The Sustainable Watch Company: Eco-Friendly Watch Production

The Sustainable Watch Company: Eco-Friendly Watch Production

20 Nov 2023

In a world where time is often measured in fleeting moments, The Sustainable Watch Company stands as a testament to a different rhythm - a rhythm in harmony with our planet's well-being. Nestled within the ticking hands of their timepieces lies a profound dedication to not just marking minutes, but also leaving an indelible mark on the world, one that echoes their deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Born from a fervent desire to safeguard our planet, The Sustainable Watch Company might be small in scale, but its aspirations resonate on a grand scale. Their vision extends far beyond the realm of commerce. It's an audacious dream of becoming a heavily climate-positive force - a force that strives not just to reduce its carbon footprint, but to exceed it by restoring and replenishing the delicate balance of our atmosphere, showing all their customers the importance of living a more positive lifestyle.

Wooden watch box
Woden watch

Join us us as we delve into the story of this awesome brand. We'll uncover how they make their products in an eco-friendly way, choose sustainable materials, and are super committed to a future where businesses are all about taking care of the environment. The Sustainable Watch Company invites you to explore their products, where the time on your wrist is more than just time - it's a story of hope, strength, and a big promise to keep our planet beautiful.

The Founding Story

The genesis of The Sustainable Watch Company finds its roots in a great desire to sculpt a different narrative, a narrative that intertwines entrepreneurship with a commitment to the planet we call home. Richard Cawkill, the founder, harbored a deep-seated passion for not just running a business, but one that left a lasting, positive impact on the world.

Driven by an insatiable urge to create an enterprise that operates responsibly, Richard embarked on a quest to fashion a brand that doesn't only take from consumers but gives back generously to the environment. The journey towards sustainability was marked by a fervent exploration of avenues that aligned with his ambitious goals of achieving carbon-negative operations and securing B-Corp status. The initial search led to encounters with various eco-friendly substitutes prevalent in the market bamboo or wheat straws, bamboo cutlery, and other low-cost, high-volume alternatives. However, these options, while commendable in their own right, fell short in generating the necessary resources to fuel Richard's vision for substantial environmental impact. It wasn't until stumbling upon a competitor's wooden watch online that the path forward became clear. Extensive research illuminated the potential of wooden watches not just as products but as catalysts for bringing the vision of The Sustainable Watch Company to life.

In the competitive landscape, The Sustainable Watch Company set its sights on a distinct goal: to surpass competitors not in profit margins, but in what they give back to the planet. The ethos was clear - to prioritize impact over profit and commit substantial resources towards their sustainability pledge. Richard firmly believes that by nurturing a brand deeply rooted in genuine care and a business conducted with unwavering integrity, success will naturally follow. The Sustainable Watch Company thus emerged, not just as a brand of exquisite timepieces but as a beacon of conscious consumerism, striving to make a tangible difference.

Eco-Friendly Material Sourcing

In the alchemy of watchmaking, the foundation lies in the art of sourcing materials a pivotal step in The Sustainable Watch Company's journey towards crafting timepieces that transcend the ordinary. Embracing the path of sustainability, they unearth beauty in the unlikeliest of places, turning to discarded furniture offcuts and forgotten railway tracks as the core ingredients for their creations.

Repurposed rails material

  • Amidst the debris of what may seem like waste to some, The Sustainable Watch Company discovers a trove of untapped potential. Reclaimed wood from furniture offcuts and weathered metal salvaged from railway tracks form the backbone of their timepieces. Each piece of reclaimed wood and aged metal tells a story, a narrative woven with history and character, lending an unparalleled charm and uniqueness that cannot be replicated with new materials.
  • The conscious choice to fashion watches from recycled natural woods aligns seamlessly with their commitment to maximize the utilization of renewable resources. Repurposed wood makes a stand against deforestation and it's consequences and effects on climate change. This deliberate selection not only upholds their pledge to sustainability but also breathes new life into materials otherwise destined for disregard.

Repurposed wood material

  • A defining aspect of The Sustainable Watch Company's story is their unwavering dedication to veganism. Their products, crafted with cautious attention to detail, contain no animal products, presenting an eco-conscious alternative to traditional leather straps. This ethical stance echoes their broader commitment to ethical sourcing and a compassionate approach to their craft.

By carefully selecting materials imbued with history and repurposing them into timeless pieces, The Sustainable Watch Company doesn't just create watches, they weave stories, encapsulating sustainability, and ethics into every tick of time.

The Process and The Way of Working

Design Inspiration

The journey commences with the gathering of reclaimed materials, igniting a stream of design inspiration. The natural beauty encapsulated within the unique grains, textures, and hues of the reclaimed wood serves as the canvas for their creative vision. Each imperfection and historical mark narrates a tale, a challenge embraced by The Sustainable Watch Company to breathe life into these remnants through the creation of exquisite wooden timepieces.

Drawing from the reservoirs of the natural world, the discarded wood finds a new purpose within their workshop. Offcuts, once destined for obscurity, metamorphose into timepieces as distinctive as the trees from which they originated.

Crafting by Hand: From Wood to Timeless Pieces

At the heart of their artistry lies in their handcrafting process. Skilled horologists meticulously shape, sand, and assemble each watch by hand. The reclaimed wood assumes new identities as watch dials, bezels, and bands, while the aged railway track metal is reincarnated into intricate pins, clasps, and bodies.

This hands-on approach not only ensures the uniqueness of each watch but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint inherent in mass production techniques. The Sustainable Watch Company takes pride in this sustainable craftsmanship, aligning their brand with a commitment to a greener planet. You can choose between numerous designs styles in collaborative eco-friendly watch collection between agood company ◣ The Sustainable Watch Company. You can choose between men's watches. women's watches or apple watch straps, all made by hand.

Uncompromising Quality Control: Marrying Sustainability with Reliability

While rooted in sustainability, quality remains paramount. Every watch undergoes rigorous quality control measures to meet exacting standards of craftsmanship and precision. This unwavering commitment ensures that each timepiece is not only visually stunning but also a reliable keeper of time.

The Unique Statement: Nature and Creativity Intertwined

The culmination of this meticulous process births watches that defy replication. Assembled from reclaimed materials, each watch becomes a testament to individuality, showcasing the inherent variations present in nature. These timepieces aren't just accessories, they symbolize a commitment to sustainability, and a fight against some of the biggest environmental problems.

By choosing these recycled, eco-friendly watches, individuals embrace a statement, contributing to a planet where waste finds new life, and timepieces become more than mere adornments, they become beacons of conscientious living.


In the symphony of craftsmanship and sustainable materials, The Sustainable Watch Company orchestrates a harmonious ode to responsible living and timeless elegance. From the humble origins of discarded furniture and abandoned railway tracks emerges a narrative of transformation - where reclaimed materials metamorphose into exquisite timepieces, each imbued with a story of resilience and renewal. At the core of their ethos lies a fervent dedication to not only crafting watches but also making a meaningful impact. Every tick of these eco-friendly timepieces resonates with a larger narrative - a commitment to a greener planet, where waste is reimagined into objects of beauty and purpose.

agood company and the sustainable watch company

Choosing a watch from The Sustainable Watch Company isn't just an accessory acquisition, it's a conscious choice, a statement in support of sustainability, ethical craftsmanship, and a pledge towards a better, more responsible future. With each watch, a story unfolds, one that speaks volumes about reclaiming materials, preserving nature's beauty, and championing a world where sustainability and style coalesce seamlessly. Spread the word and share the experience, these watches are great for you but they are also great eco-friendly gift idea. We invite you to not just own a watch but to embrace a lifestyle - one that honors the past, celebrates the present, and safeguards the future.

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