Ethical Bedding: Luxury Bedding Production Process

Ethical Bedding: Luxury Bedding Production Process

26 Nov 2023

At Ethical Bedding, environmental sustainability is not just a value, it’s the guiding principle woven into every fabric. From sourcing raw, sustainable materials to crafting the products, the brand sets a new standard, challenging traditional business norms. The ethos is simple: how Ethical Bedding operates speaks volumes about its commitment to the planet and its customers. Founded by James Higgins, Ethical Bedding lives by the maxim, "How you do anything is how you do everything." This philosophy resonates through every aspect of the brand, recognizing the fundamental importance of restful sleep in a fulfilling life. Driven by fairness and innovation, Ethical Bedding’s products are not merely bedding - they embody a vision. They represent the art of the possible when ethical principles and inventive thinking converge.

Sustainable sheets and beddings

The brand’s commitment transcends comfort, it’s an obligation to our world. Ethical Bedding’s definition of 'future-proofing' extends to a 100% ethical supply chain and production. This meticulous approach ensures that each product offers luxury but also stands as a testament to sustainability. They offer more than just a good night’s sleep, they embody a sense of well-being while nurturing the environment.

In this blog, the intricate tapestry of Ethical Bedding unfolds a narrative where luxury seamlessly merges with sustainability. It’s a tale where every detail reflects the brand's relentless pursuit of a better world. Join the journey as Ethical Bedding unravels the story behind being the best bedding for the world and the best in the world, as a winner B Corp 'Best For The World' 2022.

A B Corp is a type of for-profit business that is legally required to consider the impact of its decisions on its stakeholders, including workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. B Corps are certified by the non-profit organisation B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Read more about the environmental impact and role of B corps here.

The Founding Story of Ethical Bedding

For James Higgins, living purposefully isn’t accidental, it’s a deliberate choice that shapes destinies. After years immersed in the world of financial technology, the absence of fulfillment gnawed at him, eroding the joy and purpose he sought in his work. This discontentment echoed in his health and sleep, sparking a transformational journey. Driven by an inherent love for nature, James envisioned a brand that transcended mere commerce, a brand where every heartbeat resonated with environmental prosperity. Thus, Ethical Bedding emerged, born from a desire to create a profound impact.

Eucalyptus sheets

At the core of Ethical Bedding’s vision lies the creation of the most sustainable luxury bedding range, purposefully crafted to foster positive change on multiple fronts:

  • The brand’s commitment goes beyond the allure of luxurious comfort. Ethical Bedding is a testament to sustainability, ensuring that its creation doesn’t harm the planet. Moreover, using innovative design, it instantly elevates sleep quality while advocating for longevity, designed to last a lifetime.

The Vission Behind Ethical Bedding:

Video credit: Ethical Bedding

The Process and Way of Working

At Ethical Bedding, the production process isn’t just about creating luxurious bedding, it's a commitment to an environmentally conscious approach that revolutionizes the industry.

Non-Toxic and Carbon-Negative Production

The heart of Ethical Bedding's manufacturing beats with sustainability. Rejecting toxic chemicals, the production process shuns pesticides, herbicides, and harmful substances. This stance starkly contrasts with conventional cotton production, which deploys approximately 2,000 chemicals. The closed-loop system utilized by Ethical Bedding slashes energy consumption by 30%, reusing 99% of chemicals, water, and waste. These efforts contribute to a carbon-neutral stance, earning the process the prestigious Environmental Award from the European Union. The outcome? Sheets are woven for the perfect drape and an unmatched feeling of luxury.

Eco-Friendly Raw Materials

Ethical Bedding’s commitment to sustainability extends to its choice of raw materials. While renewable eucalyptus stands as the brand's signature with a specific type of bamboo. Apart from that, locally sourced recycled plastic bottles are also utilized, helping to solve one of the biggest environmental problems. The brand meticulously records and monitors its ecosystem impact on water, biodiversity, and farmable land. Every material used is certified to the highest standards, ensuring non-toxicity and eco-friendliness.

Transparent Supply Chain and Fair Practices

Transparency reigns supreme within Ethical Bedding's supply chain. Every process and decision is scrutinized for its environmental impact. The brand prioritizes fair wages and excellent working conditions for everyone involved. With stringent accreditations for all supply and production partners, regular checks ensure adherence to the highest standards.

Logistics, Packaging, and Lifespan

In line with its commitment to the environment, Ethical Bedding opts for eco-friendly logistics, offsetting every atom of carbon produced. Larger, more efficient vessels are chosen for product transportation, maximizing capacity utilization. Packaging is minimalistic, recyclable, and made from recycled materials. The brand’s products are designed for durability, nearly all being biodegradable, or compostable ensuring an easy disposal process when they reach the end of their useful life.

Sustainable Bedding: How It’s Made

Their signature eucalyptus sheets at Ethical Bedding are crafted from sustainable eucalyptus pulp sourced from certified and sustainably managed farms. The innovative process involves dissolving high-quality eucalyptus wood pulp, using a unique spinning technique to form threads. These threads are chemically treated, spun into yarns, and woven into cloth using traditional methods. All sewing, hand finishing, and plastic-free packaging take place at a single production site to further reduce the brand's carbon footprint

The collection of bedding products ranges from bed sheets, pillows, mattresses, and mattress protectors, and sheet sets featuring materials like eucalyptus fibre, organic cotton, and Oeko-Tex-certified bamboo. Apart from sheets and beddings, the company also offers a range of eco candles & fragrances made from 100% natural blends. Every product is certified to the highest standards, ensuring a non-toxic and sustainable choice.

Bamboo & Coconut Mattress, CocoCore - By Ethical Bedding
Eucalyptus Silk Bed Sheet Set with Pillows & Duvet, Warm - By Ethical Bedding
Super Soft Blanket Made From Eucalyptus - By Ethical Bedding

Ethical Bedding’s commitment to sustainability isn't just a promise; it's a meticulously crafted reality. Every step of the process champions eco-consciousness, ensuring not just luxury but a future where bedding is synonymous with sustainability. Explore the full collection of Ethical Bedding's products.

About the Owner

James Higgins, the visionary founder of Ethical Bedding, embodies a passionate commitment to redefining the bedding industry. His journey from the realm of financial technology to the founding of Ethical Bedding reflects a profound shift toward purpose-driven entrepreneurship. With a deep-seated love for nature as his driving force, James pioneered a brand where environmental prosperity became the heartbeat. His relentless pursuit of sustainability and ethical business practices shines through every thread of Ethical Bedding's fabric, shaping a legacy that transcends mere commerce.


In conclusion, Ethical Bedding isn't just a brand; it's a beacon illuminating the path towards a more sustainable future. Their journey from inception to becoming a leader in sustainable luxury bedding is a testament to innovation and unwavering commitment. By integrating ethical principles into every facet of their production, from using renewable materials to promoting fair labor practices, they've redefined what it means to create truly eco-conscious products without compromising on quality or luxury. Their vision of sustainability extends far beyond their business, inspiring us and others to make conscious choices that benefit both individuals and the planet.

Ethical Bedding's accolades, from their B Corporation certification to being recognized as the 'Best For The World' in 2022, reflect their dedication to making a difference. Our collaboration with Ethical Bedding is more than a partnership; it's a shared commitment to fostering a world where sustainability is at the core of every decision. Together, we aim to ignite change, promote all reasons to live a more climate positive lifestyle and pave the way for a future where businesses embrace sustainability as a standard, not an exception.

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