable revolution. Rooted in the profound desire to shield our environment from the detrimental impacts of single-use items, LastObject transcends the conventional realms of a brand; it emerges as a dynamic movement propelling us towards a future where eco-conscious choices are the norm.

Last Object Products

So, what's the deal with LastObject? Well, they're not just making stuff for the sake of it. They want to shake things up, especially when it comes to using and throwing away. LastObject isn't just about selling things; they're on a mission to change how we all look at what we use every day. This blog is like a backstage pass to understanding why they do what they do. It's all about making the world a bit better –it's all about doing good, simple as that.

The Founding Story

In the inception of LastObject, the founders envisioned a collaboration with a Danish manufacturer, dreaming of a union rooted in quality and sustainability. However, the pursuit of uncompromised excellence led them on an unexpected path, steering away from their initial plan. Undeterred, LastObject's relentless quest for superior quality guided them to an unexpected ally – a Fortune 500 company in Europe renowned for its expertise in plastic parts and multi-injection moulding.

This unforeseen partnership swiftly became the cornerstone of LastObject's commitment to sustainability. The decision to forge ties with a company boasting a rich history in crafting plastic components and employing cutting-edge multi-injection moulding techniques was a strategic move, ensuring that LastObject's products not only met but exceeded the highest standards of quality and durability. Beyond the realms of merely creating personal care essentials for your daily life, LastObject's vision stretches far and wide, aiming to be a beacon of hope in the face of the climate crisis. Rooted in a family-owned business with an impressive manufacturing legacy spanning over two centuries, LastObject's philosophy is deeply ingrained in the principles of customer satisfaction and unwavering commitment to stringent quality standards.

    Planet, Product, People: The Three Ps Driving LastObject's Sustainable Journey

    Planet: As a B-Corp-certified company, LastObject's vision extends far beyond the present, aiming to safeguard the planet for future generations. This commitment is evident in their mission to eliminate single-use items and actively contribute to the critical fight against carbon emissions and global warming. LastObject isn't just crafting products; they're architects of a sustainable future.

    Product: LastObject designs products with a dual purpose – to be loved and to last. Prioritizing materials like compostable wood fibers, cardboard, and organic cotton, LastObject minimizes their environmental impact. Each product is a testament to durability and a conscious effort to reduce the ecological footprint.

    People: The heart of LastObject beats with an inclusive and diverse culture. Creating job opportunities worldwide, ensuring fair wages, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, LastObject fosters an environment where everyone thrives. High employee satisfaction scores are a reflection of LastObject's commitment to not only creating great products but also a wonderful working environment.

    Reusable Makeup Pads
    Sustainable Baby Kit Essential

    In essence, LastObject's journey is guided by a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and positive social impact – a legacy that began centuries ago and continues to flourish in the hands of dedicated stewards of change.

    This family-owned legacy, with roots reaching back 200 years, forms the bedrock of LastObject's identity. Their philosophy isn't just a tagline – it's a lived reality, a testament to the enduring commitment to customer satisfaction and a relentless pursuit of the highest quality standards. As LastObject navigated this unexpected yet fruitful journey, they embraced a vision that goes beyond products – a vision to be a catalyst for positive change in the global climate narrative.

    The Process and Way of Working

    Embarking on the creation of each innovative product, LastObject follows a comprehensive and conscentious crafted process, ensuring every step aligns with their commitment to quality and sustainability.

    Ideation and Conceptualization:

    • The journey commences with brainstorming and ideation sessions, fostering a creative environment where innovative concepts take shape.

    • Ideas are sketched out, exploring various possibilities and potential solutions to real-world problems.

    Collaborative Input and Feedback:

    • Seeking input from the entire team ensures diverse perspectives are considered, creating a product that resonates with a broad audience.

    • This collaborative phase allows for constructive feedback, refining concepts before moving forward.

    3D Modelling:

    • Transforming concepts into detailed 3D models is a pivotal step in visualizing the final product.

    • Cutting-edge technology is employed to create digital representations, enabling a thorough examination of design elements.

    Prototyping for Real-world Testing:

    • Physical prototypes or 3D prints are generated, allowing for real-world testing and evaluation.

    • This stage ensures that the product not only looks good on screen but performs effectively in practical scenarios.

    Manufacturer Collaboration:

    • LastObject collaborates closely with manufacturing partners, presenting the final design for review.

    • The production process kicks off, from creating molds to initiating large-scale production.

    Continuous Improvement:

    • LastObject is committed to continuous improvement, driven by user feedback and evolving environmental considerations.

    • The iterative nature of the process allows for adjustments, ensuring each product is a step ahead in both quality and sustainability.

    Sustainable Baby Kit Essential
    Sustainable Personal Care Kit
    Sustainable Makeup Toolkit - LastSwab Beauty Trio Pro

    About the Owner:

    LastObject is a family-owned business with a rich heritage that dates back more than 200 years. While the manufacturing facility has a long history, the plastic part of the business was initiated in the 1960s. The family's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has remained consistent throughout their extensive history.

    The LastObject philosophy is deeply rooted in their dedication to customer satisfaction and adherence to stringent quality standards. Their brand name, LastObject, reflects their commitment to sustainability and providing products that are designed to have a lasting impact.


    In concluding our exploration of LastObject's dedication to sustainability, we unearthed more than just a brand – we revealed a legacy. Spanning over two centuries, LastObject's steadfast family-owned philosophy is rooted in unwavering commitments to customer satisfaction and top-tier quality, breathing life into every product and leaving a lasting positive impact on our planet.

    agood company X LastObject

    A pivotal symbol of LastObject's commitment is their esteemed B Corp certification – more than a mere stamp, it's a profound pledge to actively reshape economic systems and be a global force for good. Opting for LastObject means endorsing a brand actively shaping a brighter, more sustainable future.Moving ahead, let's applaud the influence of conscientious choices. Each LastObject purchase not only enhances individual lives but propels us toward a future led by purpose-driven businesses.

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