Stiksen - Premium Baseball Caps Production

Stiksen - Premium Baseball Caps Production

22 Nov 2023

Stiksen, a distinguished Swedish company, redefines the significance of caps, asserting that they hold equal importance to any other garment. In contrast to the belief that prominent logos define exceptional caps, Stiksen stands firm in its conviction that true excellence lies in superb quality. The essence of Stiksen's philosophy lies in ensuring that clients experience comfort and confidence while donning a cap that is not just an accessory but a statement piece.

Their commitment goes beyond fashion. Stiksen envisions caps as versatile companions suitable for various occasions. Whether it's a formal dinner party, a day at the office, or a casual outing in the refreshing breeze, Stiksen aims to provide headwear that is not only limited to streetwear fashion accessory but transcends the conventional boundaries of cap functionality.Their Scandinavian-inspired headwear is designed to be more than just an streetwear accessory, it's a functional and reliable companion for all circumstances.

Stiksen caps

Stiksen's commitment to quality is a testament to their belief that every cap should be a durable, high-quality piece that stands the test of time. By emphasizing functionality and reliability, Stiksen ensures that their caps are not confined to a specific setting but seamlessly integrate into diverse environments.

These are not just caps, they're crafted to be your companions for years, blending premium fabrics with conscientious production techniques. Every cap is a testament to this commitment, made with precision and care. Collaboration with small-scale producers renowned for their craftsmanship ensures that each piece surpasses the ordinary. Sustainability isn't just a trend for Stiksen; it's a core value embedded in every stitch.

The Stiksen's Founding Story

Asim is one of the co-founders of Stiksen, and the brand's name has a meaningful story related to his childhood experiences. The brand's mission seems to revolve around promoting inclusivity and breaking down cultural barriers through the cap as a garment.

Stiksen founders
Casual Style Baseball Cap, Dusty Pink

The origin of the moniker Stiksen dates back to Asim's early years, when one of his teachers frequently requested him to remove his cap in class. The same teacher would humorously say in Swedish, "Ta på dig kepsen och stick sen" [Stiksen], which translates to, essentially, "Put your cap on and then get out of here," at the end of each lesson.

Breaking Cultural Barriers

This humorous anecdote holds a deeper message. It prompts them to question what is considered acceptable in our society and why. At Stiksen, they are on a mission to contribute to a more inclusive world by breaking down cultural barriers. One way they do this is by elevating the cap to be a versatile garment suitable for every situation.They believe in making the cap a symbol of unity and style, regardless of cultural differences.

The Vision Behind Stiksen

Stiksen values craftsmanship, sustainability, responsibility, and quality. Their team of artisans ensures unrivaled workmanship. They use eco-friendly materials, like GOTS-certified cotton and recycled wool, while supporting small-scale Bangladeshi producers. They prioritize excellence in their cap production for enduring, high-quality headwear.


  • Craftsmanship
  • The Stiksen team is made up of highly trained artisans and professionals that contribute unbeaten workmanship to each product they manufacture.

  • Sustainability
  • Stiksen is committed to environmental stewardship. They employ environmentally friendly materials, reduce waste, and follow strict guidelines. Their caps use 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton, recycled wool, and eco-friendly packaging. Their fabrics are pesticide-free and dyed with azo-free dyes. They’re continuously minimizing their environmental footprint in the fashion industry.

  • Responsibility
  • They produce caps in Bangladesh, connecting to their co-founder's roots. They work with small-scale Bangladeshi producers, and continually assess their manufacturing partners for transparency and positive social impact

  • Quality
  • Stiksen caps are made to endure by using premium fabrics and precise production techniques to create pieces that stand the test of time. They collaborate with skilled small-scale producers renowned for their craftsmanship, ensuring you get the best-in-class, durable headwear.

    Casual Style Baseball Cap, Oyster-Navy - By Stiksen
    Waterproof All Weather Dad Cap, Black - By Stiksen

    Stiksen Supplier Relations

    Stiksen maintains strong relationships with its suppliers, focusing on sustainability and responsible sourcing. By collaborating with partners that share their values, such as those who provide GOTS-certified cotton.

    The company collaborates with the Thanapara Swallows Development Society, to source 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton, promoting fair wages, good working conditions, and sustainability in the production process. Thanapara Swallows is a well-established NGO based in Bangladesh since 1999 (with roots dating back to 1973), with a workforce of 200 employees, and their commitment to fair trade and the Global Organic Textile Standard certification aligns with the company's values. They are located in Thanapara, 6072 Sardah, Rajshahi, in Bangladesh.

    Thanapara Swallows
    Thanapara Swallows
    Thanapara Swallows

    Stotz & Co. AG

    Stotz & Co. AG is a Swiss limited company established in 1939 and located at Walchestrasse 15, 8023 Zürich, Switzerland, is a supplier of 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton, aligning with the Global Organic Textile Standard for sustainable and eco-friendly textile production.

    The company's collaboration with Stotz Co. AG, a Swiss specialist in sustainable fabrics, allows them to introduce the Ventile Collection, featuring an all-weather cotton textile renowned for its sustainability

    E.M.P. Dhaka Co. Ltd. Caps

    Their exclusive cap production partner in Bangladesh, they are the supplier of caps, holds a WRAP Gold Certificate, ensuring ethical manufacturing practices. They are also active members of the BGMEA, dedicated to promoting worker rights and safety. Established in 2014, E.M.P. Dhaka operates as a limited company with 350 employees in production and an additional 35 in administration. Their address is Islampur Post - Kadda Bazar Word No. 14, Zone-04 Gazipur City, 1702 Gazipur, in Bangladesh.


    Finally, Stiksen is a brand that is dedicated to having a good effect through ethical and sustainable operations. They work with small-scale Bangladeshi producers, prioritize openness, and evaluate their manufacturing partners on a regular basis. Stiksen's commitment to sustainability can be seen in their use of organic and eco-friendly material, as well as their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Stiksen is in the vanguard of responsible and elegant fashion, with an emphasis on quality, ethics, and the environment.


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