Humans Are Vain: Sustainable Footwear Production

Humans Are Vain: Sustainable Footwear Production

20 Nov 2023

Founded in 2019, Humans Are Vain burst onto the footwear scene with a clear rebellion against the prevailing fast fashion landscape. Rooted in their commitment to circular design, the company has carved its niche by crafting boots and sneakers that effortlessly blend style with sustainability.

Their secret? Harnessing the potential of innovative materials like apple leather and recycled ocean plastic. This commitment to innovation and sustainability hasn't gone unnoticed. Ethy's Industry Champion ecolabel stands as a testament to their pioneering work alongside Stockholm University. Together, they've redefined the possibilities of textile waste recycling, marking a milestone with the world's first 3D-printed shoe from recycled textile waste in 2021.

Sustainable footwear

The Story Behind Humans Are Vain

Their story doesn't end with remarkable materials. Humans Are Vain takes sustainability to a whole new level. When your beloved shoes reach the end of their journey, they don't bid farewell to usefulness. Instead, they embark on a new chapter. Customers can send their worn-out shoes back to the company, where a remarkable transformation occurs.

Instead of ending up in landfills and contributing to one of the biggest environmental problems, they're reborn. Ground down and reconstructed, they emerge as fresh, new sustainable footwear, continuing the cycle of sustainability and supporting circular economy. This blog plunges into the intricate tapestry of production processes and the pioneering materials that not only define the brand but also encapsulate their relentless pursuit of sustainability.

The Founding Story of Humans Are Vain

Humans Are Vain emerged as a response to fast fashion. Co-founder Chris Margetts, deeply disenchanted with the industry's environmentally detrimental impact and exploitative practices, envisioned a radical departure from the norm. Drawing from his extensive experience, Chris aimed to craft a brand that not only offered fashionable footwear but also embodied his unwavering ideals of sustainability. From its humble beginnings in November 2019, Humans Are Vain has steadily grown, transcending borders and gaining global recognition for its commitment to vegan sustainable products. What began as a singular concept has blossomed into a movement challenging the status quo of the fashion industry.

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Sustainability isn't merely a buzzword at Humans Are Vain, it's the cornerstone of their existence. Their dedication to reshaping the narrative of fashion is evident in their pioneering strides within the realm of vegan sustainable materials and innovative production methods. They continually push the boundaries of what's deemed possible, driven by an unyielding commitment to redefine the industry's norms.

Sustainable Fashion Revolution: Humans Are Vain's 3D Printing Journey

One shining example of their commitment lies in their transformative partnership with Stockholm University. This collaboration stands as a testament to their dedication to sustainable innovation. Together, they embark on groundbreaking research aimed at revolutionizing fashion through 3D printing, utilizing discarded garments and textile waste as the building blocks of their vision. It's a bold step towards reshaping the very essence of production in fashion. The vision is clear: introducing a market-ready 3D printed product by 2024. This ambitious goal isn't merely a benchmark; it's a milestone in their tireless pursuit of sustainability. By transforming waste into wearable art, they're not just crafting footwear; they're forging a path towards a more environmentally responsible future, one where fashion and sustainability are seamlessly intertwined.

With every stride they take, Humans Are Vain isn't just changing the footwear industry; they're spearheading a movement towards a more conscious and responsible approach to circular fashion. Their journey represents a powerful testament to the impact a singular vision can have in revolutionizing an entire industry.

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Supplier Relation

Their products are created in morally-responsible factories in Sweden and Portugal. Their internal quality control team keeps a careful eye on these facilities. With PETA's Vegan Approved logo on their products, they're honoured to be acknowledged by the organisation. The brand is defined by their commitment to production and values, which guarantees the highest ethical and quality standards.

The footwear factory in the charming town of Guimarães, Portugal, has been their trusted partner for over two decades. With a strong family connection and a shared commitment to sustainability, they've implemented energy-saving practices and zero-waste policies, minimising our environmental impact. Their factory is exceptional in producing 100% vegan products, using water-based adhesives, and embracing a circular approach by recycling every sample and off-cut. Skilled artisans, blending traditional craftsmanship with innovation, craft their footwear, reflecting quality and responsibility. In Guimarães, tradition and progress harmonise, and they are proud to be part of a community that shares their vision for a more sustainable future.

Crafting Vegan Footwear for a Cleaner, Ethical Tomorrow

At Humans Are Vain, their mission is clear. They craft vegan sustainable sneakers and footwear that not only embrace the latest in recycled materials but also actively remove plastic trash from our oceans, providing solution to plastic pollution. They design contemporary, timeless pieces that leave a positive mark on our planet. Their dedication extends beyond fashion, as they support organisations and charities devoted to the well-being of our environment, animals, and the oceans. Operating within a circular economy, they carefully consider their carbon footprint in every action they take. They believe in fair pricing and ethical manufacturing, partnering exclusively with European factories. Their materials and products are engineered for supreme quality and comfort, and they uphold transparency and honesty in all they do. Their aim is to provide people with a better, sustainable alternative for a brighter, kinder world.

Humans Are Vain seems to be a forward-thinking and environmentally conscious Swedish fashion that places a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation. The circular economy is central to their concept. They've painstakingly designed materials and products to guarantee that everything adheres to this idea. This implies that all of their goods are entirely recyclable, promoting a sustainable cycle. 

Sustainable footwear
Sustainable footwear
Sustainable footwear

The brand's dedication to supporting charitable causes and maintaining a circular economy is a testament to their holistic approach to ethical fashion. With a focus on quality, comfort, transparency, and fair pricing, "Humans Are Vain" provides consumers with a better, more responsible alternative that aligns with a vision for a brighter and kinder world.

Conclusion: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion with a Circular Footprint

Humans Are Vain stands at the forefront of sustainable fashion, embodying a vision that transcends traditional industry norms. From the revolutionary 3D printing partnership with Stockholm University to the circular design that allows worn-out shoes to be reborn, the brand's commitment to sustainability is unwavering. The journey, rooted in the ideals of co-founder Chris Margetts, has evolved into a global movement challenging the fast fashion paradigm.

The brand's sustainable practices extend to ethical manufacturing partnerships in Sweden and Portugal, where the fusion of tradition and innovation shapes their high-quality vegan footwear. By actively removing plastic from oceans, supporting environmental causes, and embracing a circular economy, Humans Are Vain not only crafts contemporary, timeless pieces but also contributes to a cleaner, more ethical tomorrow. The brand's story is one of innovation, dedication, and a steadfast belief that fashion can lead the way to a brighter, kinder world.

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